Sunday inspiration: Metabolizing the experience

from Matt Licata

Photography by Peggy Roth Major

Just as we must properly digest the food we eat to absorb its nutrients, we must also metabolize our experience, as it enters by way of our senses, nervous systems, hearts, and psyches.

Each time we have a conversation, feel a wave of melancholy or joy, dialogue with a friend, cook a meal, spend time in nature. Each time we open to this world, allow another to matter, bear witness to a sunset or a flower, or to the miracle of breath within us, a portal is unlocked.

But to what degree are we truly participating in our experience?

Where it is not just another unconsciously recorded event, by way of autopilot, but one tended to in and embodied and ensouled way? Where we touch it with the outrageousness of consciousness, and are touched by it in return?

Just because we “have” an experience does not mean it is properly assimilated. If our rage, grief, disappointment, and joy remain partly processed, we become leaky and unable to access the fuel required for a life of intimacy, connection, and flow.

If we do not properly chew and digest the food that we eat, we are not able to mine the energy our bodies need to function optimally. Without embodied experience our souls remain unnourished and we find ourselves missing life.

While the longing for transformation is noble, if we are not careful it can serve to reinforce circuitries of self-abandonment and unconscious psychic materialism. One of the shadow sides of seeking and the (seemingly) endless project of self-improvement is that we never slow down enough to digest what we have already been given, which is often much […]

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Sunday inspiration: Earth, teach me


I scheduled this to post before hearing about the two mass shootings.  I am filled with sadness this morning at the continued meaningless loss of life, and I find myself unable to see a way to make sense of what is happening now.  Certainly we need to step up and act to protect and defend our communities against this kind of violence, but we also need to find the peace and soulful quality of life that will enable us to go on.  So I decided to keep this post rather than write something about the shootings. 

Earth teach me stillness
As the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering
As old stones suffer with memory.

Earth teach me humility
As blossoms are humble with beginning.

Earth teach me caring
As the mother who secures her young.

Earth teach me courage
As the tree which stands all alone.

Earth teach me limitation
As the ant who crawls on the ground.

Earth teach me freedom
As the eagle who soars in the sky.

Earth teach me resignation
As the leaves which die in the fall.

Earth teach me regeneration
As the seed which rises in spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself
As melted snow forgets its life.

Earth teach me to remember kindness
As dry fields weep with rain.

–Nancy Wood

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Sunday inspiration: It’s not too late

Smell of thunderstorm by Anton Petrus on

Art by Anton Petrus

It’s not too late… the angel said.
Even though the world’s a mess…
Even though you’re not as young…
Even though you’ve made mistakes and have been afraid
It’s not too late…
And then I saw the world through the angels’ eyes…
I saw the colors I could paint
The bridges I could build
The lives that I could touch
The dreams that could still come true
And it became very clear to me…
That it’s not too late.

~ Ron Atchison


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Sunday inspiration: Stillness is vital to the world of the soul

Stillness is vital to the world of the soul. If as you age you become more still, you will discover that stillness can be a great companion. The fragments of your life will have time to unify, and the places where your soul-shelter is wounded or broken will have time to knit and heal. You will be able to return to yourself. In this stillness, you will engage your soul. Many people miss out on themselves completely as they journey through life. They know others, they know places, they know skills, they know their work, but tragically, they do not know themselves at all. Aging can be a lovely time of ripening when you actually meet yourself, indeed maybe for the first time. There are beautiful lines from T. S. Eliot that say:

‘And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.’

John O’Donohue, from his book Anam Cara

I was at music camp last week and for the first time I didn’t bring my laptop.  I had only a phone which meant I didn’t post to this blog and only minimally on Facebook and instead immersed myself in music and community.  This completely changed the experience for me in a wonderful way that added depth and resonance.

The older I get the more I treasure stillness and this quality of slowing down time and the world around us so that we can really settle into our selves and begin to feel comfortable there.  I hope I can remember this and continue to seek these moments of stillness and treasure them, especially in these times of great stress and global conflict.  Though the […]

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Sunday inspiration: Moving through blame to liberation

Art by Melanie Weidner Art by Melanie Weidner

It is a commonly held belief among explorers of the New Consciousness that as souls, we work with our guides to choose the life that we will next be born into.  For many people that’s a horrifying thought!  Why would I choose the kind of torment I experienced as a kid?

But the birthchart often reflects with eerie accuracy the psychological setting of the family of origin.  Pluto conjunct the Moon – your mother seemed terrifying to you?  Saturn square the Sun – you never felt you were good enough for your father?  Yet you were born with this astrological chart; the birthchart predates the events that cause us emotional pain.  This makes it hard to continue blaming our parents since it appears that we come into this world already prewired for certain experiences.   Later in life we learn to make conscious choices that lift us out of a state where we simply react to external stimuli that keep us stuck in the psychodrama of our lives.

I am always impressed by the tenacity and strength of my clients, many of whom have come through difficult childhoods with tremendous coping skills and an eagerness to transcend their limitations.  The nugget of transformation lies within every painful situation, and is a great gift.

I’m not so sure it’s necessary to forgive the ones that hurt us, but I DO believe it’s imperative that we end the cycle of blame.  As long as we blame anyone, whether it’s ourselves or someone else, we keep ourselves locked in a box of victimhood from which we can’t escape.  When we make a choice to turn away from blame and self-pity, we naturally open to the gift of power and transformation that […]

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