Mercury retrograde

Mercury and Uranus turn retrograde in tandem

Uranus retrogradeYou might want to read about the concept of “higher octave planets” if you missed that post before reading this one. Uranus will turn retrograde early in the morning on the 14th EDT (late morning GMT) and Mercury will turn retrograde late in the evening EDT on the 15th (early morning on the 16th GMT). Planets of course don’t really change direction, but astrology is person-centered. We are the center of our own universe, and that is how we observe the planets astrologically.  Sometimes the movement of the planets appears to retrograde from our perspective on earth, and during those times the operation of those planets functions differently, and usually in a more inward than outward fashion. The outer planets are retrograde for about six months out of every year, and Mercury is retrograde for three weeks four times a year, so these events are not uncommon.  Still, they tend to arrive with a lot of weeping and moaning from the astrocommunity. While it’s true that Mercury retrograde periods can be challenging for planning a trip, coordinating meetings, all kinds of communication equipment including email and voicemail, they are also valuable times to rethink any areas of life where additional processing is required.  Mercury rules the mind and the mental functioning as well as the transmission of information.  Mercury is involved in the learning process, as well as the method through which we communicate our understanding and in retrograde motion our knowledge and awareness of the interconnections in our universe can deepen past the superficial. As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus elevate the workings of the mind to a superconscious state.  The flashes of insight that come from scientific discovery or personal intuition – […]

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Thoughts on the upcoming Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrogradeThis Mercury retrograde period may be more challenging than some, especially during the first week (beginning around now until the 18th of December when Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius.

Mercury is in Capricorn now, where it wants to organize things and achieve something important.  Capricorn is all about goals and success, and it is not well-suited to the retrograde periods of Mercury which require reflection and a more inward focus that stimulates the subtle mind rather than the mental realm.

Mercury turns retrograde at about 5 degrees Capricorn, tightly conjunct Pluto.  Mercury has been conjunct Pluto since the New Moon a few days ago, and this influence remains as long as Mercury remains in Capricorn.  The combination of Mercury to Pluto brings intensity and passion to any ideas or thoughts that come to mind, and generally forces (because after all, it’s Pluto) us to face something secret and dark that we have been hiding from, if any such thing is lurking about anywhere.

Mars will be entering Capricorn shortly after this post is published, and it will then move into alignment with both Mercury and Pluto.  Mars rules aggression, rage and warfare, along with the simple energy that motivates and inspires us.  But when Mars aligns with Pluto and begins to radiate Pluto’s intensity, our desires become more urgent and power conflicts can result.

The North Node is also tied into this drama, pulling us relentlessly towards personal evolution and ensuring that we won’t fall backwards into the abyss if we fail to take the right steps.

This is a powerful combination of planets, and even though Mercury and Mars are usually fast movers, Mercury is moving slowly now as it prepares to change direction, and then after the retrograde […]

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“The Personals Meet the Transpersonal” and other Planetary news

Thanks to KT The Astrologer for posting this lovely article on the conjunction right now of Uranus to Mercury and Venus (perhaps that’s why most of my day has been spent dealing with malfunctioning telecommunications equipment??):

It can be a very interesting time when a personal planet conjuncts a transpersonal planet in the sky as both are functioning from very different levels.

So when they meet it’s like the college student and the 2nd grader working on the same project.

This is what is happening on the 27th and 28th, except the college student is asked to work with two 2nd graders.

The conjunction of Uranus, Mercury and Venus has us dealing with the needs of the personality meshing with the viewpoint from higher consciousness.

Uranus needs things to change, to break free and to disrupt. Its energy is about the greater good and trying to create a better future and it will do this any way it can.

Mercury in entrenched in the mind and serves the personality. Venus with its need for relating and indulging also likes to keep the ego happy.

When they band together we experience a rather radical shift in perception and values.

Our relationships, finances and our take on ourselves aesthetically will undergo a tremor of around 5.5 on the ‘astrological Richter scale’ Our ideas surrounding these issues may be rocked and a whole new way of thinking will being to crack open.

read more…

This triple conjunction is exactly sextile Jupiter right now, the culmination of a cycle which has taken all month to perfect and would typically bring about an expansion (Jupiter) of innovation and exciting change (Uranus). However, pesky Chiron and Neptune, which are fused now in Aquarius, are […]

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Mercury direct tonight

Mark your calendars! Mercury turns direct tonight and will begin to pick up speed next week to help things move forward a bit. At that point only Saturn will be in retrograde motion and it’s a rarity for there to be just one planet retrograde.

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Tales from Mercury Retrograde

A friend of mine sent me an email containing her Mercury Rx story:

“There have been power outages and surges following me around. First the power went out here at home two nights ago, and then when we went to our favorite Mexican place for dinner 3 miles away the power surged there. Yesterday the internet was down all morning, and then the cable tv was out all afternoon!

Yesterday morning I drove out to [her client’s office] with documents to be signed and was told that I couldn’t enter the premises because I had my dog in the car. When I did finally get to my client 20 minutes later, he apologized and said he had only had 15 minutes to meet with me and we’d have to reschedule!

I can’t wait to see what happens today. “

My friend is a good example of the manner in which Mercury Retrograde periods affect us more powerfully if they aspect something in our chart, or if something is already going on in our chart with Mercury. D has Mars at 23 Pisces which is exactly inconjunct (30 degrees) retrograde Mercury which creates pressure and irritation with no real means for relief. But perhaps more significant is the square of transiting Pluto to D’s progressed Mercury right now which is adding more power to her thoughts and potentially reducing her objectivity.

Sometimes we sail through Mercury Retrograde without a hitch; sometimes we need a little more discipline to maintain our focus. Regardless, keeping a sense of humor is invaluable!

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