Scorpio New Moon Eclipse, November 3 2013

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This  New Moon in Scorpio is also a Solar Eclipse. This is a particularly powerful Scorpionic event because we have four planets (Mercury, Sun, Moon and Saturn) tightly aligned within six degrees of the sign of passion and intensity. This is a Scorpionic time in any case – we are approaching the midpoint of the Scorpio solar cycle which is associated with the ancient Celtic cross-quarter festival of Samhain, and under Scorpio’s influence we are called to fearlessly dive deep into the unconscious to uncover both the treasures and horrors that lie hidden in the underworld of the senses. With an eclipse in Scorpio at the New Moon, there may be an unmasking of a secret that is holding us back – keeping us from awakening to the new reality that is calling us. The North Node is tightly sandwiched between the Sun and Mercury, giving this a more powerful eclipse effect than some others we have had recently and strengthening the force for awakening that is at work under Uranus and Pluto. The New Moon conjoins Saturn which suggests a time for solitary process and experience and perhaps the need to ground the shamanic experience of the eclipse into something practical that will build something for the future. A trine from Mars to Pluto in earth signs is supportive of that need to ground the experience and helps to stabilize and encourage us in our journey; however, Mars is just moving away from an opposition to Chiron which may enhance our emotional sensitivity. Emotions, passions, feelings, secrets – all of these have the potential to be unmasked today as the eclipse shields the Sun’s light and empowers the lunar flow of feelings […]

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Aries Full Moon Eclipse: October 2013

eclipseThe Moon is full in Aries tonight at 7:37 pm Eastern, meaning the Moon will be opposite the Libra Sun.  The opposition of the Moon to the Sun indicates a tension between emotion (Moon) and reason (Sun), between conscious thought (Sun and instinctive drives (Moon). The word “tension” is defined as “the state of being stretched tight.”  In the Full Moon (or any other planetary opposition as well) we are being stretched to our outer limits to use all of our resources and gifts as nature intended.  Full Moons can be times of extremes, offering us the opportunity to stretch beyond our normal comfort level. When the Moon is in Aries we long (Moon) to be able to be no less than our complete and absolute selves (Aries) – we long to have our own way, to initiate actions that will effectuate our desires, to fly solo in the direction of our dreams.  This self-oriented positioning is diametrically opposed to the Libra Sun which attempts to create harmony by bringing together opposites and conflicting forces, giving up and compromising in order to bring that sense of harmony into being. The Libra Full Moon is always an interesting event because the Full Moon itself requires that we balance and integrate two opposing forces, and the Libra influence here assists in that integration.  Somehow we must find a way to ensure that we have unfettered access to our own dreams and desires (Aries) while remaining in relationship and finding compromise (Libra).  Rather like the US government over the past week! Although this is an astronomical eclipse, it is a weak one by astrological standards.  Astronomers classify a lunar event as an eclipse when the nodes of the Moon are […]

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Pisces Full Moon, September 2013: Magic and Mundane come into balance

fairyThe Moon is full in Pisces on September 19th.  In the Full Moon the solar conscious principle is subsumed by the lunar instincts, and the light of the Moon is at its most powerful.  The Pisces Moon has the potential to take us more deeply into the inner reaches of our own hearts than ever before while the Virgo Sun demands that we find a way to root the mystical experience into a practical reality. Virgo and Pisces are in opposition (180 degrees) to each other.  The signs that are opposite each other are polarities – they are two sides of one coin.  Each has what the other lacks, and if we are able to find balance between them we can get off the seesaw of extremes and find greater integration.  Where Virgo is practical and grounded, Pisces is imaginative and mystical.  Pisces can have difficulty creating the order that Virgo craves, but Virgo often misses the magic that Pisces sees everywhere. In the Full Moon the lunar influence is more powerful, and in this Full Moon Pisces acts as a siren call to open the heart and allow magic to spill out and surround us with grace and beneficence. In the chart of this Full Moon, Mercury (regulating the mind and the way we communicate) is in an exact square (challenging aspect) to Jupiter (expansion, confidence and growth).  Since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces there is strong desire to expand and reach beyond the boundaries of the physical world. We can be more confident under this aspect but there is also the potential for self-righteousness and arrogance regarding our own opinions. With harmonious the sextile from Saturn to Pluto culminating just after the Full Moon the […]

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Virgo New Moon, September 5 2013: Perfecting the human experience

Virgo New Moon

The Moon is new in Virgo on September 5th at 7:36 am Eastern time.  At the New Moon the energy of the Sun and Moon unite in a burst of enthusiasm, and each month as the New Moon progresses through the signs we have an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the principles of each sign in sequence.

At the Virgo New Moon we move out of the Leo quest for personal satisfaction and find a desire to serve and perfect the human experience.  Under Virgo’s vision we are able to see where various aspects of our lives and the lives of others can be improved and sometimes, Virgo can help us to make those improvements in a practical way that has a lasting effect.

This New Moon is in a trine to Pluto which helps to strengthen and empower our Will and resolve, and both the Sun and Moon are opposite Chiron at this time.  This suggests that there may be painful emotions that arise during this time so that they can be released, allowing us to clear the slate for new patterns and pathways to develop and take root.  I think of Chiron as being a “higher octave” ruler of Virgo, so its presence in the Virgo New Moon is a welcome facilitator of the kind of re-evaluation and analysis that Virgo inspires.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune)  harmonizes with the New Moon (sextile aspect) which will provide a feeling of abundance and confidence.  Discipline and some kind of plan will be required in order to really utilize all of this positive energy with Mars (energy and activity). in a challenging square to Saturn (structure and hard work) that is part […]

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Aquarius Full Moon, August 20 2013

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this year, giving us an extra opportunity to explore the brilliance of the higher mind.

Full Moons are times of heightened emotionality, but Aquarius is the sign that is the least comfortable in the realm of feeling. Aquarius is the inventor, the scientist – there can be a disdain for what is perceived as the drama of emotions which makes Aquarius Full Moons particularly interesting.  When the Moon is in Aquarius we seek to elevate our personal feelings and gain greater understanding and perspective – to see the Universe as a whole rather than merely as a sum of its parts.

The Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun in a polarity dance between the solar expression of Self and the more transpersonal and universalist Aquarius influence. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus – In Aquarius we erupt out of the realm of form (Saturn) into something more magical and transformational (Uranus) in order to bear witness to a constantly expanding universe.  All Full Moons require balance and integration, and at the Aquarius Full Moon we can be torn between our small Self and our higher Self – a push and pull that leads ultimately to a harmonious synthesis that encourages the highest expression of our soul in the earthly plane.

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this year, so we have already begun the process of revolutionizing our consciousness. Now we can complete it. A conjunction of the Sun to Mercury helps us to assimilate and communicate our experiences, and an exact trine from Jupiter to Chiron opens us to greater healing wisdom.

Jupiter is also engaged in a challenging square to Uranus which culminates the day […]

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