Leonardo daVinci and finding darkness in light

darkness and lightI found this article through the , and it brought up an interesting point for me.

As with photography and art, light and shadow can define an object, area, or even a planet. Placing yourself in a specific location can cause an object to appear different, thus your perspective of an object that’s unchanging, becomes fluid.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s perspective, although appropriately geared more towards an artistic sense, heavily relied on the Earth and the planets themselves. His works, more importantly his paintings, always reflected the correct light and shading of the background to produce the perfect outcome. Shading and light were the sources that drove Da Vinci to look to the Moon, thus prompting him to study the Moon in its crescent stage.

I really like this idea that if you place yourself in a different location so you have a different perspective of an object, your perspective of what is dark and what is light changes too.

Our perspective on our life works in exactly the same way.  We tend to think of certain experiences as being dark, or “bad.”  But if we shift our position just a bit to observe our life from a different perspective, we begin to see the shades of grey and perhaps even the light that shines from within those “bad” experiences.

DaVinci was trying to find the souce of the Moon’s light.  According to this article,

“earthshine is actually the Moon’s night side reflected from the surface of the Earth, and to be more specific, the clouds are creating the reflection. When we observe a crescent moon, we can clearly see a type of grayish luminosity. No one could really explain what this glow was […]

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Reform: “to convert into another and better form”

tweeted yesterday: “The word ‘Reform’ is everywhere. It strongly correlates to the current Saturn/Uranus opposition as do the words Rebellion and Revolution.”

She’s right about calls for reform being heard everywhere.  In the US we’ve had healthcare reform, but also financial reform, immigration reform.  Now, with the disaster in the Gulf, the new mayor of New Orleans has called for reform and restructuring of the city’s police department.  An independent think tank in Britain has called for reform to police departments in the UK.   Protesters everywhere are marching for reform of marijuana laws.  In Greece, pensions and tax collections are part of a greater overhaul to help reform that country’s failing economy.

Some of this more immediate focus on reform is due to the current Mercury retrograde cycle which tends to cause us to look backwards rather than forwards.  But there are several planetary cycles along with the Saturn/Uranus cycle that are providing this impetus for reform.  One of course is the larger cycle of Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (structures, including banks and governments).

The conflict between Saturn and Uranus makes reform more difficult, because the restriction and delays of Saturn keeps the Uranian innovation from occurring freely.  This will change in a few weeks when Jupiter and  Uranus enter Aries and the calls for reform become louder and more clear.

The need for reform isn’t limited to governments and banks – it also affects our personal lives.  There is a tremendous amount of energy available to us personally as well.  How do we want to reform our own lives so that we can convert what we’re doing into another and better form?

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Happy Beltane and Wesak 2010

A portion of this article is reposted from previous work

(A portion of this article is reprinted from an earlier post)

In ancient Celtic times, the wheel of the year was honored as the turning of the seasons. In the northern hemispheres, the winter solstice was the shortest day of the year and represented the return of the light, and the summer solstice, being the longest day of the year, was the Celtic fire festival. The equinoxes represented the points of balance when day and night were of equal length: the vernal equinox represented planting and fertility, and the autumnal equinox was the time of harvest. (Southern hemisphere civilizations had their own traditions of marking the seasons which obviously were very different than in the north.)

Halfway between these solar events are the “cross-quarter” days, the times of magic. Still celebrated today for their imaginal power, these were the periods when the Sun was at the midpoint of the fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. In the astrological wheel, the cardinal signs of initiation are followed by the fixed signs of stability, which are followed in turn by the mutable signs of adaptation. So we have cardinal Aries at the Vernal equinox (in tropical astrology), followed by fixed Taurus at the cross-quarter, which precedes mutable Gemini. Cancer begins the summer solstice, followed by Leo at the cross-quarter, which precedes Virgo, and so it goes around the wheel.

Each of these “triplicities” as they are called has a different energy. The cardinal signs demonstrate leadership, they initiate action, each in its own way according to its element (fire, water, earth and air). The fixed signs are stable, rooted, grounded. In many ways they are the most powerful because they don’t […]

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Uranus in Aries – the battle over gun control

It could be said that a keyword phrase for Uranus is:  “Rules?  We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.”  Uranus is all about breaking the rules – fighting for independence, the right to make one’s own decisions and not be hampered by any external force.  Aries is the sign that is ruled by Mars, the god of war.  Mars rules over guns and all other forms of weaponry and other supplies needed for warfare.  So we can just imagine that when Uranus enters Aries in May, the battle over gun control will begin to seem very important.

We are already seeing evidence of the chafing of gun rights advocates under the current rules, even though open carry of handguns is only banned in three states.  Ironically, one of those is Texas – arguably the seat of the modern Wild West.  In any case, President Obama’s election in November of 2008, which coincided with the first phase of the opposition between Saturn (rules) and Uranus (no rules) resulted in a widespread shortage of ammunition amidst fears of a crackdown on gun rights which of course never materialized.

Uranus is in the last degrees of Pisces, on the cusp of Aries and recent pro-gun rallies presage what we can expect once Uranus fully enters Aries next month.  The fervor over gun rights is becoming so strong that many feel that the National Rifle Association doesn’t go far enough in protecting the rights of gun owners to carry weapons wherever and whenever they choose.

Some gun owners, saying that the National Rifle Association isn’t battling hard enough for their rights, are taking the fight into their own hands.
The 4.3 million-member NRA, one of the most powerful and well-funded lobbying groups […]

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Astrological Musings Radio: The Why are We Here Show

It sounds presumptuous, I know!  But today’s show will be an examination of various philosophies about the meaning of life, and how we can discern our own purpose from the astrological chart.

You’ll have an opportunity to call in with questions about your OWN soul purpose and I’d like to keep the subject of today’s calls on topic.  The call-in number is 646-478-5731.
To listen live to the show, click on the player below or between 11-12 am Eastern time.  After that time the show will be archived and you can listen any time.
If you register at Blog Talk Radio you can interact in the chatroom and ask questions there.  For more details about the show visit my website here.
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