America needs a new dream

There are a lot of different astrological charts for the United States floating around out there, but the one most commonly used, and the one I prefer, is called the Sibley chart which has Sagittarius rising.  The rising sign, also called the Ascendant because it was ascending at the birth moment, marks the identity and personality of the entity.

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, optimism, and let’s face it, self-righteousness.  Sagittarius can have a tendency to believe that it knows what’s best for everyone, because after all, Sag is the Searcher of Truth.  That doesn’t negate the beautiful qualities of Sagittarius to inspire and elevate, but there can be a bit of arrogance around a person who thinks they know what’s what.

The self-righteous component of this influence has inspired the expansion of the nation across the continent in the name of the “Manifest Destiny,” regardless of the death and destruction that was wrought in its wake.  The American Dream started out as a right for every man, woman and child to pursue their dream of liberty and happiness, but has evolved into the desire for every citizen to own several high definition television sets, enough cars to fit in their 3-car garage, a vacation home, and a mansion.

This is all being altered by a transit of Pluto to the Midheaven in the US chart.  The Midheaven represents the government of a country, but it also represents the nation’s role in the world.  This cycle began last year and the second phase of the cycle is coming up this summer.

The progressed chart shows the evolving nature of an individual, and in a mundane chart it reveals the ways in which a nation community is changing.  The Ascendant (describing […]

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More thoughts on the Chiron/Neptune conjunction

Chiron Neptune conjunctionI did a reading for a brand new baby the other day.  I love doing consultations for parents of beings that have just entered the earth plane, because it’s all about possibilities and choices and talents and skills.  Challenges too, of course, but when we understand the charts of children, parents, spouses, siblings – really anyone! – a new level of conscious awareness improves the way that we relate to each other.

Anyway, this baby of course has the approaching conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron and Neptune. This triple conjunction has been building for quite some time and will culminate within a half a degree on May 26.  All children born at this time have this conjunction in their charts, and in fact all children born between around March 2008, when Chiron and Neptune first entered the orb of their conjunction, and around April of 2011 when they meet for the last time, will be the “Chiron Neptune” generation.

Neptune is the planet that drives us to fulfill our spiritual longing.  Every individual has in their nature a longing for an experience that will provide us with a connection to our inner Self.  For some of us this manifests in a desire for the perfect bowling score.  For some it is an experience of God in a Church.  For some it is a few beers when we get home from work, or losing ourself in a beautiful piece of music.  The experience is different – the motivation is the same.

When we add the experience of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, it becomes necessary to process any psychological and emotional blocks in order to gain that Neptunian experience.  Chiron doesn’t just invite us to enter the inner world of […]

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Pluto in Virgo: The Slacker generation and the new fiscal conservatism

slackersGenerations of people can be defined by the sign that Pluto was traveling in at the time of the birth of that population group.  The Pluto in Leo generation, the “baby boomers,” are famous for being self-involved and self-important, as you would expect from a group that is compulsively driven (Pluto) to break through the barriers of the sign of Leo, the sign of the ego.  Pluto was in Virgo between 1958 and 1971, and that generation is now between 38 and 53 years old.

The generation defined by Pluto experiences a compulsive attention to matters described by the sign that Pluto falls in.  The Pluto in Cancer generation, parents to the Pluto in Leo boomers, gave up everything for their families (Cancer).  The Leo Boomers made self-expression into an art form.

Like all of the other signs of the zodiac, Virgo operates on many different levels but the underlying principle is a sense of order and attention to the mundane details of everyday life.  We therefore find Virgo representing our physical health and the connection between the mind and the body, our diet, service to others in assisting them in their daily life, and the day-to-day work experiences that provide the income to sustain us.

Demographers often call this generation “Generation X,” which was also called the “Slacker” generation, and report that this was the first generation in the United States to earn less than the previous generation.  As “Slackers,” this generation embraced grunge rock and rejected the pull of materialism.  Perhaps aware on some level that the world was about to change, many of them went from job to job and thought about career completely differently from any other previous generation.  Forget the college degree…forget the 30 years and the […]

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Saturn and Uranus in prose

Over at , JM has an interesting (as always) on the opposition of Saturn to Uranus using Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum as a foundation:

Life begins with a wiggle as the tail-whipping sperm cell pushes his way past the egg’s boundary with a force impossible to comprehend. In a sense, the walls close in when the human grows in the womb, squirming and kicking, then it’s thrust through a small chamber with such strength as to squeeze the head of the fetus into a monstrous object, finding liberation at birth only to be entrapped again within the confines of the body now having to learn to survive on its own with all its unending demands. We’re stuck maintaining the rebellious body and its desire to make more bodies forever. Captives of time and space.

The nucleus of a cell also remains trapped until the moment of division when it immediately becomes confined again. Humans can’t live without these cells and their strict boundaries, yet they seek freedom and revolution throughout life, setting the stage for the Saturn-Uranus configuration so prevalent in the years ahead. Pressure builds, as in Poe’s story, until the moment of release comes, and the new space entered becomes the next cell — the next enclosure stimulating the desire for escape. Sometimes I think that the moment of liberation is so sublime that humans intentionally, if subconsciously, create mini-prisons lifelong in order to wiggle out and experience the sensation of freedom. Even coming home at the end of the day and getting out of restrictive street clothing is such a moment. The digestive process is one of tightening and loosening in perfect rhythm, as what comes in must come out.

With Saturn-Uranus, […]

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Musings on the financial crisis and the Life Path

I did readings all day yesterday at the Body, Mind Spirit expo in Raleigh yesterday, and while there was a noticeable lack of vendors at the show, the attendance numbers were way up.  It was interesting to see what kind of experiences people were having, but I did notice an underlying theme: people’s lives are being changed, whether they ask for it or not.  We would expect that people who come for readings are in a time of crisis of some sort, but this feels different than the usual assortment of life experiences.

These changes and transformations are occurring at a much deeper level and have to do with the big question:  What is my life path?  One querent was laid off and was trying to figure out what to do next, forced to evaluate how he wanted to shape his life.  One, having “found out” that her marriage was over after staying home to raise her young children, was facing beginning a new career that would have more meaning for her.

This, I believe, is a function of Pluto now traveling through Capricorn.  I know that I have experienced this myself – how to incorporate my real estate business, lucrative but exhausting, into a life that has a strong spiritual foundation as well as an active and wonderful astrological consulting practice?  These are big questions – we think of Capricorn as ruling career, but it’s really more than that.  Capricorn, Saturn, the Midheaven and the Tenth House are all concerned with how we express ourselves through a Life Path – a work that feeds our soul and aids our spiritual development.  This can be our career, but not always.  If you’re a waitress, but your soul longs to […]

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