Mercury retrograde

Mars Direct, Mercury Retrograde

Mars turned direct yesterday, and Mercury turned retrograde the day before. Part of us is looking back (Mercury), part of us is ready to move into the future once again (Mars).

Mercury is conjunct Neptune now in Aquarius, correlating to yesterday’s internet disruption (Mercury Rx) to Asia and the Mideast caused by damage to an underseas (Neptune) cable. In Aquarius, Mercury is idealistic and visionary, and because of the retrograde period Mercury will remain in Aquarius until mid-March. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, seeks the disruption of the status quo and when Mercury entered Aquarius back on January 9, suddenly all of the US presidential candidates jumped on the CHANGE bandwagon.

Mars has been retrograde through the signs of Cancer and Gemini since mid-November, slowing things down for the holidays. Now Mars is ready to move forward, but with our attention turned backwards under Mercury retrograde, prepare to hunker down for a period of conceptualization (Mercury) before the actual action is taken under Mars.

Mercury will remain in conjunction with Neptune for about a week, blurring the boundaries (Neptune) of presidential speeches, war planning, and the state of the stock market and the global economy.

Mars will continue to move through chatty Gemini where there is likely to be an increase in the war of words that has marked so many areas of global experience lately, and in early March will enter Cancer where it will make its final opposition to Pluto. Mars in Gemini is ruled by Mercury Retrograde, so every step forward (Mars direct) will be affected by a need to step backwards (Mercury Rx) . The two are inextricably connected for the next month or so.

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Mercury Rx through the houses

Heather Walden has posted this down-to-earth guide for managing Mercury retrograde. Look to see where Mercury in Aquarius falls in your chart, and follow her sage advice:

1st house – personal identity

Follow the bouncing fire ball. Remember those old battles, imagined and real. Where do you still have armor that may be dragging you down? Does the mind have the tape player on permanent repeat. Listen closely and erase the parts that don’t serve you or your colleagues. You’ll feel a lot lighter. Don’t burn all the rubber off your tires waiting at the starting gate. You’ve got about three weeks from yesterday.

2nd house – possessions and values

Get your assets lined up. If your worried about the bottom line make sure you know what it is. Go through your old bank statements and find out what there is to declare. You can find that note you wrote so you wouldn’t forget what you forgot. But remember you are your greatest asset. Take care of what you think. It is creating your future.

3rd house – communication and learning

Get out your old notes and reread them. Kept a diary; now is a good time to look over the last three months. What were you doing that you meant to do more of. Look through pictures. Sort out the ones that didn’t capture your essence. Walk it off. Peace through fast moving meditation. Update your profile to reflect your new thoughts about your life.

4th house – home and inner life

Clean out the closets. Like fast. Get those network cables checked out and untangle those […]

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Mercury retrograde alert!

Mercury is just about to go retrograde as I write this. Mercury is in Aquarius where it rules technology, innovation and electricity, and it will remain in Aquarius throughout the retrograde period. Mercury retrograding back through Aquarius could make it difficult to move forward with implementing new technologies, so keep that in mind as you begin new projects. Make sure that you and all parties involve are clear and understand all aspects of what is needed!

Obviously we can’t put our lives on hold when Mercury turns retrograde, and not every project encounters difficulties. But there IS a tendency for contracts to require renegotiation when signed during Mercury Rx periods, and for travel plans to be disrupted when the commitments are made while Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury retrograde periods are terrific times for RE-search, to RE-vise your website or business plans, to RE-connect with old friends. Retrogradation turns our attention to the past and give us another chance to get things right.

We can’t put our lives on hold with Mercury’s change of direction, but preparation will help to defray our frustration when our telephone systems break down and travel plans go awry! “It’s just Mercury Retrograde,” we’ll say and smile knowingly.

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Full Moon, Mars Direct and Mercury Retrograde! and other planetary news this week!

The Sun entered Aquarius yesterday, beginning a new solar cycle of innovation, humanitarian interest and technological brilliance. Today we have new opportunities for long-range planning and vision work with the alignment of Jupiter trine to Saturn, allowing us to harness Jupiter’s faith and optimism with Saturn’s discipline, offering the potential for success in any venture.

What a terrific segue into the Full Moon on January 22nd that takes place in confluence with a conjunction of Mercury (mental function) to Neptune (spirituality and idealism) which adds creativity and imagination to the work of the Jupiter/Saturn trine and increases the scope of possibilities available to us.

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, so we always have two opposing astrological signs in the Full Moon. In this Full Moon we see the Aquarian Sun opposite the Leo Moon. Aquarius is concerned with humanity as a whole and seeks an understanding that expands beyond the material dimension. Leo, on the other hand, is firmly rooted in the individual ego and seeks to express oneself as a unique individual. During a Leo Full Moon, the ego gains ascendancy and seeks that expression, so this can be a very dramatic time.

The astrological signatures for this Full Moon incorporate the events mentioned above, but also a conjunction of Venus (relating) to Pluto (power) that occurs the next day. This is a time of intensity – an excellent time for psychodrama or ritual that provides a creative expression for one’s inner desires. The Venus/Pluto combination is opposed by Mars and the opposition forms a Mystic Rectangle with the Moon’s nodes. The lunar nodes represent our evolutionary direction, and planetary events that include them tend to carry great significance, […]

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The beginnings of Mercury retrograde

Astrologers differ on when the retrograde effects of Mercury begin. Some feel that the effects begin during the shadow period, others insist that the effects are not evident until the retrograde occurs. I personally have found that this question depends quite a bit on other planetary events taking place as Mercury is preparing to retrograde.

Mercury is now beginning to slow down as it stations before turning retrograde in a few days. As we approach the reversal of Mercury’s direction there are several other planetary dynamics that create reversals or a tendency to look back into the past that will reinforce the retrograde effect of Mercury.

The square of Jupiter to Uranus is associated with rapid change and the undoing of established structures, and surprises are expected under this influence. For the next week or so I would expect nothing to operate as planned – new ideas and new ways of looking at the world are in the works. At the same time, Saturn is conjunct the South Node where it wants to calcify (Saturn) our old and familiar patterns (South Node) that hold us back from change. We find ourselves looking backwards when the South Node is involved, yet Jupiter and Uranus are forcing us to create a new vision of the future.

There is a tension here and a feeling of being pulled in both directions, something very like what often occurs during the retrograde motion of Mercury. Knowing what to expect takes a lot of the pain out of a planetary event, so watch now for opportunities to look backward and forward simultaneously. Anything that begins with the word “re-” is highly favored during retrograde periods: repairs, renovations, resuming old friendships, revising forms, plans or websites. etc.

This is very like the African concept of the the […]

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