Planetary news this week: expect intensity

.  Rebellious Uranus in a challenging square to intensely transformational Pluto. Mercury and Uranus, the two planets of the mind, have just turned retrograde.  A coronal mass ejection from the Sun has hit the Earth’s magnetic field, causing alterations to the Earth’s magnetosphere and a spike in the planetary K index of geomagnetic activity (to a 6 at the time of this writing). But wait, there’s more! Jupiter is moving into an awkward aspect (quincunx) to Pluto this week.  This  is not a major aspect but can create some problems in light of all of these other dynamics occurring at the same time. Jupiter seeks expansion with confidence and a relentless optimism that can defy reality, and under this aspect Pluto will attempt to put a kibosh on any grandiosity that has no basis in reality and is likely to fail anyway. This aspect culminates on the 18th, but meanwhile Mars will set off the awkwardness of this dynamic with several different interactions: a harmonious trine to Jupiter, enhancing the expansive desire to shake off any restrictions, a challenging square to Pluto – a defiant aspect that virtually ensures a major eruption of some kind, and a tense opposition to Uranus which radicalizes the experience and suggests a shocking shift of some kind which provides an outlet for the intense energy of this alignment. Mars moves relatively quickly and its effects don’t last long, but it can serve as a trigger for greater and more powerful cycles.  With Uranus and Pluto moving towards another alignment this fall, the Mars influence is nothing to sneeze at.  Mars brings its aggressive urge and ramps up the energy, which we can utilize in our […]

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Sunday inspiration from the readers: Trust the planets, don’t blame them

Some comments I made on my in response to a lot of complaining on the page about Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde elicited lots of great comments that I wanted to share with you.  I posted this:

Friends, I feel moved to talk about something. It’s tempting when we are in a difficult planetary time like this to develop a belief that the planets are causing the problems we may be experiencing in our lives.


Planets don’t cause problems but because they act as teachers, they reveal problems. Then it’s up to us to fix the problems. This is where free will comes in. So in discussions here perhaps it would be helpful to reframe the way we look at things: instead of saying, say, “I hate Mercury retrograde” instead let’s think about how we can use this time productively. How can we learn patience. How can we learn what is really important.

Here is a collection of wisdom posted by readers on the page:

  • learn how to use what you are given – there are always advantages to the influences – warnings are there to help us make smarter decisions not to block us
  • It is the difference between merely having a flashlight or lighting up the whole room..I agree that these problems already existed and the lights (flood lights) in some cases are revealing the Plain Ole truth! I know I am seeing people and situations for what they truly are rather than what I wish them to be!
  • Yes! Again the impetus to blame, point fingers, doesn’t usual bring us answers and pushes the lesson away from our self. It is our consciousness evolving in the lesson our great planetary Devas bring us!
  • it’s like when we […]
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Sunday inspiration: You are the custodian of the world within yourself

inner peace

“No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one else can see the world the way you see it. No one else can feel your life the way you feel it. Thus it is impossible to ever compare two people because each stands on such different ground. When you compare yourself to others, you are inviting envy into your consciousness; it can be a dangerous and destructive guest.”

–John O’Donohue, Anam Cara, A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Venus squares Chiron today, opening up old wounds around our own inner beauty or personal value.  These old wounds are like trapped birds – they seek release which leads to freedom and the soul’s purpose.  Don’t trap your wounded places – allow them to fly free and lead you to your own freedom and joy.

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Sunday inspiration: Leaving fear behind in times of change

Uranus square PlutoToday is the first exact square alignment between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  Saturn is stationary right now, putting a clamp in any urge to flee, and it will change direction tomorrow.  Jupiter is in a square alignment to Neptune in an aspect that will culminate tomorrow.

So if things are feeling a little intense for you right now, it’s not surprising.

We had some friends over last night and the topic of discussion was how to navigate these difficult waters.  When we see the old order (Capricorn) crumbling around us (Pluto), and the forces for revolution (Uranus) awaken, what can we as individuals (Aries) do to aid the Universe in the rebalancing process?  What can we do when we see corruption and devastation everywhere we turn?

This rebalancing is the very essence of the human experience.  When a political system or national identity becomes corrupt or diseased to the point where it is no longer viable, that system will crumble or collapse under its own weight.  Sometimes the decay is so great that the system needs to be destroyed (Pluto) so that it can be rebuilt, and there is no way to save it.  Patching and band-aid repair are no longer viable, and at that point all we can do is get out of the way as the system collapses.

Then the rebuilding comes in, and that is when we are needed.

In our personal lives, the more authentically true that we can be to ourselves, and the more fearlessly we are able to face the cycles of change, the less difficulty we tend to encounter in the outside world and the better we are able to manage times of crisis. We can extend this philosophy to […]

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Sunday inspiration: The unsung intelligence of life’s web

web of life.  Like brilliant ideas and hypotheses made literal flesh in space and time, natural intelligence is what you see when you look down a microscope at a cell. All those busy chemical cycles and all that frenetic protein manipulation — that is natural intelligence. The cyclical networks of molecules and enzymes, communicating with one another, sustaining themselves and repairing themselves — that is natural intelligence. The myriad exquisite nanotechnological machines known as ribosomes that effectively convert DNA code into long strings of amino acids that subsequently fold up into the Lego-like building blocks of life — that is natural intelligence. Indeed, the genetic code is itself an expression of natural intelligence. A code. Think about it. Codes are usually associated with us — machine code, binary code, Morse code, video/audio codecs, sign language and such. Codes — language-like systems in which one sort of information is transcribed into another — are the hallmark of intelligent purposeful activity. Yet Nature got there first. To be sure, the genetic code is so subtle and sophisticated that it took the human race hundreds of years to figure it out. …

evolution likewise involves the specific manipulation and specific reorganization of information. Just as the human brain/mind system takes in information, stores information and manipulates information, so too does the evolving web of life do the same. Information about the environment is stored in DNA — in as much as our genes contain information about the historical environment our ancestors lived (and survived) in. The reason the human organism can live and survive is because we are, through evolution, adapted to do so. Everything about our constituent bio-logic makes sense, […]

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