Mercury retrograde

Reality jostles the stock market

Raymond Merriman is a well-known financial astrologer (not, by the way, the gentleman in this photo)

In the meantime, it is encouraging (and reassuring to those of us who study Financial Astrology) to see geocosmic signatures once again correlating with sharp reversals in equity markets. I realize it may be unsettling for those who own stocks, and I do not mean to imply that sharply falling stock prices is a “good thing.” . . . It seemed that almost every geocosmic reversal signature failed to stop this “blow off” in equities since that time, with the exception of February 26-March 5.

Merriman asks whether perhaps Pluto, p.o.ed at his demotion, caused the planets to start working. I instead have correlated this refusal of the markets to listen to planetary doomsayers with the relentless optimism of Pluto in Sagittarius which has now been joined by Jupiter in Sag. For months stocks have risen as the result of investors’ optimism that was unsupported by facts, and last week they fell as the result of pessimism due to a potential rise in interest rates. Still, by Friday the markets had recovered

After Mercury turns retrograde next week and Uranus changes direction on the 23rd there will be five planets retrograde plus Chiron. This is a fairly heavy retrograde period (although not as intense as last summer’s in which we had a whopping seven planets including Chiron in retrograde motion). I would expect some fallback in the markets during this period, particularly in light of the final faceoff between Saturn and Neptune in which our illusions (Neptune) are likely to be punctured by Saturn’s reality check.

Summer is never the best time for the stock market and this might be a good time to sell off […]

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Another twist on Mercury retrograde

This comes from Erin Sullivan’s excellent work Retrograde Planets:

[In the Iliad] Hermes is designated by Zeus himself to be the companion of man. This is symbolic of Mercury’s role in the horoscope as the translator of all sensory data as they are assimilated into the conscious mind. Mercury might be the single most important planet in the horoscope since it is through Mercury that we not only absorb but also disseminate all of our perceptions. In the course of retrograde cycles our perceptions often shift drastically as we contact information in new ways and process it unconsciously [emphasis mine].

I particularly like this because it takes away the whole “everything falls apart” mentality that is usually applied to Mercury retrograde periods and gives us a new perspective on the way we process information. Yes, my voicemail isn’t working properly and a client missed an appointment today, but my perceptions are shifting and new information is available to me that I would not have otherwise experienced.

Hermes, the god, is the guide through all retrograde cycles and plays a strong role in the lives of those who have many retrograde planets. As the summoner and translator of unconscious or obscure knowledge, his patronage during all cycles of retrogression seems natural.

This too adds a wonderful layer of complexity to the Mercury Rx phenomenon. “the summoner and translator of unconscious or obscure knowledge,” guiding us through the veil of our perceptions into a clearer and more luminous vision.

In order to pass through the doorway of transformation we must leave the structures of our concepts behind, and what better time to do it than now while Mercury is retrograde!

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Mercury retrograde and other planetary news

Mercury turned retrograde early this morning, turning our attention inward for increased self-awareness. Added to the heavy Scorpio influence, this is a very good time for introspection and writing, for psychotherapy and psychodrama, and for going back and re-doing anything that needs it. Mercury Rx periods have a bad reputation, but that is only because our Western minds place a priority on outward progress and accomplishment.

While it’s true that it can be difficult to complete projects that are begun while Mercury is retrograde, it is the perfect time for going back and REdoing anything that needs to be REvised or REconsidered. “RE-” is the keyword for Mercury retrograde, and often a difficult project or business deal that has been bogged down in delays may suddenly find a REsolution. And those of you with Mercury retrograde in your charts will find that communication is easier than usual because the whole world now operates the way you do normally.

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter on October 30 which provides an expansive opening for our ideas, but may also make us impatient to make our views understood. When Mercury is retrograde it is often more difficult to communicate and this can lead to frustration during the square to Jupiter. Jupiter, being the King of the Gods, has a strong need to be Right and arguments can ensue as a result. This will make for an lively campaign season here in the US!

Daylight Savings Time ends on October 29 as Neptune turns direct. Throughout October Neptune has slowed its motion down to a crawl as it prepares to change direction after having traveled retrograde since May of 2006. Neptune is the planet of […]

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