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Pluto in Capricorn: The Death of Capitalism?

end of capitalismAstrologer Richard Nolle posted a link to on Facebook:

At the very moment of its ultimate triumph, capitalism will experience the most exquisite of deaths.

This is the belief of political adviser and author , who argues the current economic system has become so successful at lowering the costs of production that it has created the very conditions for the destruction of the traditional vertically integrated corporation.

Rifkin, who has advised the European Commission, the European Parliament and heads of state, including German chancellor Angela Merkel, says:

No one in their wildest imagination, including economists and business people, ever imagined the possibility of a technology revolution so extreme in its productivity that it could actually reduce marginal costs to near zero, making products nearly free, abundant and absolutely no longer subject to market forces.

With many manufacturing companies surviving only on razor thin margins, they will buckle under competition from small operators with virtually no fixed costs.

“We are seeing the final triumph of capitalism followed by its exit off the world stage and the entrance of the collaborative commons,” Rifkin predicts.

The creation of the collaborative commons

From the ashes of the current economic system, he believes, will emerge a radical new model powered by the extraordinary pace of innovation in energy, communication and transport.

“This is the first new economic system since the advent of capitalism and socialism in the early 19th century so it’s a remarkable historical event and it’s going to transform our way of life fundamentally over the coming years,” Rifkin says. “It already is; we just haven’t framed it.”

Some sectors, such as music and media, have already been disrupted as a result of the internet’s ability to let individuals and small groups compete with the major established players. Meanwhile, the mainstreaming of 3D printing and tech advances in logistics – such as the installation of billions of intelligent sensors across supply chains – means this phenomenon is now spreading from the virtual to the physical world, Rifkin says.

…  This really fits in perfectly with the astrological cycle of Pluto (destruction and rebirth) in Capricorn (social structures and monetary systems) in a challenging square to Uranus (disruption and revolution) in Aries (individual rights and liberty) over the past eight or nine years.

Pluto will leave Capricorn for Aquarius in 2023 which is only seven years away from the writing of this article.  I’ll be writing more about this of course, but since Aquarius rules technology and innovation, those areas of human existence are likely to be in the forefront of human consciousness.  Scientists have long said that this period of time (2023-2043) will correspond with the “Singularity” -the point at which technological (artificial) intelligence exceeds human intelligence. (Follow the link to my other articles on this subject.)

Since the financial systems of today’s global powers are not based on actual currency but instead on concepts and trust, these systems can be easily transformed with technological and ideological changes.  The introduction of Bitcoin, a currency which was not controlled by any governmental body and introduced in 2009 just after Pluto entered Capricorn, is a harbinger of what is to come in a future where technology liberates humans (Pluto in Aquarius) from the shackles of corporations and governmental restrictions (Pluto in Capricorn).  As rosy as that sounds, Aquarius does have a dark side – the pursuit of perfection and individual liberties can easily erode the cohesion of communities and bring about a sort of Mad Max-type chaos.

The idea of “collaborative commons” represents Aquarius at its highest form of expression, where everyone works together for a common good.  Let’s all hope that Pluto’s entry into Aquarius can enable this vision of the future as a Utopian solution to some of the miseries that capitalism has brought to the world, rather than the dystopia of an anarchic deterioration of human community.

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The astrology of current financial markets

bulls-bearsThe other day I wrote about the push and pull between the expansiveness of Jupiter merged with the detailed practicality of Virgo (Jupiter is currently in Virgo) that coincides with the transit of Saturn (structure and cold hard reality) through Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (expansive optimism).  The collision of our dreams and fantasies with the real world is not always easy and we are seeing this kind of roiling in the financial markets today.

Of course there are economic realities apart from the astrology that are affecting the markets: primarily the fact that with interest rates approaching zero there are few other places for investors to put their money.  There is also the fact that the “quantitative easing” has flooded the market with cash to artificially inflate the situation.  And it doesn’t help that the Fed has not clarified whether or not to raise interest rates.

Still, the astrological backdrop made the current upheaval in the market easy to product.  The summer Venus (representing our values and wealth as well as love and relationships)  retrograde began a shift from the rather robust optimism to a reconsideration of the realities on the ground.  Now we have Mercury retrograde as well as a Jupiter (optimism) opposition to Neptune (fantasy) that refuses to see things as they really are but rather prefers the world of ideals and magic.

