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Speculation and the Stock Market

I came across n from the 1930s that some kind blogger posted on his/her site which has some interesting tidbits such as these:

SUN–The Sun rules gold, gilt-edged stock and Government Securities, and the general tone of the Market. It does not materially affect the Market itself, except as it forms aspects to other planets, and its influence is exerted thru the sign in which it is placed. Favorable aspects increase the value of Government securities of the country ruled by the sign, and bad aspects depress it.

MOON–The Moon is not a particular significator of anything. Its passage thru a sign stimulates the commodities ruled by the sign, and often those of the opposite sign as well. Aspects to the Moon do not always act in accordance with their natures, but seem rather to mark turning points, and to denote the times of highest rise and lowest fall. The position of the Moon in its orbit, however, has a general influence on fluctuations, especially in regard to changes from an upward to a downward movement, and vica-versa. This is very marked in the case of the Moon’s passage over its apogee and perigee.

MERCURY–This planet rules with others wheat, corn and grain (partly), silver and quick-silver, as well as bonds, returns and publications, news, rumors, and public confidence. Its effect upon the Market is to cause nervousness, activity, instability, quick buying and selling, and rapid fluctuations. If afflicted it brings false or adverse news and rumors, and indicates lack of public confidence. Thus Jupiter afflicted by Mercury would cause quick fluctuations and selling of affairs ruled by Jupiter and the sign containing it, due to adverse rumors.

VENUS–Venus rules copper, silk, textiles, sugar, cotton, furnishing, money, corn, and […]

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Financial markets defy astrological predictions

I am the first one to admit that astrology cannot predict the future, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. I was not the only one to look at the astrological signatures and predict financial doom in September and October with the eclipse series and the square of Saturn (pessimism and realism) to optimistic Jupiter. Many of us also expected the addition of Neptune to the mix to bring the end (Saturn) of illusions (Neptune).

And it wasn’t just the astrologers – financial experts also predicted a downfall. Bill Fleckenstein, a columnist for CNBC and MSN, wrote:

“The stage is set for some real fireworks, especially since this has been such a straight-up, bulletproof rampage for the last 2 1/2 months. In fact, given how we’ve powered through the large pre-announcement season into an earnings season that I expect to be pregnant with disappointment … (we’re) more ripe for reversal than at any point in time since the fall of 2000.”

Yet the Dow Jones average is soaring above 12,000, London’s FTSE index is trading at a 52-week high, Germany’s DAX is at a five-year high and Tokyo’s Nikkei index closed at a five-month high. The relentless optimism that we’ve seen since Pluto entered Sagittarius and began this reign of financial expansion continues unabated. Writer Alan Hall writes, “A whole thesaurus of words fails to describe the degree of investor optimism.” The stock market increase of the Pluto in Sagittarius era has been fueled by consumer spending and the desire for extravagant lifestyles. Second homes, luxury cars – much of which is funded by equity loans.

Perhaps it is the overarching influence of this compulsive (Pluto) optimism (Sagittarius) that is continuing to fuel the increase in […]

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Will Jupiter/Neptune Bring Another Stock Market Bubble?

Jupiter and Neptune have begun a battle which will continue until the end of March, at which point they will briefly separate and come together again in September. The cycle that we are currently in is similar to the period of “irrational exuberance” just before the stock market bubble popped in the first quarter of the year 2000. The conflict between Jupiter and Neptune in their square aspect creates an environment of optimism (Jupiter) that is largely based on fantasy (Neptune), and a sense of overconfidence (Jupiter) in one’s ability to transcend the boundaries that ordinary diligence requires (Neptune).

In astrological symbolism, Jupiter represents expansion, opportunity, optimism, and a sense of faith that life has meaning. Neptune as we have seen in other articles here, represents the blurring of ordinary reality for the purpose of exposing a greater sense of mystery and opening us up to higher realms of awareness.

The geometric angles that the planets make to each other describe the way they work together. If the planets are in “harmonious” aspect (the 60 degree sextiles and the 120 degree trines), the planets work well together and help each other to accomplish the goals of both planets. If the planets are in “challenging” aspect (the 90 degree square and the 180 degree opposition), the planets are in conflict with each other and we tend to see the negative or shadow manifestations of those planets. Hence, even though Jupiter is generally a positive influence we are likely to see its shadow side over the next few months.

The shadow side of Jupiter involves over-expansion of ego and self, so we tend to see self-righteousness, reckless overconfidence and extravagance, and a failure to […]

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