Another Musing On Predicting the Future

Astrology is a wonderful tool for explaining human behavior, for timing periods of challenge and change, and for providing a map to navigating our way through life most effectively.  What it can’t do, though, is predict an event with any certainty.

That’s not to say that astrologers don’t try.  Earlier in the year, before it appeared possible that Barack Obama could win the election, included noted Vedic astrologer Joni Patry who predicted that John McCain would win.  The Astrology Chick predicted in January that Hillary Clinton would win the Democrative nomination with John Edwards as her running mate, noting that Edwards had better transits than Obama.  We all know how that turned out!

A great astrologer can make a bad prediction, not because astrology is faulty but because our premises are often faulty.  If we think that a good transit will make for a successful year, we will often be wrong.  Sometimes the most challenging transits create the crisis that propels us into our future in a way that would never happen under an easy trine or sextile.

This can be disappointing for my clients, who really want to know WHEN will they meet their soulmate – WHEN will they get that job they want.  As an astrologer, I spent much of the time between 1993 and 1998 peering at my transits and progressions, searching for the cycles that would bring me closer to the relationship of my dreams.  Many auspicious times for relationships came and went, but no lover.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized that these beneficial times helped to provide the changes within myself that facilitated my ability to connect with my […]

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Negotiating Painful Family Situations

Art by Melanie Weidner Art by Melanie Weidner

It is a commonly held belief among explorers of the New Consciousness that as souls, we work with our guides to choose the life that we will next be born into.  For many people that’s a horrifying thought!  Why would I choose the kind of torment I experienced as a kid?

But the birthchart often reflects with eerie accuracy the psychological setting of the family of origin.  Pluto conjunct the Moon – your mother seemed terrifying to you?  Saturn square the Sun – you never felt you were good enough for your father?  Yet you were born with this astrological chart; the birthchart predates the events that cause us emotional pain.  This makes it hard to continue blaming our parents since it appears that we come into this world already prewired for certain experiences.   Later in life we learn to make conscious choices that lift us out of a state where we simply react to external stimuli that keep us stuck in the psychodrama of our lives.

I am always impressed by the tenacity and strength of my clients, many of whom have come through difficult childhoods with tremendous coping skills and an eagerness to transcend their limitations.  The nugget of transformation lies within every painful situation, and is a great gift.

I’m not so sure it’s necessary to forgive the ones that hurt us, but I DO believe it’s imperative that we end the cycle of blame.  As long as we blame anyone, whether it’s ourselves or someone else, we keep ourselves locked in a box of victimhood from which we can’t escape.  When we make a choice to turn away from blame and self-pity, we naturally […]

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Beauty and value in the second house

Last week I heard a show on NPR that highlighted a woman who had always been unattractive because of her big nose until she had an accident and the doctor suggested that while she was having surgery that she have her nose fixed. After the surgery, according to her own account she was “a babe.” As a result, she had a unique perspective on what it’s like to be pretty vs. “ugly.”

The second house is most commonly associated with money and wealth, but it also houses our personal resources, our self-esteem, what we value and how well we value ourselves. I’ve written earlier on the relationship between self-esteem and wealth, and there is a strong connection between them. In the second house we develop a relationship with our environment and learn what belongs to us and where we fit into the world. The strength of this sense of belonging to the world and having a secure place is what helps to determine our financial success and our ability to accumulate wealth and prosperity.

, cruelly, that beauty is tied to success. But these studies do not prove that it’s perfection that is tied to success – merely a perception of attraction. If cosmetic surgery enhances one’s confidence in one’s value, then it can have benefits to that individual. But if surgery becomes the tool in the pursuit of perfection, the point is missed and the inner lack of self-worth remains.

Life can also be difficult for the beautiful as they age. We have seen this with moviestars who go into […]

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Pluto in Capricorn: The New Survivalism

quotes Barton Biggs who says that people should “assume the possibility of a breakdown [Pluto] of the civilized infrastructure [Capricorn].” Biggs is not an astrologer but the former chief strategist at investment firm Morgan Stanley.

Faced with a confluence of diverse threats — a tanking economy, a housing crisis, looming environmental disasters, and a sharp spike in oil prices — people who do not consider themselves extremists are starting to discuss doomsday measures once associated with the social fringes.“I’m not a gun-nut, camo-wearing skinhead. I don’t even hunt or fish,” said Bill Marcom, 53, a construction executive in Dallas.

Still, motivated by a belief that the credit crunch and a bursting housing bubble might spark widespread economic chaos — “the Greater Depression,” as he put it — Mr. Marcom began to take measures to prepare for the unknown over the last few years: buying old silver coins to use as currency; buying G.P.S. units, a satellite telephone and a hydroponic kit; and building a simple cabin in a remote West Texas desert.

“If all these planets line up and things do get really bad,” Mr. Marcom said, “those who have not prepared will be trapped in the city with thousands of other people needing food and propane and everything else.”

The frenetic stockpiling of resources at the end of 1999 as we rounded the corner to Y2K was more silly than survivalist – the notion that the world would end at the turn of the millenium was superstitious at best. Today’s survivalists are of course tapping into the sense that there will indeed be a breakdown of the social order, and they want to be ready.

Those of us who understand the work of Pluto […]

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From the Advice Column: What’s wrong with my mom?

I realized I hadn’t posted anything from the advice column for quite some time. I’m very interested in the way health issues manifest in the birthchart, and this was a good example.

Q: My mother has been really nervous, lately — and her jaws are tense. She has generally been in good health — with the exception of having to take thyroid medicine for the past year — and once in a while suffering from a migraine headache.

All of a sudden beginning last month every joint in her body aches, and she can no longer get out of the bathtub on her own. She has been to a doctor, and I think she has rhematoid arthritis.

My mother had a very traumatic background when she was young, and things were not easy for her when she was raising us. I think she has tried to soldier on, but I wonder if something from the deep unconscious is trying to get her attention.

A: The timing of your mom’s sudden body aches coincides with Saturn’s entry into Virgo. Alice has the Sun in Sagittarius which is so lighthearted and optimistic, but her Moon is in Virgo and it conjuncts the Midheaven which heightens the intensity of her emotions and transiting Uranus has been working on her Moon as well as her Midheaven. Uranus transits to the Moon can indeed be quite challenging and create a fair amount of nervous energy, and your mother’s chart doesn’t have a natural release for that energy. I sense that there is an energy imbalance here and a difficulty in releasing a charge from the emotional body. […]

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