Underlying these more fleeting influences is the fact that Pluto is still in the responsible sign of Capricorn where fluff is not tolerated and restriction becomes the rule rather than the exception.  As long as Pluto remains in Capricorn (through 2023) it will be crucial to keep our eyes open and not be swayed by fantastic claims that appear too good to be true.

Ray Merriman, noted financial astrologer, reports on the long view:

It is not a stable world we live in. Vast transformative energies are underway. And these transformative energies are reflected in the dramatic turns – booms and busts – of financial markets. But through it all, the renaissance of 1940 – 2040, exemplified by the 500-year celestial pattern of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, continues to unfold. To say we live in “interesting times” is an understatement. I cannot think of a more dynamic time to live in than this. After all, everything is changing, and we have the opportunity to be co-creators of what this world will become. The birthing process (1940-2040) is still underway. The future is not yet fixed. Choices can still be made, and the result will still be the consequences of those choices under these historic geocosmic cycles.

I am not a financial adviser or qualified to give financial advice, but it’s clear that under these planetary influences investing in solid companies with growth potential and financial stability will be a better bet than following mass psychology and buying fads and empty dreams.

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The astrology of the October 2014 stock market

11725379_sOctober is not often a good month for the stock market. But in a market that is overvalued and long overdue for a correction, combined with fears over war and infectious diseases, American optimism hit a new low this week with a precipitous plunge in the markets.

The (Sibley) astrological chart for the US has Sagittarius rising, and Sagittarius likes to do everything in a bigger than life fashion.  Americans are famous for overreacting (witness the current hysteria over ebola) and there has been plenty of bad news to react to.  While it’s true that Mercury retrograde periods often bring reversals, they are typically not so dramatic as the one we saw yesterday.  This was a highly reactive and that brought added drama to what would normally have been a pullback from inflated markets.

This chart tells the story:

October 2014 stock market astrology

Source: Google

You can see that the Dow began its rapid decline on October 8th, the day of the lunar eclipse.  Eclipses are known for heightening emotion, and this eclipse, with the Sun at 15 Libra and the Moon at 15 Aries, sat right on the Sun/Saturn square in the US chart which would have activated the inherent anxiety in the US national consciousness.   As if that weren’t enough, transiting Saturn is approaching a square to the Moon in the US chart which will be in exact alignment in mid to late November of this year.  So don’t expect the anxiety level to decline, and in a global world where everything is connected, this will affect markets the world over.

All the news is covering is the big drop in averages, but :

The big news, though, should be the small-company Russell 2000. Not only was it far less volatile than the its big-cap brethren, it finished up on the day. And not just a little bit up, but up 1% at 1,072.45. For an asset class that was  as recently as last week, that’s quite a turnaround.

It might also be good news for investors. I spoke with Richard Bernstein ofRichard Bernstein Advisors today and he pointed out that the fact that small caps have been outperforming could be a sign that “the healing process has begun.” The reason: “We’ve gone from the emotional ‘let’s short every beta we can find’ to looking at fundamentals again,” he says. In this case, the fundamentals are that of the U.S., which still look relatively strong despite  this morning, versus Europe, which c once again. Small caps have the less exposure to Europe than large caps, Bernstein says.


This favoring of small cap stocks and smaller companies is interesting in light of the square of Uranus in Aries – the individual – against Pluto in Capricorn – the corporation.  I wrote recently that this planetary cycle is fostering the “freelance economy,” and it’s possible that we will see the breakup (Pluto) of larger corporations (Capricorn) into smaller ones that are more agile and more easily able to adapt to changing times.

Smart investors take advantage of market declines to snap up undervalued stocks, so there are opportunities here.  THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, but I know that I will be prowling the bottom, looking for good buys.

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Uranus/Pluto: The Freelance Economy

freelance economyWhen Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008, there was a huge contraction in the business world as well as a global recession, and many people lost their jobs.  Pluto creates major shifts in the affairs of the sign through which it travels, and Capricorn is the sign of the structures that create the foundation on which we live.  Corporations, governments, economic structures – all of these are under Capricorn’s domain.

In 2009, Entrepreneur magazine :

When the economic sky fell last year and CEOs and workers alike were stuffing cash under their mattresses, it didn’t seem like the right moment for big plans, much less a wholesale reshaping of the way entire industries operate. But during the last year, as the shock has subsided, Americans looking at the collapse of corporate culture and finance, the loss of job security, and inscrutable government solutions are coming to [this conclusion]: We don’t have to do things the same way. We can take the economy in hand and drive our own destinies. And a movement that has been slowly building in the business world is finally taking hold: We’re seeing the beginnings of the entrepreneurial economy, a system built on nimble, low-overhead, oftentimes small companies with fluid workforces, rather than the massive conglomerates that have upheld the economy for decades.

