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What does astrology tell us about financial markets now?

The past two weeks have seen a big rally in the US stock market, buoyed most likely by the conjunction of Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (dreams and illusions).  The presence of Chiron there adds caution to what would otherwise be a much more buoyant grasp at the gold ring with the Jupiter/Neptune alliance.  Chiron reminds us of the wounds recently experienced and helps to keep things a bit under control.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a bottom on July 10 which was the day of the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, and has risen every day since then. Today Venus, the great Attractor, is in an exact trine to the Triple Conjunction (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune), and the Moon will jump in, forming a Grand Trine with the Triple Conjunction for much of the day.  There is tremendous optimism in the air today that can overcome any negativity.

Still, it would be foolish to get caught up in an illusory optimism that drives the markets up temporarily until the reality of Pluto in Capricorn steps in.  Pluto turns direct in mid-September, and that will likely mark a return to realism/pessimism.  But even before then Saturn (convention and practicality) will begin again to oppose Uranus (all things new and different) in the latter part of August.  So we will continue to see some ups and downs for some time to come.

Jupiter and Neptune will collide for one final time (this cycle) in November of this year, but at that same time Saturn will be preparing to square Pluto which can be a big challenge.  I would probably not jump into any long term investing yet but it may be an interesting time for a short run.

disclaimer:  I have no training in financial advice and this information is provided […]

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Retrogrades brings reversals in consumer confidence

When the outer planets appear to change direction from our perspective here on earth, we call that “retrograde.”  Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde now, and Uranus will turn retrograde tomorrow.

A report on consumer confidence in the US that is out today reveals that confidence of the average consumer dropped in May, driven largely by job fears.  Saturn changed direction in May – it had been retrograde since December of 2008.  In mid-May Saturn slowed down to a crawl in preparation for its retrograde turn, adding a reality check to the thrill ride of the conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune that was moving into position back in April.  The combination of Jupiter and Neptune can take us into Never-Neverland, the very place the Saturn seeks to keep us away from.

I was anticipating a significant reversal in the stock market when Uranus turned retrograde but I wasn’t sure which direction we would head in.  It appears that we might be headed into the negative territory in light of today’s news and the fact that Mercury is square to Saturn right now where there is a tendency for the mind (Mercury) to follow the negative course (Saturn).  It’s a good time to sit tight and not make any radical or sudden decisions until it’s obvious that the course is clear.

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Interesting timing of bank stress test results

Evidently the Federal Reserve will disclose the results of the “stress test” on May 7, the day that Mercury turns retrograde.

While bank executives are still muddling through stress-test results, their communication managers are wrestling with the question about how and what to tell the public.
The big day for the unveiling of the results is Thursday, May 7.
Interviews with heads of corporate-communication and public-relations departments at a number of the 19 stress-tested banks revealed an intense struggle to come up with a plan to reassure investors, counterparties and customers. Communications from the banks may be critical even for those whose bill of health is reasonably clean.  Those deemed short of capital face a daunting task to keep their heads above water, PR executives and lawyers said.
Banks are under a gag order from regulators not to disclose anything about the stress test, but the Federal Reserve, which conducts the test, has made clear that it will disclose certain details about the capital position and capital needs of individual banks.

This is a good example of what Mercury Retrograde periods are good for: looking backwards to see what can be done to improve a given situation.  This particular exercise is likely to lead to a certain amount of financial instability, but at least it will be known which banks are in trouble which will help lead to a solution to the bank problems.

Any retrograde turn of a planet can cause reversals in the financial markets  which have been doing pretty well lately (the Dow rose 7% in April).

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Venus prepares to turn direct – stock market reversal?

Planets of course do not really change direction and move backward, but astrology studies the motion of the planets from our perspective here on earth which distorts the actual planetary motion but provides accurate astrological data.  When a planet is preparing to change direction, it appears to slow down and come to a standstill, just like a car that is preparing to make a U-turn.  We call that “stationary motion,” and the news of Venus today is that it is “stationary direct.”

The influence of a planet is more powerful when it is stationary,  Venus rules over our values and the power of attraction.  It is in charge of money and wealth and pleasure as well as relationships with others, art and beauty.  Because Venus is associated with wealth and possessions, it has some influence on the stock market (although since the stock market has to do with investing in other people’s money it is also ruled by Pluto, ruler of the 8th house of shared resources).

A look at the history of the New York Stock Exchange over the past couple of months provides some interesting information.  The market dropped suddenly on February 9 at the lunar eclipse in Leo which incorporated the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune and opened up old wounds and fears.

The market continued to drop, with a strong rally beginning on March 6 when Venus turned retrograde.  If historical trends prove true there will be a reversal today, tomorrow or Monday with the direct turn of Venus.

The financial markets are nearly completely dependent upon the optimism of investors, which is why they did so well when Pluto was in optimistic Sagittarius.  In more realistic and dour Capricorn, investors need real results to return to the markets.  The markets rallied yesterday with the conjunction of Mars to […]

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Jon Stewart and the CNBC Smackdown

If you missed Jon Stewart’s crackdown last week of CNBC that resulted in a week-long mock battle between two mock journalists, head right over to Comedy Central and catch up on everything that ran last week.

I admit that I get much of my news from the Daily Show, and I am probably not alone.  Consequently, Jon Stewart’s influence is widening and many in the conventional news media are taking notice.  He delivered a blistering attack on the business television network CNBC for enabling the meltdown of the major financial institutions and encouraging average Americans to dump all of their money into the stock markets by encouraging sure gains.  The attack was not aimed at “Mad Money” creator Jim Cramer, but Cramer appeared on television shows as the voice of the network  as the drama unfolded last week.

Jon’s Sun is in Sagittarius, the sign of the philosopher, the humorist, and the adventurer, and his Sun is conjunct Mercury, the planet of information and communication. Sun/Mercury people are mobile, rarely stand still, and adept communicators and Jon is no exception. Jupiter in his chart is in Pisces, showing that his longing for meaning in life (Jupiter) is closely tied to a sense of compassion for others (Pisces), and that his religious experience (Jupiter) must be tied to a genuine experience rather than mere theology (Pisces). With Jupiter making a square to Sun/Mercury, though, he can be somewhat dogmatic about his beliefs but with several planets in light-hearted Sagittarius he does not take himself all that seriously

Pluto (power and transformation) and Uranus (rebellion) are conjunct in the chart as they were for all people born between 1962 and 1968.  This was a time of radical change, and individuals with this planetary signature […]

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