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The astrology of Multiple Sclerosis: Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne MS astrologyJust a few weeks ago I did a reading for a client with MS and wrote about it here in a discussion of the correlation between “warrior energy” and immune system disorders including MS.  Shortly thereafter celebrity Jack Osbourne announced that he has been diagnosed with MS.

Osbourne is known primarily through the television reality show The Osbournes in which he is portrayed as the rebellious and drug addicted son of metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne.  Jack Osbourne was dyslexic as a child and put on Ritalin for an ADD diagnosis as a teenager.  His use of drugs escalated when his mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, and in 2003 at the age of 18 he was admitted to a psychiatric ward for an oxycontin addiction. Shortly thereafter he attempted suicide by cutting his wrists after being rejected by a girlfriend (according to his ; most accounts report that the suicide attempt occurred after his mother’s cancer diagnosis).

Jack Osbourne’s  reveals some interesting clues.  If the birthtime sourced by Astrotheme is correct he has Leo rising, with the Sun in Scorpio and a Virgo Moon.  Someone with a Scorpio Sun is meant to live life intensely and with emotional fearlessness – to challenge themselves and others in a relentless journey to the ultimate Truth.  But Leo seeks joy and happiness in life, and has a great need to be loved and appreciated.  These two signs conflict with each other, resulting in a challenging inner debate.  Scorpio is secretive and private, and Leo desires publicity and recognition.

His Virgo Moon can be somewhat fearful and security-driven, and while the Leo ascendant seeks the spotlight his Virgo Moon likely worries about the future and his Scorpio Sun shrinks from all of that attention and exposure of his inner world.  I suspect that while Jack’s Leo ascendant would have been quite excited about the reality show with his family, it was likely very difficult for him and created a great deal of inner stress.

Still, when the original show The Osbournes was over Jack signed up for a new reality show called Adrenaline Junkie.   This is interesting astrologically because Jack has a weak Mars – situated in the peace and harmony-loving sign of Libra, the warrior planet is not easily expressed here.  His Mars is squared by Neptune, a quality that was evident in other charts that I examined for the article cited above.  Neptune is the planet of transcendence and spirituality, and when placed in a challenging aspect to Mars we tend to see individuals who seek to transcend their drive and desire nature (Mars) rather than express it.  Consequently that drive and aggressive force tends to build up in the body where it cannot easily find an outlet and this can result in health problems.  Please note that I am not a trained medical professional and any advice given in this column should be confirmed with your doctor.  

A Grand Trine in Jack’s chart links Mars, Jupiter (abundance and good fortune) with Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing.  Jack began to turn his life around in 2004 when a complete physical makeover prepared him for the new program which pushed his physical abilities to the limit, the perfect thing for a Mars-challenged individual.  With this Grand Trine I think it is likely that the MS diagnosis will not create crippling problems for him.

He does have an opposition from Chiron to Uranus (see more details in this article) which can indicate an unbalanced and extremely sensitive nervous system. This would make him more susceptible to the kind of nerve damage found in MS.

Jack has been going through some challenging transits to his natal and progressed Mars over the past year or so involving Saturn (conjunction to progressed Mars beginning last November), Pluto (square natal Mars beginning in January) and Uranus (opposing natal Mars beginning late May).  Transiting planets hitting Mars in our chart can trigger eruptions of some kind, and since Jack is currently without a physical outlet for his adrenaline  (having become engaged in the fall of 2011 and a recent new dad) he is likely more sensitive to the planetary triggers to his nervous system.

This kind of Mars-related immune disorder drains physical energy and makes it feel impossible to get any kind of physical activity, but it is my hypothesis that this is exactly what is helpful to combat these illnesses. And :

In the 1970s, there was quite strong prevailing medical opinion that people with MS should avoid exercise, that it could somehow be detrimental. There is now good evidence that exercise improves fitness and function in mild MS and maintains function for people moderate to severe disability.4 There is strong evidence that exercise therapy, including aerobic exercise and resistance training, improves muscle power function, exercise tolerance functions and mobility-related activities such as walking in people with significant disability.5-11Exercise also improves mood and general well-being.7,12,13 Walking distance has been shown to be increased with regular treadmill training.14 Interestingly, some of the benefit of exercise in MS seems to be more pronounced in women.15

I’m very encouraged to see mainstream medicine continuing to exhibit more openness to the body/mind/spirit connections to disease.  Meanwhile, my best recommendation for just about everyone is to get as much sensible physical activity as is reasonably possible.  Not only is it healing for the body, the mind AND the spirit, it is the Fountain of Youth!

