Sunday Haiku

Beautiful words from Matsuo Basha

Winter solitude–
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.

photo by Pete Leonard from Corbis
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A true story: Creating a vision

I’ve down with a bad flu bug so I’ll pick up the Pluto in Capricorn series as soon as I am feeling back to normal.

Meanwhile I wanted to share a true story of what happened to a friend of mine. She has had a lot of trouble over the years with a business that caused her to go deeper and deeper into debt, and over the past few months has been trying to find a job. I did a mini-reading for her to see what the planets had in store for her and it became evident that the only thing keeping her from getting a job and getting her feet back on the ground was her own belief systems that were keeping her firmly entrenched in this financial abyss.

She was very resistant to the vision work that I do, feeling that she should be beyond affirmations, but she reluctantly agreed to try. When we began to create the vision for her new job she became even more resistant to the idea that she could earn more than a very limited amount of money. The more I encouraged her to expand her sense of what is possible, the louder her voice of resistance became. Finally she agreed to work with the vision statements that we created. Five days later I had an email from her that she had found a job with earning potential that was 1-1/2 times the limit she had imposed on herself.

Clients often seek to know when financial abundance, or love, or success is coming according to the stars. The truth is that we create our own abundance, and it is our own belief in our […]

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Thanksgiving and the Essence of Gratitude

I love Thanksgiving as much as the next person. Sharing a feast with friends and family, a few days off at home – cranberry sauce and mashed sweet potatoes with caramelized apples. Not to mention the pumpkin pie that Rich bakes from scratch, using fresh pumpkins from local farms.

Still, history is written by the winners, and like so many of our holidays the actual history of the Thanksgiving holiday is lost to the mists of legend. According to most accounts, our Thanksgiving holiday commemorates the feast held by the Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts to celebrate their first successful harvest and the assistance of two Native Americans, Samoset and Squanto, who taught the Pilgrims how to tame the land and nourish their families. But there is some evidence that the primary purpose of the feast was to sign a treaty with the Wampanoag tribe for the land that the Pilgrims occupied, and that the 90 Native Americans who attended the feast actually brought a substantial amount of the food.

Native Americans who greeted the early settlers provided aid and assistance to the newcomers. When the settlers did not return their hospitality, refusing to marry their women and disrespecting their spirituality with efforts to convert them to Christianity, they began to rebel. The early settlers from England viewed the natives as savages rather than equals to be respected.

We all know what happened next.

The idea of holding a celebration to give thanks for the harvest is an ancient one. The ancient Greeks and Romans held celebratory feasts to thank Demeter/Ceres for the year’s bounty, from which comes our “cornucopia,” or horn of plenty. In ancient China, a Moon Festival celebrated the harvest moon with feasting. Ancient Egyptians gathered in thanks to the goddess Min who presided over fertility and plenty.

In […]

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Kabir on Darkness

kabirThe Celtic festival of Samhain, where the veils between worlds is at its thinnest, occurs on November 7 at the midpoint between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice (at 15 degrees Scorpio). Samhain celebrates the darkest time of the year and the ascendancy of the Holly King (darkness) over the Oak King (light).

This poem by Kabir is a beautiful remembrance of the power of darkness.

The darkness of night is coming along fast, and
the shadows of love close in the body and
the mind. Open the window to the west, and disappear
into the air inside you.

Near your breastbone there is an open flower.
Drink the honey that is all around that flower.
Waves are coming in:
there is so much magnificence near the ocean!
Listen: Sound of big seashells! Sound of bells!

Kabir says: Friend, listen, this is what I have to say:
The Guest I love is inside me!

–translation by Robert Bly

(Thanks to Zentio)

photo credit: Southern Sky Photo

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Trust the Planets

8198088_sAfter over 25 (gak!!) years of studying astrology and 20 years doing readings I never doubt the planets. I may doubt the client’s memory or understanding, or my own interpretations, but I never doubt that the astrology is correct.

Sometimes, like today, I do a consultation with a client who is in the middle of a devastating experience. Newly single, afraid of the future – in the middle of beautifully optimistic planetary cycles. It would not occur to me to think that the planets are incorrect: instead, it shows me that for this individual, this challenging period is an incredibly exciting time of change and liberation.

We think of Jupiter as a beneficial planet, yet it is often present in death charts. We think of Saturn as evil and malefic, yet many people experience great achievement and success during their Saturn returns. Left by his wife a man may feel he is overwhelmed by darkness, yet the road ahead is strewn with Jupiter and Uranus transits that will open his world in ways he never dreamed possible. Sometimes we are not that lucky; sometimes times of crisis go on for years with Pluto separating us from all that we treasure. But we can look at the Pluto cycles and anticipate that we will be asked to surrender pieces of ourselves that no longer serve us, and trust that we are being guided toward greater wholeness. Even that information can be incredibly useful.

We often think we know all there is to know, but we only see a glimmer of the truth.

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