Philadelphia shuts down “fortune-telling”

20529745_sMany cities and towns have old laws on the books against “fortune-telling,” but they are rarely if ever exercised. Now Philadelphia has taken a giant step backwards by “closing storefront psychics, astrologers, phrenologists and tarot-card readers who charge money for their services.”

I don’t know how a storefront psychic is different than one who works over the phone, and there is no disputing that there are a lot of charlatans and scam artists out there as there are in any business. We can see in television programming of shows such as Medium that psychic awareness is becoming more accepted in the mainstream, but these archaic laws remain on the books.

In 1998 (with Saturn’s restrictions approaching a square to Neptune’s spirituality) the Gypsy Cafe in Cary North Carolina was issued a citation for fortune-telling. Then in June of 1999 (with Saturn exactly square to Neptune) a psychic shop in the North Carolina mountains was shut down by police citing a 1951 law prohibiting “fortune-telling” as a professional, and amateur fortune-telling can only be practiced as part of a church or school social event.

In response, the Ancient Arts Freedom Association held a peaceful demonstration in downtown Asheville in which about 50 participants practiced various forms of divination. Police, rather than arresting everyone, issued a citation to just one participant (a tarot reader). Appearing in court with her ACLU lawyer, she hoped to be declared guilty so that she could appeal the decision to a higher court and have the law erased from the books. Instead, the judge declared the Asheville law to be unconstitutional. Unfortunately, however, this decision was not binding on other North Carolina jurisdictions.

It makes sense that this issue would arise again as Saturn opposes Neptune. While I decry […]

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Saturn/Neptune, the Dog Whisperer and the Boundaries of Compassion

I’m a little behind on my tv viewing, and last night I watched part of a Dog Whisperer episode that I missed about Howie, the (adorable) rescue dog that lived at an animal hospital in Atlanta because he was “unadoptable.” Howie had been terribly abused before his rescue, and while his body had healed he was still terrified and growled whenever anyone new came near him. The ladies who cared for him were very protective of him and did all they could to keep him safe. He lived at the animal hospital for two years before Cesar Millan came to help Howie become adoptable.

When Cesar arrived, he found that Howie had been indoors for two years. Because of his abuse, his foster moms had been afraid to put a leash on him for fear it would bring back memories of the terrible times. They felt he had been through so much, and they just wanted to keep him safe and loved. Cesar always says that dogs live in the moment, and that if we keep living in the past and reinforcing that for them that they will never heal.

Chiron teaches us that our desire to heal others often stems from a wound within ourselves. In the highest form of this “Wounded Healer” archetype, we wait to heal others until we ourselves have been healed. Once we have walked into the fire and shadows of our own wounds and the energy held in the cellular memory has been released, we then experience the empathy to be able to help others heal. However, there is a shadow side to the Wounded Healer in which the wounds of the patient activate the wounds of a healing provider who […]

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Good and Evil

Robert Wilkinson has on Good and Evil in the birthchart:

Our birth charts show us what cycles we’ve set into motion, and what we’re dealing with. All of us are learning to deal with the results of prior karmas left over from other times, past chapters of our life, as well as other lives, if you accept the concept that we are Eternal Consciousnesses who occasionally dip back into life in physical form here on Earth.Without getting into a discussion of what constitutes “evil” or how it is manifest, I have known people who could easily be perceived as “evil” because of the deeds they do to others. In my own experience, I believe there is no truth, no honor, no integrity, and no goodwill in what we call evil. Where these are absent, there the seeds of “evil” are permitted to grow. However, I believe that for all of us, our Eternal nature is essentially good. I also believe our reality is designed for the “best” to come forth, if we only do our part. Each absolutely determines their own karmic rewards and punishments, and even something apparently “bad” today may serve to bring forth the skill or insight you need tomorrow.

That does not excuse the abusers, because we’re not supposed to be doing things that generate forms of suffering. It creates a stink in the world, and only contributes to future suffering on the part of the perpetrator. Someone who persists in behaviors that hurt others only destroys themselves through self-generated effects guaranteed to lead to suffering. All hurtful behaviors are a product of fear-based ignorance. I believe people can fall into fear-based delusions, but they can also come out of them if only they release the need to control […]

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Doomsday Clock now 5 minutes to midnight

The face of the Doomsday Clock shifted two minutes closer to midnight Wednesday, symbolizing the impending destruction of humanity in a “Second Nuclear Age:”

Chicago’s Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the group that has maintained the timepiece since 1947, wound the minute hand closer to the grim hour for the first time since 2002, when it was frozen at seven minutes to midnight.

The Doomsday Clock had been frozen at seven minutes to midnight since 2002. Now modern dangers such as global warming and the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea have inched the clock two minutes forward — to five minutes to midnight.

It’s interesting to me that when the Doomsday Clock was first instituted Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Leo (the conjunction was exact in August of 1947). I wasn’t able to find out exactly when in 1947 the Clock began but this was a powerful conjunction that had a tremendous effect on the psyche of the planet. This same year saw the following events:

  • The Truman Doctrine was proclaimed in March to stop the spread of Communism.
  • In June the Marshall Plan was designed to help rebuild Europe after World War II.
  • In July a UFO crash site was discovered in Roswell New Mexico and the National Security Act created the CIA.
  • In August Pakistan and India gained independence from the British Empire and Communism took hold in Hungary.
  • British Troops withdrew from Palestine that summer, setting the stage for the creation of Israel.
  • In November the Red Scare began which put Senator Joe McCarthy in power and blacklisted millions of Americans.

The terror of the Cold War was real and intense, but the fear (Pluto) that was engendered by the government (Saturn) went […]

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Unconscious Complexes revealed by Pluto and the Galactic Center

I have just found an astoundingly interesting website from a woman named , a Jungian analyst with a fantastically diverse view of the relationship of the soul to the world and the cosmos. Her article struck me as being particularly relevant to the conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center that began this year and will continue throughout 2007.

I’ve excerpted a bit here but do read the whole article if you have the time:

For over fifty years the concentration on the development of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons – first and foremost by the United States and the Soviet Union, but also by the United Kingdom, Israel, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and now, possibly, Iran – has brought into being the very situation that is most feared: the ability of a nation, group or individual to destroy life on an apocalyptic scale. What is truly alarming is that a single individual who has access to the technology of destruction now has the power to destroy the lives of millions because he believes that the use of these weapons in a pre-emptive strike against a designated enemy is justified or, more dangerously, because he sees himself as the agent of God in eliminating evil from the world and instituting a new order.The conviction that it is justifiable to murder others in defence of one’s own group or territory (with God co-opted to serve that group) has evolved out of the belief systems and the defensive tribal habits that we have inherited from the past. The efforts of the greatest spiritual teachers have attempted to free us from our enslavement to these primordial habits. But their fundamental message – that life is sacred […]

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