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Warrior energy and health problems

Health astrologyby  Please note that the URL of this blog has changed and update your bookmarks.  I am not certain where this art came from originally, but I found it .

As many of you know, I have a special interest in energy imbalances and health as shown in the birthchart.  Disclaimer:  I have no medical training and any medical information that appears in this blog contains only my own hypothetical beliefs and should not in any way be construed as medical advice. When there is an immune system disorder of some sort, such as Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue symdrome, and other similar ailments I nearly always see what I call a “fire problem” in the chart.

Fire is the element of action and initiation – it creates the drive and ambition that inspires us and stimulates desire and need.  When a chart lacks the fire element, or if there is a strong Mars that is afflicted by a challenging aspect from Neptune, Saturn or Pluto without other supporting factors, the  fire energy is more difficult to express and can back up into energetic blocks in the body.  You can read more about that in this earlier post.

The other day I did a reading for a client who has Multiple Sclerosis.  Her chart showed Mars in Leo – a powerfully expressive Mars that demands attention and enthusiasm – but it was opposed by Neptune, the planet of subjugation and transcendence.  She had no other fire in her chart, and she had a great deal of difficulty expressing her needs (Mars in Leo) or dealing with any feelings of anger when her boundaries were violated.  After her MS diagnosis she found she could use that fact to assert herself more strongly into the world.  Now when people tried to get her to do things she didn’t want to do, she could say “I can’t, I have MS.”  The human mind/body system is an amazing thing.

When we discussed the Mars connection, she told me about a website called MASHNorth (Metaphysical And Spiritual Healing) that included information on a . ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) is related to MS in that both are neurological disorders, but in MS the immune system attacks the myelin sheathing on the nerves whereas in ALS  the motor neurons disintegrate with no apparent cause.  My Mars hypothesis is limited right now to immune system disorders, but the ideas in this website are interesting because they too deal with the warrior archetype (Mars was the god of war, and Mars does rule warfare, anger and rage):

We are proposing that prior group warrior memories are one environmental trigger of ALS, and that the warrior archetype of devoted physical action (as in soldiers, athletes, nurses, police and fire people) is associated with ALS, just as the Type A personality is associated with heart dis-ease.  

Studies have shown that to contract ALS, and athletes (such as Lou Gehrig, for whom the disease is named) also have a higher than normal incidence of the disease.  This has led to hypothesize that brain trauma could explain the higher incidence among these groups.  However, both of these groups share this “warrior energy” which astrologers term as “Mars,” and the MASHNorth site suggests:

The stronger the vow and the attachment to a prior group warrior experience, the more the “top gun team warrior-ness” as in Lou Gehrig, Jimmy “Catfish” Hunter, top gun Gulf War veteran Major Michael Donnelly and the professional athletes. In terms of ALS, an intense warrior vow, as the scientific studies show, manifests as an elevated rate of ALS in warriors that is “dose related” and that occurs as an early onset.

I thought I’d take a look at , and sure enough we see the Moon in Aries, Mars’s own sign, opposite Mars in Libra.  The Moon in Aries has a strong primal need to be a warrior: to be strong and assertive and think for oneself.  Mars is said to be in its detriment in Libra because the drive (Mars) is for peace and harmony whether than assertion of the aggressive force.  Mars is squared by Neptune, the planet of transcendence and spirituality.  Neptune is a beautiful planet for creativity, art and meditation, but it is not very helpful for Martian enterprise.  This chart has fire problems, and when you combine the conjunction of the Gemini Sun to Pluto, it’s clear that Lou Gehrig was going to have experiences that challenged him and forced him to deconstruct (Pluto) himself (Sun) to rebuild and transform.

Another famous ALS patient, Stephen Hawking, has Mars at late Aries in a tight quincunx to Neptune.

