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From 2010: When will the Global Recession be over?

I found this article in my drafts folder – for some reason I never published it.  I found it interesting and perhaps you will too.  

We predicted the coming of the recession, can we also predict when it will be behind us?

I began predicting a decline in the financial markets when Jupiter (expansion) made a square to Saturn (restriction and the imposition of limitations) back in late 2005 and 2006.  At that time I, like other astrologers, began recommending that people get out of the stock market, assuming that Saturn would begin to set limits on the ever-expanding market prices.  Still, the stock market remained relatively strong and continued to expand with Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign of investment and other people’s money.  In January 2007 I admitted that I had been wrong:

I feel that the stock market remained strong because of the determined optimism of Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio, which rules other people’s money and therefore the stock market, as well as the continued travel of Pluto through Sagittarius and its irrational exuberance. The astrological indicators are relatively benign for 2007. Except for the ongoing opposition of Saturn and Neptune which could disappoint (Saturn) some deluded (Neptune) investors who wear rose colored glasses and the square between Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (sudden change) which may bring about sudden changes of fortune for all kinds of people, I don’t see anything that will bring about a recession.

However, it’s clear now that the seeds were sown during 2006 for the slowdown of the economy that hit us in 2008.  Home prices peaked that year, as did the frenzy of subprime mortgages.  However, the strength of the “irrational exuberance” as I called it of Pluto’s travel through Sagittarius made it […]

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Mercury Retrograde and financial news

Mercury turned retrograde yesterday, and the stock markets all over the world responded today with the expected reversal that usually occurs during Mercury Rx periods.  In the US, the Dow Jones Industrial Average appears to have peaked around January 6 when Mercury (communication and ideas) began separating from Jupiter (optimism and opportunity) and reality began to beckon.  Mercury, now appearing to travel backwards from our perspective on earth (retrograde motion) will approach another conjunction to Jupiter on January 15th when it will be trined by the Moon.  This is a time when we will want to feel optimistic with the Moon there adding an emotional craving to the Jupiterian optimism.  Will that be enough to drive some life into the markets?

And what about the economic stimulus package that Barack Obama is rushing through Congress?  Thankfully, it looks like Congress will not deliver this bill until early February, well after Mercury turns direct.  But will a stimulus package be enough to overcome the mood of fear that Pluto in Capricorn has wrought?  The New York Times wrote, “the biggest obstacle to economic activity right now is not a shortage of money. The real obstacle is pervasive fear, which has made banks reluctant to lend and companies reluctant to invest in expansion.”

Expansion = Sagittarius, now gone and replaced by Capricornian conservatism and caution.  Now is not the time for more lending and more borrowing – now is a time for building, for investing in something that you can smell and taste.  Capricorn isn’t interested in swap derivatives; it likes buildings, bridges, highways.  Practical stuff that will last for generations.  In this respect Obama’s vision is aligned with the astrological reality.

Mid-January looks like it might have some nice possibilities for investors, with the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and a harmonious aspect (sextile) […]

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Financial Astrology in the News and a Look at the Renaissance

I guess Wall Street is realizing their so-called financial experts know very little about the ups and downs of our financial system, and astrology is actually gaining more respect in the business world.  It’s about time!

According to the , Arch Crawford’s newsletter was the top performer in 2008, up by 42%!  Market Watch quotes Mr. Crawford from his December newsletter: “We are looking for some further advancement this week, followed by a decline into the Full Moon square Saturn on Dec. 12, probably marking a pull-back low Dec. 12-17. This pullback is likely to form a Right Shoulder on a potential Reverse Head-and-Shoulder bottom formation. From there, an explosive year-end move could develop in the upward direction, which we expect to be very profitable. Rally should rise well into January.”

I have no idea what a Right Shoulder is, but the Dow did go up between the 1st and the 8th and did decline leading into the Full Moon on the 12th. We haven’t seen that explosive year-end move, and with Saturn turning retrograde on the 31st it’s hard to imagine that we’ll see a rise in investor confidence.

Our favorite Ray Merriman also made the news this week (thanks to David Crook for the link!):

Raymond A. Merriman, a professional market analyst, trader and business astrologer based in Farmington Hills, sees the economy teetering between Camelot and Armageddon in 2009.

“Jupiter is moving into Aquarius, favoring automobiles and technology,” said Merriman, former commodities broker and investment executive who owns an international consulting company, The Merriman Market Analyst, Inc.

As a researcher of geocosmic conditions and planetary cycles, […]

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The Fed Still Doesn’t Get It

bubbleThe current economic downturn is caused by a global contraction and correction.  From an astrological perspective, this correlates closely to the entry of Pluto into Capricorn which demands facts and a strong foundation in order to achieve economic growth.  For the past 13 years, as long as Pluto was in Sagittarius (the sign of expansion and optimism), economic growth was generated by optimism and the inflation of debt which fueled a spending spree around the world.

The US Federal Reserve yesterday dropped its funding rate to the lowest point ever, hoping to generate more borrowing in order to generate economic growth, and also indicated that it was going to increase the money supply in an attempt to stave off deflation.  The problem is that the mood of this economic downturn is driven by the overall influence of Pluto through Capricorn which requires that any system which is corrupt or built on anything other than solid fundamentals be broken down and rebuilt.

The sign that Pluto travels through sets the global mood and fixation.  When Pluto went through Scorpio, the sign of sexuality and secrets, AIDS and repressed memories were on everyone’s mind.  In Sagittarius, the sign of expansion and optimism, it seemed that the housing and stock markets would always go up and never come down.  In Capricorn, the sign of hard work, discipline, and the reality check, the “frugalista” has replaced the “fashionista” and even those who can afford to spend, spend, spend are staying home instead and stuffing their money in the mattress.

We’re dealing not only with Capricorn now, but also Saturn in Virgo which treasures thrift and frugality above spending and impracticality.  Warren Koontz of Loomis & Sayles does get it:  “We do […]

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Saving the Economy: Capricorn vs. Sagittarius

As most of you know who read this blog regularly, Pluto has just transitioned from the optimism sign of Sagittarius to the practical sign of Capricorn.  Since Pluto presides over issues of death and endings we have seen some real chaos in our financial systems as we move from a process where blind faith (Sagittarius) creates results to a process where the foundations must be solid in order to achieve success (Capricorn).

, an Aries with a lot of fire in his chart, convinced Congress while Pluto was still in Sagittarius to have faith in him, to believe in what he was doing (both excellent Sagittarian qualities) rather than present a solid plan for success which would have been a more Capricornian style.  Throwing money at a problem to generate more optimism may be what worked while Pluto was in Sagittarius, but under the Capricorn influence more details are required which is why his $700bn bailout plan will not work.

Capricorn is all about building something lasting for future generations, and as I wrote back in August of 2007, the infrastructure in the US and around the world is in desperate need of rebuilding.  As I wrote last year:

The buzz around this issue makes it clear that the need to rebuild the infrastructures on which we depend for our daily lives is going to be a highlight of the upcoming Pluto in Capricorn period. Capricorn is associated with the structures of society and building itself. Dams, bridges, tunnels, subways – many of these were built over 100 years ago with little or no improvements over the years. The failure of the levees in New Orleans were the first reminder that the old infrastructures were in danger, but little attention was paid.

The […]

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