Where Pluto is the destroyer, tearing apart any structure that is not serving the purpose for which it was created, Uranus tends to finish the job by breaking out of old and outmoded patterns of thought and action.  When Uranus entered Aries in 2010 it began to align in a challenging square formation with Pluto (see the sidebar of this blog for more information).

Many of the millions of people out of work began creating new jobs for themselves through entrepreneurship.  Someone recently wrote to me that a small kitchen business she had created when she lost her job was now a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The Freelance economy is here to stay.

Uranus in Aries demands individual freedom and liberty, and since the old order of employment where you work for 30 years and are given a gold watch and a pension is long gone (Pluto in Capricorn), this radically new (Uranus) way of creating one’s own destiny (Aries) is a welcome change.  ;

The number of freelance workers is projected to outpace full-time 0.  The economy is rapidly shifting to a more contingent workforce, with recent estimates by the Freelancers Union  of , up from 10.3 million workers in 2005.

Not everyone has the mindset to become an entrepreneur.  People with a strong Cancerian or Taurean need for economic security may find it difficult to take the kind of risks required to create a business.  But as the entrepreneurs become the real job creators, the rest of us will be able to find our place in this new economy which is more nimble and flexible and more easily able to adapt to the financial realities of the twenty-first century.

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An astrological look at the US economy

financial astrologyA dear friend of mine, who shall remain nameless but I’m sure she’s not alone, been frightened by the dire predictions of another astrologer friend of hers who has predicted that the US economy will collapse in 2014 and 2015.  Contrarian that I am, I have a different view.

Yesterday’s post looked back at 2010 to see how we got to the place where we currently find ourselves.  Economists say now that we entered the global recession in December 2007 which was just before Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008, and that the global recession actually ended in June of 2009.  The summer of 2009 may have been the trough, but it took several years to pull our way out of the recession and growth is only now just beginning to occur.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn created the contraction that ended the previous riot of expansion that occurred when Pluto moved through Sagittarius, and once Uranus began aspecting Pluto in 2011 the world began to recover of the shock of the global collapse and begin the process of looking with new eyes (Uranus) towards rebuilding and transformation (Pluto).  By the time the square between Uranus and Pluto began in 2012, the economy was well on its way to recovery.

During this time the US has been particularly hard-hit.  Partly this is because with Sagittarius rising in the Sibley chart that is commonly used for the US, Americans tend to be overly optimistic in general, and consequently were very susceptible to the absolute faith (another hallmark of Sagittarius) that was required for the giant balloon that was the pre-2008 economy.  (Read more about America’s love of money in my earlier post here.)

I’m not sure why my friend’s financial astrologer is so convinced that the US economy will collapse in 2014-2015.  While it’s true that the American civilization is in decline  overall, there are no signals in the chart that this period will be any more challenging than anything we have seen recently.  Uranus and Pluto transited the US midheaven in 2008-2010, the US chart underwent a Saturn Return during 2010-2011.

It’s true that both Uranus and Pluto will make challenging angles to the US chart in 2014 and 2015 which will certainly create major issues for the identity of the nation as a whole.  But I don’t see that this will have a particularly economic effect.

The one time that I am watching very carefully is the US Pluto Return which will occur in 2020-2021.  I was unable to think of one example of a nation that has existed in its current form for the 250 years required for Pluto in the sky to return to its place in the national chart.  Perhaps that is because Pluto cycles require a complete change and transformation, with a new constitution and new governing body?  And with Pluto in the second house of money in the US chart, the financial system will almost certainly undergo a transformation of some kind.

This transformation to the money system in the US will likely begin in 2018 when Pluto enters the second house of the Sibley chart for the US, which will certainly be a good test for the accuracy of this particular chart (there is quite a bit of discussion in astrological circles about the “real” chart for the US).

In the meantime, we are in a period of reality-based economics which makes it more important than ever to avoid things like chain letters, “giving circles,” fad investing.  Instead rely on good old-fashioned Pluto in Capricorn values: hard work, saving, being smart about spending.  Challenging cycles come and go but we can build those solid structures that can support us even in the worst of times.

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