Richard Pryor, a famous MS patient, has Mars in Scorpio, the other sign that is (traditionally) ruled by Mars.  He has the Sun in Sagittarius, a fire sign, so the fire element is strong in his chart, but Pisces is rising and that Scorpio Mars, which can be quite intense in its need to project, is opposed by both Jupiter which expands it, and Saturn which oppresses it.

The cure for Mars problems is self-assertion and physical activity.  In order for Mars to be properly expressed and find balance in the energetic system, it must be able to follow its path and accomplish its goals of achieving one’s individual needs and activating the energetic force.  When this cannot be accomplished, it is my hypothesis and believe, that energetic force turns inward and is translated by the body into immune system disorders.

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The astrology of Ellen DeGeneres’ health scare

ellen degeneres health scareDisclaimer: I am not a medical profession and I have no medical training.  I do, however, have a special interest in the astrological analysis of health effects.

Ellen DeGeneres was treated on Monday for chest pains that began on Sunday.  Although she laughed off the pains on her talk show Monday, she was evidently sufficiently alarmed by them to call 911 during a meeting at the Warner Brothers Lot at 11:53 am on Monday.

shows that not only does she have the Sun in Aquarius, but also Venus and Chiron, all connected in a triple conjunction which means all three planets operate as one system.  The Sun combines with Venus to (usually) create a friendly and sociable personality that tends to be well liked by others.  However, the presence of Chiron, often called the “Wounded Healer,” in that system reflects the fact that her relationships have been her greatest wounders as well as healing forces in her life.

This system is opposed by Uranus, which is the planet of radical change and innovation.  Uranus is the revolutionary, and it is also associated with androgyny (hence the term “Uranian” to describe a “third sex” with neutral gender as described in this earlier article).  Uranus also rules electricity and electromagnetic energy.

Uranus is the ruler of the sign Aquarius, so the fact that Ellen’s Aquarius planets are opposed by Uranus (a “double whammy” in technical astrological terms” connects the Sun, Venus and Chiron to Uranian energy even more intensely than it would otherwise.

The Sun rules the physical heart in medical astrology, and the heart requires electricity to continue to pump blood and oxygen through the body, and when Uranus is tied to the Sun in the astrological chart it is often easy for the electromagnetic balance to get out of balance.  This electromagnetic balance is also essential for good neurological health, and Sun/Uranus people often have a certain degree of nervousness or anxiety.

At the time that Ellen’s chest pains began there was a lineup of planets affecting this sensitive neurological area.  In her progressed chart (the evolving chart that helps us to see how our lives are unfolding) her Ascendant has progressed into a conjunction to her Sun, and her progressed Mars is following close behind.  Over the next year as her progressed Ascendant approaches an exact conjunction to her Sun we will see her grow even more into the fullness of who she wants to be – this is a wonderful time of self-acceptance and personal growth.

Mars is the planet of fire and energy, and at the time her chest pains began transiting Mars had just opposed her progressed Mars and was coming up to an opposition to her natal Sun, a double planetary cycle which can stir up some agitation and emotional disruption.  Because Uranus is a part of that system natally (in the birthchart), and because of the strong Aquarian influence, Mars would have stimulated the electrical system in the body which would have required some effort to maintain balance.

Transiting Mars will set off this system again in a year or so when Mars enters Scorpio and forms a square to the Aquarius planets.  Fortunately Ellen is a healthy eater (she became vegan a few years ago) and lives a relatively normal life by Hollywood standards.  That will help her to find equilibrium of body, mind and spirit that will help her to maintain the energetic balance her kind of nervous system requires.

For daily planetary updates please visit my and pages.

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Nate Dogg: The effect of Chiron and Uranus on health

Nate Dogg diedDisclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor do I have training in the medical fields.  However, I have a strong interest in the way energy works in the body as described by astrological symbolism.

I had never heard of Nate Dogg, who recently died at the age of 41 after suffering from a series of strokes, until I heard about his passing on the news.  It was his age, 41, which grabbed my attention since that is the age at which transiting Uranus opposes natal Uranus in everyone’s life.  This is the classic “midlife crisis” transit in which we are forced to reassess everything in our life and when we tend to make big and sudden changes.

