Great yoga podcast!

One thing I regularly prescribe for my clients and anyone else who will listen is a regular practice of yoga. I first discovered yoga when I was in college back in 1969 and though I have been a sporadic practitioner since then, I have always found it to be a fantastic ally for life on earth. The word “yoga” comes from the sanskrit word for “union,” and it truly does facilitate the uniting of the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is a wonderful tool for dealing with problematic planetary cycles: it grounds us when we’re feeling confused by Neptune, and it uplifts us when we’re under the thumb of Saturn’s negativity. It soothes the jangled nervous system under a transit of Uranus, and helps us to release the wounds revealed by Chiron. It’s simply a marvelous gift.

I have found a really lovely class online taught by Elsie Escobar, an instructor in California who is generous enough to distribute free audio podcasts of her classes (or you can listen right on your computer if you don’t have an mp3 player). She even kindly gives instructions for downloading podcasts.

Although I gravitate mostly towards a vinyasa or power-type practice, I have found Elsie’s class to be one of the best I have ever seen for connecting the inner practice of focus and release to the practice of the poses. She is teacher of the Anusara method which is based in heart opening and joy which is a nice alternative to the intensity of the power yoga that I am used to. And in addition, her actual instruction in the dynamics of each pose goes beyond anything I have seen. To top it off, her personality radiates through the audio and […]

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What I learned from the skeptics challenge

For the past few years I have written to anyone who wrote a post or an article debunking astrology offering to do a free reading for them so that they can try it for themselves before making a judgement on a subject they knew little about. I received no response from any of these people. Last summer someone undergoing a painful experience wrote to me – he was skeptical of astrology but open to hear what I had to say, and we had a very meaningful exchange that was helpful for him and the process he was going through.

Then Paul came along, a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic, in response to my post quoting Richard Tarnas that skepticism without magic is an empty prison. Paul responded to the Skeptics Challenge and I sent him a short reading of a few of the major points in his chart, requesting that he reply to my email and let me know what he thought of it. He did not reply to that email, so I sent a second email, to which I also received no reply. However, a reply to his comment referred to his blog so I went there to take a look and found there a challenge to me for a scientific study of astrology. I thought it peculiar that he didn’t contact me directly about this challenge but instead posted it on his blog with no real way for me to find it except for a link in a post. You’ll find more details about what happened here along with the longest comment thread ever seen on this site.

My goal for the Skeptics Challenge […]

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The Skeptics Challenge: Paul responds

In the year or so that I’ve offered the Skeptics Challenge, Paul is just the second person to participate. He sent me his birth date and time and I sent him a short reading which he has reproduced on his site here. He conducted a “scientific” experiment where he took the two most general statements that were made in the reading and conducted a poll to see how many people these statements applied to. The statements were these:

“You have a far-reaching vision that is fair and just and a strong idealistic sense of justice and freedom” (78% accurate for 33 people) [This statement was taken out of context, the entire concept was this: “There is a far-reaching vision that is fair and just and a strong idealistic sense of justice and freedom. Aquarius is the revolutionary and the inventor – there is an affinity for the unusual and the path not traveled.”

“you seek to be nurtured in a way that preserves your autonomy and ability to express your own needs” (68% accurate for 32 people) [again, taken out of context – here is the complete concept: “The yearning for freedom is a theme in your chart – your Moon falls in Aries, showing that you seek to be nurtured (Moon) in a way that preserves your autonomy and ability to express your own needs (Aries). . . . and in Aries there is a need for self-preservation and adventure. This is not a placement that demonstrates a great deal of compassion or empathy, that is not how you are wired.”

Paul concluded that this means that the reading contained only general statements […]

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Eight Random Things About Me

Jill has tagged me for this game, and because she’s my sister I can’t ignore her so I’ll go ahead and join in the fun. I generally find planetary information much more interesting than me, so I’ll include a bit of my own astrology as well:

1. Once I figure out how to have the time, I’d like to be a foster mom and rehabilitate rescued golden retrievers (Venus and Mercury in the sixth house that of pets, work environment & health).

2. I am a workaholic (Mars in Capricorn and Saturn/Sun conjunction) and overachiever (ironic, since as a child I was considered an underachiever due to the Saturn/Sun insecurity).

3. My favorite thing to do in the world is dance (three planets in Libra in the 5th house).

4. I love hip hop.

5. I believe I have had past lives as a plantation mistress in North Carolina who was horrified with the plantation system, a happy peasant woman in Ireland who loved music and dance, and a monk in a fifth century monastery.

6. I think entirely too much about food and food trips (Mercury in the sixth house of the body/mind connection and Jupiter in the pleasure-seeking sign of Taurus).

7. My favorite foods are Mexican food and chocolate.

8. I thought I would hate getting older and losing my looks (three planets in Libra), but I actually really enjoy the freedom it gives me not to be vain.

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Harbingers of Spring: Aries and the Vernal Equinox

March 20 marks the entry of the Sun into Aries and the Vernal Equinox: the cardinal point of initiation and the beginning of Spring. Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac and the first of the fire signs. Aries is idealistic, courageous and seeks to live in a way that is truly larger than life. Aries is not interested in ordinary mundane reality; give them a quest, a mission, and they are happy. Ruled by Mars, Aries individuals tend to have strong desires and an independent streak, they are not easily disciplined and seek to make their own way in life. They have a strong temper that flares easily but the fire is easily put out, after which they forget what made them angry in the first place. They tend to be innocent like a child, and can lack empathy, being unable to really understand what others are going through.

Liz Greene writes:

“Aries, the first sign, the sign of spring, is the symbol of new life after the cold and barren winter. All of nature heralds the spring with a burst of life and colour, sometimes precipitate, sometimes rash, sometimes premature, but a reminder that everything has a new birth, that no matter how dark or limiting or depressing the winter it always ends with the spring. The whole world responds to the new hope and new life of the spring.

Throughout history, the vernal equinox has been a time of celebrating the resurrection of nature from the death of winter. One of the earliest resurrections myths is that of Osiris in ancient Egypt. After Osiris was murdered and chopped into pieces by his brother Set, his wife/sister Isis took the pieces to Anubis, lord of […]

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