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Forbes Magazine interviews financial astrologers

financial astrologyWhen the economic collapse occurred in 2008, astrologers were not surprised.  We had been watching and waiting for the arrival of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn as a time when the explosive growth of the Pluto in Sagittarius period would contract and the reality check of Capricorn’s serious need for discipline would arrive.  The economic collapse also demonstrated quite clearly that financial experts lacked adequate tools to understand the fluctuations of the stock market. The Astrology News Service posted a link to a couple of Forbes articles about financial astrology that are actually pretty respectful of the art. One of these articles interviews astrologer Grace Morris:

She based her calls on traditional earth-bound analysis from outsiders, like fundamental and technical data. But the real twist comes from the natal star charts of the companies she chose to recommend to her clients. There were only five large cap buys on the list. Most were holds. The rest were mid and small cap names.  Out of the five large cap buy recommendations she made in October, three beat the S&P 500, and all were trading positive from Oct. 3 to market close on Feb. 17.

This was interesting to me because I myself decided that with Uranus in Aries, the innovator of individuality, in conflict with Pluto in Capricorn, the destroyer of corporations, that small cap companies were going to be the real growth investments.  (I am NOT a financial advisor, and I have no training in economics.  I am a professional astrologer with an interest in the geocosmics of finance.) The other Forbes article on financial astrology quotes my personal favorite, Ray Merriman:

“With Saturn moving into Scorpio later this year as Pluto stays in Capricorn, it will be a […]

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Economic optimism is on the rise

financial astrologyAs you know if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, the collapse of the global economy was easily predicted by this and many other astrologers because of Pluto leaving expansive and optimistic Sagittarius and moving into the contraction of Capricorn.  But by the end of 2011, despite gloomy predictions, the stock market had begun to recover and the housing market was not looking as bad as it had looked before.

Mars and Saturn are both retrograde now, yet the stock market continues to rise and it does appear that durable goods orders are up and American factories are producing again, news which is providing an encouraging counterpoint to fears of European contraction following the implementation of austerity measures.

Uranus is in Aries now where it encourages us to live our best life, to find an authenticity (Uranus) that fully expresses our own individual drive (Aries).  Uranus will approach a square to Pluto in Capricorn that will peak in late spring/summer, and I believe that this will have a great impact on larger companies and corporations.  THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!  But under this astrological signature we are more likely to see the success of smaller companies that are more indivdualized (Uranus) and can adapt more quickly to changing economic situations.

If I were a financial advisor, WHICH I AM NOT, I would be very encouraged by the astrology of the next few months.  Once we get into late May and early June and the boat of Uranus/Pluto begins to rock the whole situation will become a lot more dicey and we will have to be looking at the shorter-term cycles to gain any clues.  For now, though, it appears to be safe to begin peering out of the […]

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Wild swings in financial markets and a look ahead

stock market astrologyThe US stock market has been manic-depressive lately, swinging from wild highs to abysmal lows.

Mercury began to station (its apparent motion slowed down to a crawl) on August 2nd and it turned retrograde on August 4th.  On August 2nd the benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 266 points, and the next day it recovered some ground.

All retrogrades seem to bring about some kind of reversal in the stock market – sometimes the market will  swing higher rather than lower. But this retrograde occurred as  Uranus (sudden change) and Pluto (destruction/regeneration) came within one degree of a challenging square formation and the sense of instability and potential for crisis was universal.

Then aggressive Mars entered the emotional sign of Cancer on August 3rd and emotions took over the reactions of investors.  The Dow went up on the 3rd, and then with the retrograde turn of Mercury on the 4th plunged over 500 points.  This has been a market of reactivity which is not surprising when you consider that when Mars entered Cancer it began to face off in challenging aspects to Uranus and Pluto, setting off the fears of instability and change.  And let’s not forget the Full Moon on August 13th which evidently heightened those fears and resulted in a drop of 630 points.

After Mars passed through the window of the aspect to Uranus and Pluto there were a few days of calm, but yesterday, with Mars within three degrees of a challenging aspect to Saturn (the voice of anxiety) the market fell another 400 points.

Using astrology to predict stock market movement is a science that involves more than just an examination of planetary formations.  Each company has its own chart, and the leadership of […]

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Financial news and the US Saturn Return

financial astrologyAs I wrote a few weeks ago, we are in the middle of the second phase of the Saturn Return in the US chart.  The Saturn return occurs every 28-30 years in a chart – whether of an individual, a marriage, or a nation – and requires that we learn the hard lessons of life in a material world.  Saturn insists that we keep our eyes open and nose to the grindstone, and develop positive habits that will help us to become successful.

The Saturn return in the US chart has brought with it the usual challenges, both financial and of a more subtle nature – the kind of “malaise”  that came with the last US Saturn Return.

The Wall Street Weather website is one of the best sources for financial astrology.  Deborah writes:

“Shock” and “surprise” were the words used to describe the market’s reaction Monday after Standard & Poor’s downgraded the outlook on the USA’s long term credit rating from “stable” to “negative” over concerns that the U.S. will delay addressing medium to long-term budgetary challenges until after the 2012 presidential election. Yet the real “surprise” was that the market was surprised since S&P (as well as Moody’s) had warned on January 13 that the USA’s outlook might be lowered in the future.

Those early warning shots were fired as Mars in Capricorn conjoined the USA’s natal Pluto, indicating serious and substantive action must be taken now to reduce the USA’s enormous debt mountain. Pluto in the sector of the USA chart representing the nation’s wealth and the overall economy reflects that a large amount of government spending is kept secret (“black budget”) and off the balance sheet. Government debt generates wealth for a […]

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Are we headed for another financial bubble?

Uranus will change signs this week, moving into Aries on Friday March 11th. Because Uranus rules sudden changes and shocking events, when it changes direction or changes signs it often signifies a radical shift in financial markets.

With the stock market reaching historic gains, some analysts are debating that we are approaching another bubble, and others argue that the market is more normal now after two years of artificially low prices.

The shift from Uranus into Aries is likely to bring with it a surge of courage that will infect everything in our lives with an increased proclivity to take risks.  Unlike Jupiter and Sagittarius, which imbue us with confidence and faith that all will end well, Uranus desires change and in Aries that change comes with an aggressive quality that thrives on danger.  I suspect we will see the return of day trading and this sort of investment behavior that almost invariably spells trouble.

The surge of Uranus in Aries will be followed by the confusion of Neptune’s movement into Pisces a few weeks later (April 5).  With Neptune in its own sign, the way will not seem as clear and one’s idealistic vision will appear more real than what the mind knows to be true.  Neptune’s last journey through Pisces (1848-1862) coincided with the California Gold Rush, in which “gold fever” swept the nation.

If I were giving financial advice, which I am not, I would continue to recommend being extremely prudent under these influences.  I personally believe that the danger of a global collapse is probably behind us, but the danger of becoming infected with illusion is probably not. Stable investments in tangible assets such as metals, actual real estate (rather than REITs), companies that […]

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