Midlife is hard? Of course!

In the news today:

Not only is the mid-life crisis a bona-fide affliction but 40-somethings from Canada to Uzbekistan grapple with it every day, a groundbreaking new study has found.

Researchers examined the life satisfaction of two million people in 72 countries through several decades of survey results and found that happiness universally dips when people hit mid-life.

“The 40s, roughly speaking, are the low decade,” says co-author Andrew Oswald, an economics professor at the University of Warwick in Britain. “If you’re finding your 40s tough, it seems good to know this is completely usual across the rest of the world.”

This global pattern of mid-life misery holds true regardless of gender, education, marital status, number and age of children, occupation and income.

The 40s are the time of the midlife crisis transits that create difficulty for everyone at the same time. And lately, due to Pluto’s elliptical orbit, the midlife crisis transits begin in the mid- to late thirties as transiting Pluto makes a square to Pluto in the birthchart, the “Pluto Square.”

There is a fairly reliable set of transits between age 20 and age 60 that are similar for everyone, regardless of what is going on in the rest of their chart. At around age 20-21 we have the opening square of Uranus to natal Uranus, and the closing square of Saturn to natal Saturn. This creates the dual reactions of rebellion (Uranus) and restrictions (Saturn). Then the famous Saturn Return is well-known as the time when we have to face the limitations of our newly minted adulthood and move forward in our life.

For now, the Pluto square is happening in the mid-30s and will soon arrive later and later into the 40s. This is a […]

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Mars and Pluto – Dying to be understood

JM, as always, has on the current Mars/Pluto opposition:

Anybody getting into verbal quarrels deeper than ususal these days? Mars in Gemini (communication) will be spending the whole week closing in on the opposition to Pluto (death) in Sagittarius. People are dying to be understood. Speech is primary to human survival, coming from the cry in the throat for nourishment, and never is it more obvious than when this opposition comes around. And never is the truth more anxious to be revealed, the pretense stripped.

Mars is action and Pluto draws upon hidden reserves so force in articulation rules the day. For some people, exceptional insights are coming along with the courage to speak up. For others, hurtful words are being thrust with excess force and some can’t control what they say. Another problem with Pluto is the inability to find satisfaction, so the points might be forced repeatedly with the sharp sword of Mars, still missing the response some are hoping for, the power of their words escaping no matter how hard they try. Torrential verbiage can result and major misunderstandings. Of course, some people are speaking with clarity, honesty, extra perception, and Marsian accuracy. And best of all, some people are witnessing and comprehending themselves.

We are certainly seeing quite a bit of this verbal barrage in the news: the French escalating their rhetoric against Iran, Greenspan coming out and revealing ::SHOCK!!:: that the war in Iraq was about oil (gee, what took him so long??), and the footing of Musharraf in Pakistan becoming ever more tenuous.

Hang on everyone, it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride for the next few months!

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From the advice column: Neptune problems

A client writes with some vivid imagery:

I’m very, very tired… the past 45 days have been killer for me, and though I know “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger,” I wish I hadn’t gotten all of these bullets at the same time! I don’t know if you’ve seen the X-Men movies, but at the end of X-Men III, a great scene is when Wolverine is trying to get to Phoenix/Jean Grey, and she keeps on sending stuff his way, and it’s basically constantly peeling bits of his skin away while he’s continually healing/regrowing it (one of his ‘mutation’ powers), but he continues to push his way towards her, even though it gets harder and harder. THAT’S how I’ve felt the last month-and-a-half. But I’m not sure towards what I’m pushing my way, besides trying to SURVIVE right now!!

It looks like your energy level is being sapped by Neptune. Neptune is the planet that seeks to dissolve our material reality and show us that there is a life of spirit that lies beyond our material world. In the process of doing this it can create a lot of confusion and cause us to feel that we are walking through a pea-soup fog in our life. Neptune first crossed your Sun/ Midheaven conjunction back in March of 2007, retrograded and hit again throughout the month of August, and will make its final pass around January Between now and then, though, it will be within one degree of your Sun, which is your essential self, and the Midheaven which is one of the strongest points in your chart. This is affecting how you view not only your role in the world but your identity in general, and it is no doubt making it difficult […]

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Teen suicide rates are up


WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 2007-Following a decline of more than 28 percent, the suicide rate for 10- to-24-year-olds increased by 8 percent, the largest single-year rise in 15 years, according to a report released today in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

The decline took place from 1990 to 2003 (from 9.48 to 6.78 per 100,000 people), and the increase took place from 2003 to 2004, (from 6.78 to 7.32), the report said

“This is the biggest annual increase that we’ve seen in 15 years. We don’t yet know if this is a short-lived increase or if it’s the beginning of a trend,” said Dr. Ileana Arias, director of CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. “Either way, it’s a harsh reminder that suicide and suicide attempts are affecting too many youth and young adults. We need to make sure suicide prevention efforts are continuous and reaching children and young adults.”. . .

An increase in the suicide rates for three gender-age groups accounts for the increase in the overall suicide rate, the report said. Rates rose for 10- to-14-year-old females, 15 -to-19-year-old females and 15- to-19-year-old males from 2003 to 2004.

  • For 10- to-14-year-old females, the rate increased from 0.54 per 100,000 in 2003 to 0.95 per 100,000 in 2004
  • For 15-to-19 year-old females the rate increased from 2.66 to 3.52 per 100,000
  • For 15-to-19 year-old males, the rate increased from 11.61 to 12.65 per 100,000
  • Prior to 2003, the rates for all three groups were generally decreasing

19 years ago Pluto entered its own sign of Scorpio, so all of these kids were born under the sign of maximum emotional intensity. In Scorpio Pluto delves into death and destruction and seeks continual regeneration, which is a […]

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“Anger is the Guard Dog of Denial”

This comes from Donna Cunningham via Top Ten Sources (thank you Elsa!!):

Nothing makes us madder than some darned fool telling us the truth! If we grew up in dysfunctional families, in order to survive our upbringing, we learned to be highly sensitive, reactive, and always on the alert for a threat to the status quo. Thus, we tend to be easily wounded by even the gentlest reminder of the shortcomings of ourselves, our families, or other codependent ties. We may react with rage to even the most constructive of criticisms. In order to protect our denial, we may go so far as to sever relationships with people who are unwise enough to rock the boat with the facts. (No one said we were easy to live with!) . . .

Anger is the guard dog of denial. In some cases, the denial is so strong or the ego so vulnerable that anger is a pit bull. Do you resent people who puncture your illusions, threaten your denial about your own or loved one’s addictions or destructive behaviors, or make you face up to your shortcomings? Do you respond by closing down, running away, or cutting off the relationship? If so, you short-circuit your own growth and deny yourself real intimacy with others, an intimacy based on mutual honesty.

Anger keeps the past alive. [emphasis added] . . . In the course of our lives, we who come from dysfunctional families have had many causes for anger. Terrible things may have happened to us and to other family members because of our parents’ problems. As adults, because many of us didn’t know how to assert ourselves, we may play out the victim role. Our conditioned reaction patterns can leave a trail of broken relationships.

Anger may be all […]

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