Astrological Musings Radio: The Why are We Here Show

It sounds presumptuous, I know!  But today’s show will be an examination of various philosophies about the meaning of life, and how we can discern our own purpose from the astrological chart.

You’ll have an opportunity to call in with questions about your OWN soul purpose and I’d like to keep the subject of today’s calls on topic.  The call-in number is 646-478-5731.
To listen live to the show, click on the player below or between 11-12 am Eastern time.  After that time the show will be archived and you can listen any time.
If you register at Blog Talk Radio you can interact in the chatroom and ask questions there.  For more details about the show visit my website here.
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Saturn in Virgo: School lunches pose threat to national security

school lunch threat to national securitySaturn moved into Libra last fall, but earlier in 2010 it changed direction and has now retrograded back into Virgo, the sign of health and the details of life that make up our material world on earth.

So it’s appropriate that a group of retired the poor quality of school lunches dangerous to national security because they have helped to increase the number of obese young Americans to the point where 27% of kids aged 17-24 are too overweight to join the military.

“[T]the group is urging Congress to eliminate junk food and high-calorie beverages from schools, put more money into the school lunch program and develop new strategies that help children develop healthier habits.”  It’s those strategies and habits that are governed by Virgo, but it took Saturn to bring in the military!

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Pluto in Leo generation “beset by disabilities”

baby boomer disabilities
The National Health Interview survey found that disabilities for people between the ages of 50 and 64 are on the rise, a statistic that contrasts with a decline in disabilities for people aged 65 and over.   The age group in trouble is the one that was born between 1945 and 1960 which corresponds to the Pluto in Leo generation.  (You can read more about that generation, also called “baby boomers,” here.

While the total number of adults reporting physical problems in this age group did not change significantly over the study period, there was a significant uptick in people reporting difficulties with specific mobility related functions, including walking a quarter-mile and climbing 10 steps.

There was also an increase in the number of people using special equipment to get around, such as a cane or wheelchair. In addition, more people reported needing help with daily personal care activities, such as getting out of bed and moving around the home.

Specifically, the problems reported by boomers include back or neck problems, diabetes and depression, anxiety or emotional problems.  The Pluto in Leo generation is driven by ego concerns – Leo is the sign of the Self and the Ego, and Pluto brings a compulsive quality to the sign that has driven this generation to seek glorification in many ways.  This was the first generation to embrace exercise for its own sake and in order to stave off the signs of aging, and overexercise is a major cause of mobility distress.

This intense focus on the Self and the ego that Pluto in Leo demands can easily result in emotional issues – it will be interesting to see if this tendency towards depression and […]

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Addicted to technology

iphone addictionI’ve written about this before, but we have seen a huge surge of technology addiction since Uranus entered Pisces back in 2002, creating what we call a “mutual reception” with Neptune in Aquarius.  We call this “mutual reception” because Uranus is traveling through Pisces, the sign that is ruled by Neptune, and Neptune is in Aquarius, the sign that is ruled by Uranus.  This is a “double whammy” that connects the principles of Uranus and Neptune.

Uranus rules technology and anything new and unusual, along with radical change and the rational mind.  Neptune rules our experience of spirituality, the imagination and creativity, and the desire to lose the Self in something greater than ourselves.  With Neptune we can become addicted to that experience of losing ourselves, especially if it is pleasurable and helps us to forget (Neptune) our day-to-day life.  Uranus demands a constantly changing experience and becomes easily bored.

And then here comes the Iphone, a fabulous combination of beautiful design (Neptune) with the latest technology (Uranus).  I resisted the lure of the Iphone for over two years because of my dislike for the “evil empire” that Apple has become, but a couple of months ago I fell prey to its siren song of apps for everything and an enhanced experience of Life 2.0.  I carry my Iphone everywhere: I listen to podcasts in the bathroom, I read books on the Kindle app, I piddle around on the piano and the hammered dulcimer.  It really has become an extension of my life!

So I wasn’t surprised to read that Stanford scientists have found that the .  But it’s not just the Iphone that’s addictive – it’s technology of all kinds.  When the line between technology […]

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Blogs are no longer cool, teens say

TwitterA new study has found that young people are losing interest in long-form blogging, as their communication habits have become increasingly brief, and mobile. Tech experts say it doesn’t mean blogging is going away. Rather, it’s gone the way of the telephone and e-mail — still useful, just not sexy.

Not sexy!  That’s just cruel. 🙂

The sample used was of kids aged 12 to 17 years old, many of whom are in the group that was born when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in the sky back in 1992-1995 or so.  The minds of those kids work differently – they are extremely imaginative and creative, and many of them very intuitive as well.

I don’t suppose this will affect my readership any, because my Facebook page stats report that none of my fans are less than 17, and only 3% are under 24 with 13% between 25 and 34, with the majority of my readers being over 35.

It’s true that the heady experience of posting one’s every thought and experience on a personal blog fades quickly.  I had a personal blog for about six months, but find Facebook a much better outlet for my own personal daily news.  But I am a bit disturbed by the trend away from reading and from a curiosity about the world that reduces everything to a Facebook or Myspace entry.

You can actually find me on both and .

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