Transformation and the Gulf oil spill

“Gaia,” by Alex Grey

Much has been written recently comparing the Gulf oil spill to the rumored Hopi prophecy that predicts the seas turning black and causing the death of many living things.  Certainly there is no doubt that the disaster in the Gulf will transform life as we know it as it destroys much of the undersea life in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding areas.

Daniel Pinchbeck, editor of the online magazine , has an about the oil disaster.  He, like other authors, has written about the sociopathic disregard of the “corporate and financial culture” in the United States (the US chart has Pluto in the second house of money and finance):

Our corporate and financial culture instills a mindset of sociopathic disregard, and the system permits certain psychological profiles to thrive within it: those capable of disassociating their actions from any moral consequences. What should be an extreme liability in a complex and interconnected world shared by a multitude of living beings has become an asset for our corporate, financial, and political masters – the current ruling elite who congregate at events like the annual Bilderberg gathering, who see massive loss of life as “collateral damage” along the way to their next golf game or yachting match.

But then Pinchbeck takes a more spiritualized view of the disaster which I find a compelling viewpoint:

These are aspects of my current view of the world: the faltering of my faith, that horrible presentiment that the forces of disillusion and destruction have already triumphed, that creepy familiar feeling (as if I already experienced this, long ago, on some other lost world, many forgotten splinters of incarnated lifetimes ago) of failure and futility. […]

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Saturn at the 29th degree: A fiesta of recalls

Saturn tends to create challenges and shows us where we have to wake up to some cold, hard realities.  As it has traveled through Virgo over the past two and a half years, it’s been bringing up some difficult truths about the healthcare system and in fact our very health itself.  Virgo is associated with health, but also with the mundane details of taking care of life in a body.  Under Saturn in Virgo it was discovered that hormone replacement therapy was actually bad for women.  The cold hard reality of the burgeoning cost and diminishing effectiveness of the healthcare systems around the world has become evident.

Virgo is also associated with perfectionism, work and service, and Saturn’s restriction in Virgo has seen millions of people lose their jobs and have to recreate a new life from scratch.

When a planet is at the 29th degree of a sign it is completing its business there, and as Saturn completes its passage through Virgo there have been a plethora of recalls of all types, as the perfection that Saturn seeks in Virgo reveals the poor quality of many of our products.  These are just a few of the recent recalls in the news:

  • Kellogg recalled 28 million boxes of various brands of cereal after a smell in the packaging revealed the presence of a petroleum-based chemical.  This chemical, methylnaphthalene, is approved by the FDA but it is linked to serious  lung damage in some studies.
  • McNeil Consumer Healthcare (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) has been linked to recalls of several of their products over the past year or so because of a musty, moldy smell in the packaging.  McNeil is now under investigation by several government agencies.
  • A children’s jewelry manufacturer, Tween Brands, recalled its jewelry which contained toxic amounts […]
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The secret to happiness

I’ve been perusing the net this morning and have found some very interesting sites about the disaster in the Gulf and what it could mean for long-term chaos and trauma.  It’s the perplexing nature of our planet that we go through cycles of misery and triumph, but through the midst of the ups and downs of the experiences of our lives there is a thread of logic that the planets help to provide.

But in the meantime, we still have to deal with the crises in our own lives, whether they are visited upon us by outside forces or from unresolved psychological issues.  So I was tickled to see this photo on blog, which really ways it all.

Essentially, the secret to happiness is to find what’s not working, and change it.  Not that this process is always easy!  First you have to discover WHAT isn’t working, and then you have to uncover the patterns that tell you WHY it’s not working.  Then you have to change those patterns and replace them with more effective attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that will help to bring about a different result.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  Yes, it cannot be denied that there are challenges surrounding us, and some of us are going through severe trials such as terminal diseases and devastating financial breakdowns.  But in the midst of these trials there is a thread of peace and wisdom to be experienced, and within that wisdom lies a joy in the heart that is beyond the reach of our day to day world.

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Pluto square Jupiter: Media blackout in the Gulf

For several weeks it there have been reports of reporters such as this one from being  prevented from fully covering the disaster in the Gulf, but it wasn’t until now, with Pluto locked in a nearly exact square to Jupiter, that this oppression (Pluto) of the media (Jupiter) has hit the mainstream news.

From yesterday’s :

Journalists struggling to document the impact of the oil rig explosion have repeatedly found themselves turned away from public areas affected by the spill, and not only by BP and its contractors, but by local law enforcement, the Coast Guard and government officials.

To some critics of the response effort by BP and the government, instances of news media being kept at bay are just another example of a broader problem of officials’ filtering what images of the spill the public sees.

Scientists, too, have complained about the trickle of information that has emerged from BP and government sources. Three weeks passed, for instance, from the time the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20 and the first images of oil gushing from an underwater pipe were released by BP.


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Some astonishing lightning strikes: Zeus and Ouranos at work

lightning strikesPerhaps it’s purely coincidence that there have been three big lightning strikes over the past few days as Jupiter and Uranus conjoin at zero degrees Aries, the most fiery of fire signs.

It began last week when a man’s fiancee was struck by lightning as he was proposing to her in the mountains of North Carolina.

Then a bolt of lightning struck a tank at a gas tank farm in Greensboro, resulting in a huge fire that closed two North Carolina interstates.

Then lightning struck a ship in the Gulf of Mexico that was involved in the attempt to clean up the disaster, slowing down relief efforts there.

Last night a 62-foot tall statue of Jesus outside a church in Monroe Ohio was struck by lightning and erupted in flames.  The pastor said that Jesus took the hit to protect the home for at-risk women next door.

There have been lots of more minor stories about lightning as well: a letter carrier was struck by lightning in St. Louis during a storm; a motorcyclist was struck in the head by lightning in Colorado, lightning has been setting houses on fire in Atlanta and North Carolina.

Lightning is associated with Jupiter (Zeus).  He was called the Lightning Maker and he is commonly depicted holding lightning bolts in his hands.  But lightning is more Uranian in nature: it comes quickly, with no warning; it produces electricity which is ruled by Uranus; it occurs in the sky, the realm of Uranus, the Sky God.  People who are struck by lightning are forever changed by the experience, and Uranus rules sudden events that change our lives in radical ways.

With Jupiter and Uranus both in Aries – cardinal (initiatory) fire – the symbology of these lightning […]

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