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Mercury retrograde hits Wall Street

The Dow Jones industrial average had a chaotic day yesterday, crashing more than 1000 points and then careening wildly back up.  At the end of the day the Dow had dropped about 3%.

According to the :

Some price swings of stocks defied logic. The shares of  Accenture, a consulting firm, fell from $40 to a single penny and then back to $40 again. Procter & Gamble traded at $54 on the New York Stock Exchange. But at the same time, Nasdaq was reporting that the company’s shares were selling for $39.

These technical glitches (Mercury Rx) in themselves did not cause the panicked sell-off on Wall Street yesterday but the resulting anxiety and unease reflects the current planetary cycles.  As I wrote in Lynn’s Skywatch for May, there is a shortage of the air element which suggests a lack of objectivity.

In addition, Saturn and Neptune have slowed down to a standstill in preparation for their change of direction at the end of the month (Saturn will turn direct and move forward, Neptune will turn retrograde).  The force of both planets is more intense than usual with Saturn creating tests and challenges, and Neptune showering us with confusion and delusion.

To complicate matters further, Jupiter (confidence and optimism) is within range of a conjunction to Uranus (radical change) and both planets are opposite Saturn.  Wild swings of all kinds are common with Jupiter/Uranus combinations, as are incredible new inventions and other brilliant ideas.  Jupiter/Uranus wants to be positive and enthusiastic and resists any effort to curtail one’s freedom, and Saturn puts the brakes on creating resistance and repression.

There’s nothing inherently negative in the planetary cycles right now that suggest another crash or correction is likely – in fact, I’ve been predicting that the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in May […]

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Consumer confidence rose in April – what’s next?

It’s not surprising that consumers breathed a collective sigh of relief in April as Saturn, planet of restriction and limitation, retrograded out of reach of the challenging square to Pluto that has been evoking intense feelings of despair since it began last fall.  In addition we’ve seen Jupiter, planet of expansion and confidence, in the sign of Pisces which can be idealistic and hopeful to the extreme.  (To give you an idea how this works, the radio show I did on Jupiter’s entry into Pisces was titled “.”)

Jupiter is moving ever closer to a conjunction with Uranus which will intensify the urge to break free of the desolation and restriction that has kept consumer spending at a minimum over the past six months.  But Saturn, that Celestial Taskmaster, will oppose the other two and enforce the rules and boundaries of common sense.  Anywhere that improvement in the economy is based on fantasy and delusion, Saturn will force us to come back to earth.  However, it is also true that any improvement that is based on a real recovery will continue unabated.

Uranus is the planet of surprise, and it will briefly dip its toes into Aries at the end of May.  By early June, Jupiter will have joined Uranus in Aries and I suspect the economy will be pushing full steam ahead throughout the world for a month or so, until Uranus turns retrograde in early July.

It’s probably too early to celebrate a recovery, particularly if that recovery is based on consumer spending alone.  A healthy recovery in a Pluto in Capricorn world depends upon a solid foundation, which means good job numbers and a healthy savings portfolio.

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Astrological financial update

Venus and Jupiter only conjoin for a day or two, but when the two “benefics” get together it’s usually a very pleasant and optimistic time.  Today they conjoin in Pisces, the sign of mystical wonder and illusion.  Jupiter is particularly strong in Pisces because Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, so the positive energy should be fairly powerful today.

The financial markets are already reflecting this despite the fears over the amount of debt in Greece: Asian markets closed higher, as did Australia and New Zealand stock indexes.  Pisces rules oil, and oil prices took a big hike.

Following the stock market contraction that correlated with the challenging square from Saturn to Pluto at the end of January, planetary optimism is increasing which will likely bring about another rally in the markets.  The Pisces influence will continue as the Sun and Mercury both move into Pisces, and with them an increased ability to see the world through rose-colored glasses.  This is likely to continue until the beginning of March when Mars slows down before turning direct on March 10, followed by a challenging square of Venus to Pluto that will also slow things down or create reversals in the markets.

Disclaimer: This article is for general interest only and is NOT intended to be used as financial advice!!!

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Here’s why economists should learn astrology

From :

If only we’d had more power, we could have kept the financial crisis from getting so bad.

That has been the position of Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, and other regulators. It explains why Mr. Bernanke and the Obama administration are pushing Congress to give the Fed more authority over financial firms.

So let’s consider what an empowered Fed might have done during the housing bubble, based on the words of the people who were running it.

In 2004, Alan Greenspan, then the chairman, said the rise in home values was “not enough in our judgment to raise major concerns.” In 2005, Mr. Bernanke — then a Bush administration official — said a housing bubble was “a pretty unlikely possibility.” As late as May 2007, he said that Fed officials “do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy.”

The fact that Mr. Bernanke and other regulators still have not explained why they failed to recognize the last bubble is the weakest link in the Fed’s push for more power. It raises the question: Why should Congress, or anyone else, have faith that future Fed officials will recognize the next bubble? …

When Mr. Bernanke is challenged about the Fed’s performance, he often points out that recognizing a bubble is hard. “It is extraordinarily difficult,” he said during his Senate confirmation hearing last month, “to know in real time if an asset price is appropriate or not.”

Most of the time, that’s true. Do you know if stocks will keep going up? Is gold now in the midst of a bubble? What will happen to […]

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Friday’s Jobs Report is Less Worse News than Usual


We are in a rare period right now where there are no planets in retrograde motion.  John McCormick’s excellent research from his classic book, “The Book of Retrogrades” reports that all planets are “direct” (moving forward) only eight percent of the time.  Retrograde planets tends to cause us to look backwards in whatever area of life a particular planet rules.  With all planets moving forward, we can see some real progress for a couple of weeks.
That could shift on the 20th when Mars turns retrograde, something that only happens every two and a half years or so.  But for now, it appears that the economy in the United States may be turning a corner with a that cites statistics showing that the bleeding of US jobs is slowing.
It’s hard to call that really good news, but the Obama administration will take good news where they can find it, and there is a report that they are discussing using the repaid TARP money to stimulate more job production.
Uranus changed direction on December 1, a shift that nearly always brings a surprise of some sort and a reversal in the financial markets, and this one witnessed a 111 point rise in the Dow on the 1st.  The week following the Uranus shift has brought erratic highs and lows as investors swing from optimism to pessimism on a daily basis.  In fact today, the Dow shot up 150 points in the first 15 minutes, and then the rally dissolved and the Dow closed up only 23 points.
Jupiter (positive thinking and optimism) is fast approaching a conjunction to Chiron (wounding and healing) and Neptune (spiritual longing and idealism) that is likely to create […]

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