Mercury retrograde

Mercury turns direct tonight! And other planetary news

Crab Nebula photo from the Hubble site.

On July 9, Mercury turns direct and begins the end of this heavy retrograde period, and Venus forms a trine to Pluto which enables a deepening of our love for each other and for ourselves. When the Goddess of Love takes a trip to the underworld, fear takes a back seat and we find ourselves with a new sense of courage as we face one another unadorned by the artifice with which we sometimes hide from ourselves. The conjunction of Venus to Saturn is still very close, with Saturn beginning to move into a trine alignment with Pluto.

The Saturn/Pluto trine cycle began December of 2006 and will reach the apex of the second phase of the cycle in early August, but its effects are beginning to make themselves known. Saturn motivates hard work and responsibility, and Pluto induces regeneration and transformation which makes this a powerful cycle of change. Trines generally inspire change rather than force it, although the concurrent conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center which is also in the second phase of its cycle seems to be intensifying the need for change and change NOW.

Aspects between Pluto and the Galactic Center appear to correlate with periods of intense shifts in cultural awareness. This conjunction appears to have generated a flood of concern for the future of the human species and the planet itself, and on a more personal level many of us are experiencing a need for a more truly real and honest experience of our lives. We see this not only among “seekers,” but […]

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More good news from Mercury Rx

Thanks to Elsa for this additional Mercury Rx news item:

The attempted London car bombings were meant to be detonated by calls to mobile phones in the two vehicles, but failed for technical reasons, the Evening Standard reported Monday.

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Mercury Retrograde Roundup

Despite the claims of many that Mercury retrograde brings no more problems than any other time, many of us have noticed quite a few news items to the contrary:

Technology problems shut down the American Stock Exchange three times in two weeks.

Probably just a coincidence…

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Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon

You may have already noticed its effects: missed appointments, confusion over details, miscommunication. Telephone equipment stops working, email goes down. Websites aren’t working. We think we told someone 2:00, they are waiting for us at 1:00.

When Mercury is retrograde our focus is more inward than usual, causing us to miss important details in the outer world. I have long suspected that the effects of Mercury retrograde are due more to this factor of human error than actual machinery problems. The to determine whether Mercury Retrograde actually caused the problems that those of us who follow the planets swear by. Their research uncovered a lack of statistical correlation between Mercury Rx periods and automobile accidents and stoplight malfunctions, train delays, late flights, and lost baggage.

This is just one study in one city, and most people have their own tales of Mercury Retrograde gone bad (see a day in my own life as captured here). But let’s not make this one more thing to bring fear into our lives. Mercury retrograde periods can be very productive for many things: they are excellent times for completing old projects (especially if they were begun when Mercury was retrograde!) and for reconnecting with old friends. When Mercury is retrograde our minds are working a little differently than they usually do, and we may find ourselves with greater access to creativity and insight. These are wonderful times for spiritual retreat, for connecting the body with the mind in Tai Chi or yoga, or for writing of any kind.

Although it is optimal to begin new projects when Mercury is direct, don’t despair if you have a big presentation or contract that must be signed when Mercury is retrograde. Be alert, watch for the small details. Be […]

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Reality jostles the stock market

Raymond Merriman is a well-known financial astrologer (not, by the way, the gentleman in this photo)

In the meantime, it is encouraging (and reassuring to those of us who study Financial Astrology) to see geocosmic signatures once again correlating with sharp reversals in equity markets. I realize it may be unsettling for those who own stocks, and I do not mean to imply that sharply falling stock prices is a “good thing.” . . . It seemed that almost every geocosmic reversal signature failed to stop this “blow off” in equities since that time, with the exception of February 26-March 5.

Merriman asks whether perhaps Pluto, p.o.ed at his demotion, caused the planets to start working. I instead have correlated this refusal of the markets to listen to planetary doomsayers with the relentless optimism of Pluto in Sagittarius which has now been joined by Jupiter in Sag. For months stocks have risen as the result of investors’ optimism that was unsupported by facts, and last week they fell as the result of pessimism due to a potential rise in interest rates. Still, by Friday the markets had recovered

After Mercury turns retrograde next week and Uranus changes direction on the 23rd there will be five planets retrograde plus Chiron. This is a fairly heavy retrograde period (although not as intense as last summer’s in which we had a whopping seven planets including Chiron in retrograde motion). I would expect some fallback in the markets during this period, particularly in light of the final faceoff between Saturn and Neptune in which our illusions (Neptune) are likely to be punctured by Saturn’s reality check.

Summer is never the best time for the stock market and this might be a good time to sell off […]

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