Uranus, being the ruler of electricity, also has an effect on the way our bodies manage the electrical charges of the nervous system.  Many people going through the “Uranus Opposition” as we call it experience a flood of kundalini energy, known as the “kundalini opening,” which can put stress on the nervous system and result in a high degree of anxiety.

Nate Dogg (born as Nathaniel Hale on August 19, 1969, time unknown) was born with the Sun in Leo and locked in a tight square to Neptune.  This is the same Sun/Neptune square that we see in President Obama’s chart, and while it affords a high degree of creativity it also suggests someone who has  difficulty (Neptune)  establishing an identity (Sun) for themselves.

Mr. Dogg also had Saturn, planet of testing and challenge, tightly opposed to his Scorpio Moon which reveals a deep sense of isolation and a propensity towards depression.  That strong Saturn placement also denotes someone who works hard and can be very disciplined at the core.  While the Sun represents the physical heart in medical astrology, the Moon represents the emotional heart and often people with a stressed Moon develop heart problems as a result.

Mars is in his chart was in cheerful Sagittarius – a placement which typically shows a high degree of motivation (Mars) to reach beyond the boundaries of that which appears possible  (Sagittarius).  People with Mars in Sagittarius have a strong drive to be cheerful and to maintain an optimistic viewpoint, regardless of the circumstances, and this influence provided him with a nice counterpoint to the challenge of the Saturn/Moon opposition.

The wrote that “his blend of cocksureness [Leo Sun] and haunted melancholy [Scorpio Moon opposite Saturn] became a [hip hop] genre staple.”

Mr. Dogg was plagued with personal and health issues.  He first suffered a stroke in December of 2007 or January 2008 (news reports vary) at the age of 38 which paralyzed the left side of body (corresponding to the right brain, the creative self).   After he had almost completely recovered, he was charged in June 2008 for stalking and threatening his estranged wife, and then he suffered a second stroke in September 2008.

Chiron opposes Uranus in his chart, a dynamic that was quite common between the early 1950s and the mid 1980s, but no other age group has it.  This opposition pits the planet of wounding and healing (Chiron) against the electrical planet of radical behavior and sudden change (Uranus) and often instills a high degree of energetic sensitivity.  With the Chiron/Uranus opposition there is often an overabundance of electromagnetic energy that needs to be balanced in some ways.  Many times people with this opposition become drawn to energy healing modalities such as Reiki, both for themselves and as a tool for helping to heal others.

In Mr. Dogg’s chart Jupiter conjoined Uranus and also opposed Chiron, expanding and exacerbating the challenge of the opposition.  The combination of Jupiter with Uranus can inflame the radical tendencies of both planets, and then the job of Chiron (which was also retrograde in his chart and therefore operated more intensely) to facilitate the healing of the psycho-emotional wounds of the soul becomes more difficult.  Jupiter’s placement there, in the chart of someone who may not have been particularly introspective or spiritually-oriented, encourages more of an acting-out of inner urges rather than finding the internal balance that is necessary for growth to occur.

Mr. Dogg’s progressed Sun conjoined Uranus at the time of his stroke in 2007, and over the next four years progressed to interact with the entire Uranus/Jupiter/Chiron system in his chart.  Progressions of the Sun to the natal chart tend to illuminate the issues of the chart to bring them to the forefront of consciousness.   His progressed Sun was exactly square to his progressed Mars (aggression) at the time, and transiting Jupiter had just entered Capricorn and lit the flame for the whole dynamic to erupt.  The presence of progressed Mars in the mix suggests that there was a tinderbox of unexpressed rage and pain just waiting to be released, and if you google Mr. Dogg’s lyrics this will not surprise you.

Mr. Dogg made a nearly complete recovery, so presumably once the energy of the stroke dissipated his health returned.  With the progressed Sun continuing to light up the recklessness of the natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, he chased his ex-wife down the highway and threatened to kill her.  At the time, transiting Uranus (radical behavior) was sitting right on his natal Pluto, a transit that often causes us to feel that matters are of a life or death nature, and transiting Mars was sitting right on his Sun, bringing up the rage that he was not so easily able to express.

