Doomsday Clock now 5 minutes to midnight

The face of the Doomsday Clock shifted two minutes closer to midnight Wednesday, symbolizing the impending destruction of humanity in a “Second Nuclear Age:”

Chicago’s Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the group that has maintained the timepiece since 1947, wound the minute hand closer to the grim hour for the first time since 2002, when it was frozen at seven minutes to midnight.

The Doomsday Clock had been frozen at seven minutes to midnight since 2002. Now modern dangers such as global warming and the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea have inched the clock two minutes forward — to five minutes to midnight.

It’s interesting to me that when the Doomsday Clock was first instituted Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Leo (the conjunction was exact in August of 1947). I wasn’t able to find out exactly when in 1947 the Clock began but this was a powerful conjunction that had a tremendous effect on the psyche of the planet. This same year saw the following events:

  • The Truman Doctrine was proclaimed in March to stop the spread of Communism.
  • In June the Marshall Plan was designed to help rebuild Europe after World War II.
  • In July a UFO crash site was discovered in Roswell New Mexico and the National Security Act created the CIA.
  • In August Pakistan and India gained independence from the British Empire and Communism took hold in Hungary.
  • British Troops withdrew from Palestine that summer, setting the stage for the creation of Israel.
  • In November the Red Scare began which put Senator Joe McCarthy in power and blacklisted millions of Americans.

The terror of the Cold War was real and intense, but the fear (Pluto) that was engendered by the government (Saturn) went […]

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Unconscious Complexes revealed by Pluto and the Galactic Center

I have just found an astoundingly interesting website from a woman named , a Jungian analyst with a fantastically diverse view of the relationship of the soul to the world and the cosmos. Her article struck me as being particularly relevant to the conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center that began this year and will continue throughout 2007.

I’ve excerpted a bit here but do read the whole article if you have the time:

For over fifty years the concentration on the development of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons – first and foremost by the United States and the Soviet Union, but also by the United Kingdom, Israel, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and now, possibly, Iran – has brought into being the very situation that is most feared: the ability of a nation, group or individual to destroy life on an apocalyptic scale. What is truly alarming is that a single individual who has access to the technology of destruction now has the power to destroy the lives of millions because he believes that the use of these weapons in a pre-emptive strike against a designated enemy is justified or, more dangerously, because he sees himself as the agent of God in eliminating evil from the world and instituting a new order.The conviction that it is justifiable to murder others in defence of one’s own group or territory (with God co-opted to serve that group) has evolved out of the belief systems and the defensive tribal habits that we have inherited from the past. The efforts of the greatest spiritual teachers have attempted to free us from our enslavement to these primordial habits. But their fundamental message – that life is sacred […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

The history of Valentine’s Day is a fascinating one. In its zeal to replace the beloved pagan gods with Christian saints, the historical truths were often stretched in order to create the appropriate qualities to be worshiped in the stead of the old gods. have survived concerning the origin of St. Valentine, but most agree that he was executed some time in the 3rd century C.E. It’s difficult to fathom what in these legends constituted saintly behavior, but Valentinius was promoted to the rank of Saint in the 5th century C.E. by Pope Gelasius I just in time to replace the pagan festivals of mid-February.

Some sources say that Pope Gelasius I wanted a holy day to replace Lupercalia, the celebration for the god , the god of fertility, but others deny any such connection. It is more likely that Valentine’s Day replaces the festival of Februa, also known as Juno Februa, mother of Mars and the patroness of marriage and fertility. Legends of these two festivals have been combined in the histories, and februa has been defined as the instruments of purification used by young men in the Lupercalia festival. However, this may have been early disinformation by the patriarchal church to minimize the power of the goddess Juno whose passion was not appreciated by the early Roman Church.

Whatever the origins of February, Valentine’s Day is a good time to remember those you love: family, friends, husband, wifes AND lovers.

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Who’s Really at War with Religion? Pluto in Sagittarius

Sometime soon I’ll post a link to a new article about Pluto’s travel through Sagittarius, which is about two-thirds completed. Pluto is all about destruction and transformation, and in Sagittarius Pluto has been creating havoc in the religious arena. Meanwhile, the Green Knight’s posts today are all about the conflicts (Pluto) that are erupting over religious ideas (Sagittarius), beginning with a great tale of the current “War on Christmas” in a suburban neighborhood and moving on to Bill O’Reilly’s paranoid rantings about left-wing moonbats coming after Christmas supporters. I couldn’t find the quote online, but heard O’Reilly on the Stephanie Miller show say “Retailers should get on their knees and thank Jesus for Christmas.” Is THAT what Christmas is all about?

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Tales From the Trenches: Mercury Retrograde

I thought I’d share just a few fun things that have happened over the past few days:

A document that I was waiting for from Switzerland arrived late, and the post office lost the slip for me to pick up the document with. I went to the post office to straighten this out, and their computer crashed so they couldn’t locate the document. Today I went to the post office when the computer was back up, whereupon they discovered that the document wasn’t where it was supposed to be and spent most of the morning looking for it.

A friend of mine who lives in Germany had mailed her electric bill, but it was erroneously posted to the wrong address and her power was turned off. Because she didn’t live in the house she didn’t know that the power was off, and wasn’t aware of various repair problems that occurred as a result.

Today my Outloook program suddenly decided not to collect my email.

This morning I drove 30 minutes to a neighboring town to appear as a witness in a friend’s divorce case. I waited 2 hours in a local coffee shop, waiting to be called. When I received no phone calls, I returned back to my office only to find a message from earlier that morning that I was needed to appear.

What’s been going on in your world?

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