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“Fed survey shows recession may be over”

And I’m as big an optimist as anyone so I’d like to believe it.  The Federal Reserve surveyed businesses around the US and “found economic activity stabilizing or improving in most regions.”  However, this growth is dependent upon consumer spending and people can’t spend money when they’re not working.

I have been saying for the past few months that until we see employment numbers rising, the economy will not have turned around.  People without jobs cannot spend money, and as long as the US economy is fueled by spending we will remain in the recession.  Much of the spending that fueled the boom in the Pluto in Sagittarius era (1995 through 2008) came from borrowed money, and that money had dissolved into thin air.

The Fed’s survey found a pickup in the demand for temporary workers, which could presage the hiring of permanent workers. Saturn will enter Libra at the end of October, leaving the sign of Virgo which is the sign that regulates work and the work environment, as well as health and other issues that have been under stress for the past couple of years.  However, Saturn will immediately form a square to Pluto which is rarely a happy combination.  Saturn gives us a reality check and Pluto forces confrontation in any area where things are not working well, so that could be a big wake-up call in areas of the economy that are fueled by speculation and optimism alone.

The Saturn/Pluto square will peak in November and then again in February, making this period a challenging economic one.  However, a sextile from Jupiter (good fortune) to Pluto (transformation) in February will soften the blow and encourage a sense of expansion.  However, February also marks the […]

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Pluto in Capricorn: Betting on Death

So now the folks who brought us the securitization of the bloating of the American Dream under the relentless optimism of Pluto in Sagittarius have come up with a brilliant idea to take advantage of the focus on death and dying that is likely to arise with Pluto in Capricorn: the securitization of life insurance policies of the ill and elderly.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who, prior to Pluto’s discovery, was the ruler of death.  Pluto, lord of the Underworld, now rules the actual process and experience of death and new beginnings, but Saturn in his role as Lord of Time is still boss of the aging process and the fact that life is limited.

According to  this weekend, Wall Street investment banks plan to buy “life settlements” of life insurance policies held by the elderly or seriously ill.  Then these policies will be packaged into bonds and sold to investors who will receive payouts when the policy holders die.  The sooner the policyholder dies, the bigger the return to the investor.

Hedge funds and investment banks started buying up life insurance policies back in the 1990s, including a company called Dignity Partners which is now defunct.  What would be different now is the bundling of the policies into securities which results in bigger fees to the companies that administer them.

Just proving, that we have a way to go before the lessons of Pluto in Capricorn are learned and the greed to profit from the misfortune of others is eradicated.

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Speculators betting on sugar when Saturn enters Libra

If you haven’t noticed the blog in my blogroll, you owe it to yourself to take a look.  This is an excellent site for anyone interested in the astrology of politics and economics.  Today she writes on sugar futures:

Raw sugar prices have climbed to a three year high as bad weather threatens crop yields in Brazil and India, the world’s largest sugar producers.

In “,” the Financial Times reports that traders are betting that “the physical market will be at its tightest between November and April. They forecast that the price peaks will be seen in the ICE March 2010 raw sugar contract.”

What’s interesting is that the planetary picture correlates to traders’ bullish sentiment.

Sugar is ruled by Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra. From October 29, 2009 to April 8, 2010,* Saturn will be in Venus-ruled Libra. Saturn represents limitations and constraints, increasing the potential for “a global deficit of historic proportions” forecast by Barclays Capital soft commodities analyst Nicholas Snowdon.

Saturn creates harsh weather conditions. Since September 2007, , an earth sign ruling the harvest. With Saturn opposing Uranus, the planetary energy of extreme conditions from autumn 2008 through mid-2010, weather conditions have either been too wet or too dry in many key crop growing regions. With , the sugar crop is suffering from too much wet weather in Brazil versus a lack of monsoon rains in India’s key sugarcane growing region.

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What does astrology tell us about financial markets now?

The past two weeks have seen a big rally in the US stock market, buoyed most likely by the conjunction of Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (dreams and illusions).  The presence of Chiron there adds caution to what would otherwise be a much more buoyant grasp at the gold ring with the Jupiter/Neptune alliance.  Chiron reminds us of the wounds recently experienced and helps to keep things a bit under control.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average which was the day of the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, and has risen every day since then. Today Venus, the great Attractor, is in an exact trine to the Triple Conjunction (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune), and the Moon will jump in, forming a Grand Trine with the Triple Conjunction for much of the day.  There is tremendous optimism in the air today that can overcome any negativity.

Still, it would be foolish to get caught up in an illusory optimism that drives the markets up temporarily until the reality of Pluto in Capricorn steps in.  Pluto turns direct in mid-September, and that will likely mark a return to realism/pessimism.  But even before then Saturn (convention and practicality) will begin again to oppose Uranus (all things new and different) in the latter part of August.  So we will continue to see some ups and downs for some time to come.

Jupiter and Neptune will collide for one final time (this cycle) in November of this year, but at that same time Saturn will be preparing to square Pluto which can be a big challenge.  I would probably not jump into any long term investing yet but it may be an interesting time for a short run.

disclaimer:  I have no training in financial advice and this information is provided […]

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Retrogrades brings reversals in consumer confidence

When the outer planets appear to change direction from our perspective here on earth, we call that “retrograde.”  Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde now, and Uranus will turn retrograde tomorrow.

A report on consumer confidence in the US that is out today reveals that confidence of the average consumer dropped in May, driven largely by job fears.  Saturn changed direction in May – it had been retrograde since December of 2008.  In mid-May Saturn slowed down to a crawl in preparation for its retrograde turn, adding a reality check to the thrill ride of the conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune that was moving into position back in April.  The combination of Jupiter and Neptune can take us into Never-Neverland, the very place the Saturn seeks to keep us away from.

I was anticipating a significant reversal in the stock market when Uranus turned retrograde but I wasn’t sure which direction we would head in.  It appears that we might be headed into the negative territory in light of today’s news and the fact that Mercury is square to Saturn right now where there is a tendency for the mind (Mercury) to follow the negative course (Saturn).  It’s a good time to sit tight and not make any radical or sudden decisions until it’s obvious that the course is clear.

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