By September 2008, when Mr. Dogg had his second stroke, his progressed Sun had caught up to his progressed Uranus in an exact conjunction, lighting up the tinder box once again and creating a short circuit of electrical impulses in his body to cause a stroke.  Progressed Sun and Uranus were also exactly opposite progressed Chiron, and this stroke was more intense than the first one.  Mr. Dogg reportedly ended up in a coma with both a breathing and feeding tube.

Over the next few years, the planets of the Cardinal Drama that we have been discussing here on this blog interacted with this challenging system in Mr. Dogg’s chart.  His death on March 15th was blamed on complications from the strokes, but the astrological implications are clear.  At the time of his death, Mr. Dogg’s progressed Sun had just moved past an exact opposition to Chiron in the natal chart, and transiting Pluto was in a nearly exact square to both Chiron and the progressed Sun.  Pluto transits take us deep into the soul, and often bring experiences that take us into the realm of the Underworld.

All of this does not mean that Mr. Dogg was fated to die of a series of strokes.  I suspect that he was locked in an inner world of rage and depression that ate him up from within and from which he was unable or unwilling to extricate himself.   which describe in detail the story we have used astrological symbolism to tell.

How can I concentrate
With all the problems that I face
I often ask myself if there’s a place
where I can get away (Where I can get away)
I keep my head to the sky
And try to maintain my pace
If I don’t then I’m gone
Somebody gone take my place
No need to go too fast
Cos I know a little time it takes
But my situation’s bad
I’ll be jackin soon at this rate
I ain’t tryin to make you mad
It’s a plain and simple fact you face
If you’re broke you hurt most
From all the bullshit you take

[Chorus (x2)]

[Nate Dogg]
Lately I’ve been feelin like givin up (Don’t give up)
The pain inside makes me wanna reach out and touch
Someone, anyone who feels that I ain’t been hurt enough
You best duck or get stuck
Cos man I been hurtin for months

No more, no more, no more, no more
I’ve been hurtin a while
No more, no more, no more, no more
And I don’t wanna hurt no more
No more, no more, no more, no more
Don’t wanna hurt no more
But the rain keeps comin down

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Chiron in Pisces: The healing of medicine?

Chiron in PiscesPerhaps it’s just a “coincidence,” but last week as Chiron (the “wounded healer”) entered the sign of Pisces (spirituality and the soul) one of my favorite podcasts, the People’s Pharmacy, broadcast an interview with Dr.  Allan Hamilton called The Scalpel and the Soul.  Dr. Hamilton has written a book called The Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, The Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope.

It’s unusual to find an established medical professional talking about the supernatural and healing powers, but it coincides perfectly with the entry of Chiron into Pisces.  At a time when the field of medicine is spiritually bankrupt and desperately in need of an overhaul, perhaps this infusion of spiritual awareness into the way we think about our physical bodies is emblematic of what Chiron in Pisces has to offer.

I like to think of Chiron as the “Soul Healer” rather than the wounded healer – Chiron is instrumental in helping to clear the emotional and physical wounds that we bring into this life so that the soul can progress.  Chiron presides over the body/mind/spirit connection – the triad of influences that come together to make up the Human Being.  Physical health alone is not sufficient to provide balance – the mind and spirit must also be well integrated in order to achieve optimum health.

Chiron was in Pisces in the late 1960s when Elisabeth Kubler Ross was waking up the medical establishment to a new sensitivity of death and the process of dying.  Her book On Death and Dying was published in 1969 as Chiron was completing its passage through Pisces and helped to popularize the hospice care movement.

All of the talk today about health care reform is more about how to pay for health care than how to actually reform the health care system.  Dr. Hamilton cites statistics in this interview that Americans have a better chance of dying in a hospital from medical malfeasance than in a traffic accident.   As I wrote in 2009:

Research by  and his team from Dartmouth over the past forty years has proven that wealthier parts of the country spent more on health care, but were not any healthier.  Wennberg’s colleague Elliot Fisher demonstrated in 2000 that people in areas that spent more on health care were dying at a higher rate.  They were not getting more surgery; they were getting more tests, more pharmaceuticals and more unnecessary procedures.  Fisher determined that the 2-6% increase in deaths was directly attributed to more time spent in the hospital.

Maybe Chiron’s journey through Pisces this time will provide true healing and an acceptance of spiritual forces to the field of medicine.

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