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Ponzi Schemes and Astrologer

I have always felt that if the Universe wanted us to be able to predict the future, It wouldn’t have given us a life of mystery. The unfolding of the mystery and the ability to make choices every moment that affect the rest of our lives is a key part of our journey here.


An awareness of planetary cycles give us the ability to work with the planetary gods in order to maximize the potential of each cycle of change, but it doesn’t give us the ability to predict the future. The gods do not reward hubris, as Icarus discovered when he flew too close to the Sun, and as soon as we believe we are beyond the boundaries of time and space our wings are likely to melt and we will likely fall back to Earth.
So I was not surprised to seelinked from on the fall of Chartwell Enterprises:

CHARTWELL Enterprises used astrology to help predict stock market trends and profile investors, the Geelong Advertiser has learned.

The mystical learnings were explained as part of a system used for more than 20 years to global market trends, investors said.

The latest revelations follow a similar discovery on Tuesday that Graeme Hoy paid spiritual business planner Suzanne Goodchild an estimated $200,000 a year to help run the business.

Ms Goodchild confirmed she worked for Mr Hoy but refused to comment any further.

Open folders with investor details, seen by the Geelong Advertiser after staff rushed from the building following their sacking, showed a detailed analysis of star signs and what motivated an investor, from wealth creation to family and health.

“We were told it was part of the Gann investing system,” said one […]

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Revisited: China, the Face of Pluto in Capricorn

Nearly two years ago, when Pluto had first entered Capricorn, I wrote about the new balance of world power which will likely see China at its head:

Remember that Pluto rules over breakdown and destruction, followed by transformation. The elevation of Ceres to planet status has coincided with the eruption into mass consciousness of an acceptance (finally!!) of the need to protect the planet’s resources. Capricorn is concerned with matters of business, factories, governments, anywhere things are made and commerce is conducted. The emergence of China as a world power, without the democracy that helps to put safeguards in place, is likely to be the focal point of the Pluto in Capricorn period. Already we are seeing the emergence of a to protest the devastation of the environment there that is likely to come to a head with the upcoming square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto is just finishing a square to the Midheaven in the (Sibley) chart of the United States, signifying a death and transformation in the position of the United States relative to the rest of the world.  In addition, Mars in the US progressed chart recently turned retrograde and there is more of a sense of looking back and repairing past errors than moving forward into new frontiers.

Now comes this interview with George Soros in the Financial Times, echoing what astrologers have been saying since Pluto entered Capricorn and […]

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Conspiracy Corner: Our Broken Economy

Image from Alter Now I don’t blame Obama – he inherited a disaster from the Bush administration and is in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.  If he stood by and let the economy collapse so that it can be rebuilt, which is what I believe must happen, he would be tarred and feathered by just about everybody.  And without a solid understanding of the astrological cycles and the fact that Pluto’s entry into Capricorn began a systematic contraction in the financial system, it would make sense to pump money into the economy in order to save it.
Obama admirably wants at least an appearance of bipartisanship in Congress, but Congress won’t cooperate.  I’m afraid that his collaborative style of government, though effective, may not be workable in today’s Saturn/Uranus atmosphere of duality and conflict. But I don’t see that the alternative would be any more successful; a leader who ruled with an iron fist would generate enough opposition to inspire revolution.  This is the pull between Saturn and Uranus – the status quo and the rebellion that resists it.
In addition, I am enough of a conspiracy theorist to believe that you can’t get elected president without going to (figuratively) with the shadowy government that actually pulls the strings.  My first clue to this was in Obama’s selection of Geithner and Summers for his economic team. I can understand that Obama would want advisers who understand the system, and unfortunately that probably means advisers who are IN the system.  But Geithner […]

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Dow Above 10,000: The Audacity of Hope Collides with Saturn and Pluto

As Jupiter turned direct this week, the Dow rose above 10,000 for the first time in over a year, inspiring many financial experts to crow that the recession is over.  The stock market has been in a continual upward climb since it fell to its lowest level in March of this year, driven primarily by optimism that an improving housing market and the recovery of the financial companies will drive the economy back into gear.
We can tie this recovery to a conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune that began back in February and while for many people this has been a planetary cycle of deep personal growth, there is always the danger when Jupiter’s optimism combines with Neptune’s propensity to ignore the facts that we fall into illusion.
Articles like this entitled “Record Streak Continues for Pending Home Sales” are fueling the optimism:  “Pending home sales have increased for seven straight months, the longest in the series of the index which began in 2001, according to the National Association of Realtors®.” This is deceptive in a couple of ways: first, the market seven months ago was at its worst in decades; and second, much of the increase in home sales is driven by the tax credit for first-time home buyers.  Meanwhile, foreclosure levels just hit a new record, affecting 1 in 136 American homeowners.  More foreclosures means more housing inventory, which means a continued slide in prices.
A drop in the number of people filing for unemployment insurance also fueled optimism on Wall Street, but these numbers don’t reflect the vast numbers of people whose right to unemployment insurance has expired.  The national unemployment rate of 9.8% does not include the numbers of workers who have given […]

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Gerald Celente: Revolution or Renaissance?

One year after the fall of Lehman Brothers presaged a worldwide economic crisis, futurist Gerald Celente is predicting that a revolution has already begun in the United States. Many are decrying his “doom and gloom” predictions, but he is saying exactly what I have been saying myself: that you can’t keep repairing a house that is built on quicksand.  The house has to be taken down and rebuilt on a firmer footing.

To recap the astrological history: The entry of Pluto into Capricorn in January of 2008 led to a  as it became clear that the expansion of the Pluto in Sagittarius era could not go on forever.  Pluto brings cultural transformation, and astrologers knew that when Pluto entered Capricorn the structures on which we base our lives (Capricorn), including government, financial and educational systems, and religious institutions would be forever transformed.

But even before this Saturn was paving the way to an increased sense of thriftiness when it entered Virgo back in the fall of 2007.  Suddenly there was the beginning of a shift towards savings and conservative attitudes towards money as the subprime mortgage fiasco began to build.

Evidently Celente couldn’t get anyone in the US to listen, so he has taken his message to Russia Today:

“It hasn’t ended. That was only the beginning. We are going to see a lot more. There is no recovery, it’s a cover-up. They’re covering it up with stimulus packages, with buy outs, with bailouts – it’s not going to fix the problem.”

I personally don’t believe that the coverup is intentional – I think there is a desperate attempt to get back to where the financial system was a few years ago, using the same tools. But as financial analyst Max Wolff says, as […]

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