Burst into awakenings: Aquarius New Moon January 30, 2014

The way to the New Moon on January 30 is paved by a harmonious sextile aspect from the Sun to Uranus today (January 29th).  The Sun bestows life-giving energy and positive life force, and when it harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, there is a blossoming of potential that stirs the soul and inspires a departure from the ordinary.  Anything is possible now, but under the opposition from Jupiter to Pluto we must  be very mindful of our thoughts and longings, because you just might get what  you wish for.

Both of these influences are embedded in the chart for the Aquarius New Moon – a “double whammy” Aquarius influence because the Sun and Moon are both in a harmonious sextile to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.  This is a time to shatter old paradigms and venture into the unfamiliar.  Break out of your routine and create something new in your life.

This New Moon is a “Supermoon,” a lunation that occurs when the moon is at perigee (closest to earth).  The term “Supermoon” is in common usage now, even by astronomers, but it was first coined by astrologer to whom I like to always give credit.  When the Supermoon is a full moon, it appears larger than life in the sky – a powerful presence that connects us intimately and powerfully with the lunar instinctive side of our nature.  When the Supermoon is a New Moon it is not visible in the sky and therefore its influence is different than when the Moon is full. This is the second New Moon Supermoon in the month of January.

As the beginning of the new lunar cycle, […]

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Full Moon in Cancer, January 15 2015: Emotional truths

photo from Spaceweather

The Full Moon in Cancer follows a beautiful conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter that aligned around 1 am Eastern on January 15th.  Lunar transits are quick and generally not powerful, but the expansion of the Moon by Jupiter just before the Full Moon adds power and majesty to the experience of this Full Moon.

The Moon rules Cancer, and is happiest in that sign where emotions can find their most immediate expression.  In the Full Moon the Sun opposes the Moon, and here we see the Capricorn Sun, with its focus on the practical and responsible along with the need to establish structures that create THINGS, in opposition to the Cancerian need to allow emotions and feelings their freedom to create moods and whims and find their own way to Truth.  The Cancer/Capricorn polarity reflects divisions between the strength of the inner world of feelings versus the outer world of doing and materiality.

With the Moon in Cancer questions of nurturing come to the forefront and these questions are particularly powerful during this Full Moon with Venus (love and relationships) conjunct Pluto (power and Truth).  Venus is retrograde, encouraging us to look back and heal past relationships and strengthen our current ones.  Questions that come up now include:  How can we take care of others and still care for ourselves?  Are we taking care of others just so we ourselves can be nurtured?  How can we find balance between the needs of our emotions that rise and fall like the tides, and the harmony that we require in our relationships with others?  These are typically Cancerian issues that are magnified right now under the influence of Venus/Pluto.

Mars is also weighing in […]

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New Year, New Moon!

Photo by Steve Matteo

The beginning of 2014 brings us a powerful New Moon in Capricorn, with a Grand Cross in the cardinal (action) signs.  Cardinal signs are initiators – they inspire leadership and movement and are just the thing to motivate the kind of goals and dreams that the New Year tends to foster.

This New Moon is a Supermoon (this term is in common usage today but was actually coined by astrologer ) because it is at its closest point to Earth.  It’s typically the Full Moons that bring about the greatest emotional exposure, but a Super New Moon can open up doors to new changes that are otherwise closed to us.

Capricorn is the sign of achievement and structure – stability, success and the trappings of success. Capricorn is the climber, and driven to produce something that will last.  This New Moon gives us an opportunity to manifest our dreams into the material world.  The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all tightly conjunct, and the presence of Mercury helps to translate our longings into ideas.  The addition of Pluto in the tight formation intensifies the power of Will and if we can focus that Will, magic can happen.

Mars in Libra squares the Capricorn planets, and some frustration or irritation could result.  Jupiter in Cancer is also involved, enlarging and expanding our desires and our need to break away from any shackles we have found ourselves in.  Uranus in Aries completes the Grand Cross, shattering paradigms and providing a window to break free if  we will only open it.  The Uranus/Pluto square is a powerful driver here, but now we have a team of other planets helping to facilitate […]

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Gemini Full Moon December 17: Ascending to Higher Mind

Art by Laura Barbosa

The Moon will be full in Gemini on the 17th, expanding our minds and filling us with curiosity and a yearning to understand life’s secrets.

Every Full Moon contains a polarity within it, and while polarities are opposites they always have something in common that links them together.  Gemini and Sagittarius are the most similar of the six astrological polarities – both are concerned with knowledge although they each have a different approach.  Gemini is hungry to learn as much as possible about many different things – there tends to be a lack of discrimination and a deep curiosity about a broad spectrum of topics.  Sagittarius is more focused and seeks a more specialized understanding and tends to be less verbal than Gemini.

In this Full Moon, the Moon’s ruler (Mercury) is in the sign of the Sun (Sagittarius) which evokes an echo the lunar polarity and strengthens the focus of the mental realm (ruled by Mercury).  In addition, Uranus changes direction on the 17th, turning direct after about six months in retrograde motion.  Uranus is sometimes called the “higher octave” of Mercury – where Mercury rules the mind and mental function Uranus rules intuition and flashes of insight as well as communication across dimensions.

There is a social aspect to both Gemini and Sagittarius that cannot be ignored – Gemini loves to communicate and share on a verbal level, and Sagittarius is on a quest for experiences that provide expansion and knowledge.  Travel, both short trips (Gemini) and long (Sagittarius) are highlighted under this aspect.

The trine between Jupiter (opportunity) and Saturn (hard work) is still in effect, helping to provide a stable foundation from which we can expand our world. […]

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Sagittarius New Moon, December 2 2013

In times like these, when the foundation of our lives are breaking apart in order to free us to establish new patterns and structures to assist us to grow and evolve, we need to be able to expand our minds so that we can evolve the systems of belief that give our lives meaning.  This is the role of the Sagittarius New Moon today.

The New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle.  Under the New Moon our conscious mind, represented by the Sun, fuses with the lunar instinct of the Moon and generate the energy to begin something new.

Sagittarius represents the kind of faith that brings confidence and abundance, with a general sense of good will and adventure. Like all New Moons, the Sun and Moon align in concert and beam to us the unadulterated Sagittarian light of positive energy and a desire for expansion. Under the Sagittarian New Moon we resist confinement and responsibility – we yearn to be free. This New Moon forms a challenging square to Chiron (deep wounds) that can bring up sensitive areas to be healed before the Sagittarian expansion and freedom can truly take root.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of the New Moon, is opposed by Venus at this time which suggests that we may feel somewhat confined by our relationships (Venus) for a few days. Finding spaces in our interconnectedness where we can be free while remaining centered in the heart will be a key piece to navigating this New Moon successfully. New Moons are times of new beginnings, and under this New Moon influence we find ourselves learning how to be free while remaining anchored to the people in our lives that are important to us.

A harmonious sextile […]

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