Virgo New Moon, September 5 2013: Perfecting the human experience

Virgo New Moon Virgo by Carolyn Quan

The Moon is new in Virgo on September 5th at 7:36 am Eastern time.  At the New Moon the energy of the Sun and Moon unite in a burst of enthusiasm, and each month as the New Moon progresses through the signs we have an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the principles of each sign in sequence.

At the Virgo New Moon we move out of the Leo quest for personal satisfaction and find a desire to serve and perfect the human experience.  Under Virgo’s vision we are able to see where various aspects of our lives and the lives of others can be improved and sometimes, Virgo can help us to make those improvements in a practical way that has a lasting effect.

This New Moon is in a trine to Pluto which helps to strengthen and empower our Will and resolve, and both the Sun and Moon are opposite Chiron at this time.  This suggests that there may be painful emotions that arise during this time so that they can be released, allowing us to clear the slate for new patterns and pathways to develop and take root.  I think of Chiron as being a “higher octave” ruler of Virgo, so its presence in the Virgo New Moon is a welcome facilitator of the kind of re-evaluation and analysis that Virgo inspires.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune)  harmonizes with the New Moon (sextile aspect) which will provide a feeling of abundance and confidence.  Discipline and some kind of plan will be required in order to really utilize all of this positive energy with Mars (energy and activity). in a challenging square to Saturn (structure and hard work) that is part […]

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Aquarius Full Moon, August 20 2013

Art Print from Society 6

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this year, giving us an extra opportunity to explore the brilliance of the higher mind.

Full Moons are times of heightened emotionality, but Aquarius is the sign that is the least comfortable in the realm of feeling. Aquarius is the inventor, the scientist – there can be a disdain for what is perceived as the drama of emotions which makes Aquarius Full Moons particularly interesting.  When the Moon is in Aquarius we seek to elevate our personal feelings and gain greater understanding and perspective – to see the Universe as a whole rather than merely as a sum of its parts.

The Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun in a polarity dance between the solar expression of Self and the more transpersonal and universalist Aquarius influence. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus – In Aquarius we erupt out of the realm of form (Saturn) into something more magical and transformational (Uranus) in order to bear witness to a constantly expanding universe.  All Full Moons require balance and integration, and at the Aquarius Full Moon we can be torn between our small Self and our higher Self – a push and pull that leads ultimately to a harmonious synthesis that encourages the highest expression of our soul in the earthly plane.

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this year, so we have already begun the process of revolutionizing our consciousness. Now we can complete it. A conjunction of the Sun to Mercury helps us to assimilate and communicate our experiences, and an exact trine from Jupiter to Chiron opens us to greater healing wisdom.

Jupiter is also engaged in a challenging square to Uranus which culminates the day […]

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New Moon in Leo – the Divine Child Comes Forth

new-moonweb Art by Vicky Stonebridge

The last couple of weeks have been marked with intensity and power, with the Grand Sextile/Star of David formation and the powerful opposition from Jupiter to Pluto.

The next few days offer an opportunity for the heart to open as the Sun and Moon align in Leo, a kiss of magic to open up the heart.  The energy of Leo encourages us to return to the simplicity of childhood – to witness and find joy in the simplest things and retreat from the day to day problems that weigh down our hearts and create stress and disease.

While the Sun represents the physical heart, the Moon represents the emotional heart.  How we protect ourselves, how we express our feelings, the level of comfort we feel with the emotions that flow through us every moment of the day – all of these things live in the realm of the Moon.  In Leo, the Moon becomes more dramatic and more easily able to find expression for the inner language of the soul.

The Sun is the most powerful force in our planetary system, and the Sun is in its own sign of Leo where it has the strongest force of radiance, illuminating the darkness and shining light into the unconscious.  It has just aligned with Uranus in a harmonious trine of sparkling energy for change and transition, and Uranus trines the Moon during the lunation.  The window of light that shines within us every moment of every day is more easily accessible now if we simply allow ourselves to Be, even for just a day.

Generosity of the heart is another hallmark of Leo – a warmth […]

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Aquarius Full Moon, July 22 2013

Aquarius Full Moon Photo from

We are in the midst of a very active planetary environment right now.   Mercury has just turned direct after a retrograde period, and Uranus and Pluto are still creating tension that will require us to let go to the force of irrefutable change.  Mars aligns with Jupiter today, evoking a burst of energy and activity that will help us to break free of any delays imposed by Mercury’s retrograde passage.  The watery grand trine (see the sidebar for a link to more information) is in full force and while trines (harmonious aspect between planets) generally foster ease and good will, they can also lock us into a loop of complacency and resistance to the kind of shifts that Uranus and Pluto are putting into motion.

Into the midst of the strong watery energy with so many planets in Cancer and the watery emphasis of the Grand Trine comes the Aquarius Full Moon on the 22nd. Aquarius is the sign of rational thinking – Aquarius doesn’t understand or care for the kind of emotionality that Cancer brings to the table and prefers a more reasoned and scientific approach.

The Sun has just entered Leo and the Self longs to be expressed, while the Aquarius Moon seeks a more transpersonal expression. This polarity can be difficult to balance since each side struggles against the other. Who am I relative to my standing in the community? Where are my needs important relative to those around me? Confronting these issues in the watery realm of Cancer and the Grand Trine can be challenging and this Full Moon illuminates the path to reason.

You can expect this Full Moon to offer a counterpoint to the intuitive creativity and feelings that are highlighted this […]

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New Moon in Cancer, July 8 2013

Art by SB Mathieu Art by SB Mathieu

Today’s Cancerian New Moon comes on the heels of the transit of the Moon through the Uranus/Pluto square  as it prepares to meet the Sun for the New Moon, so the theme of the emotionality of Cancer set against the backdrop of the larger force for change that is the challenging dance between Uranus and Pluto (see the comments in the sidebar if you are not familiar with this cycle).

When the Moon is in Cancer we tend to be a little moody as our emotions take precedence. Family and friends become more important and there is a desire to nestle into a safe space free from intrusion by the chaotic world around us.  With the outer world more chaotic now, finding balance is even more crucial than usual and this is the theme of this New Moon.

The Moon and Sun are conjoined at the New Moon, fusing the solar conscious experience with the lunar instinctive drives.  At this New Moon that conjunction is opposite Pluto, suggesting that there is a reaction to the pressure for transformation that Pluto applies, especially now as it is squared by Uranus. In fact, the New Moon itself is squared by Uranus and becomes a part of that larger dynamic which calls on us to leave the past behind and surrender any part of our identity that no longer serves us in our Brave New World. The New Moon also includes a conjunction to Mercury, suggesting that our innate intelligence is an aid at this time.

As a glorious blessing, the New Moon is also the apex of a Kite formation that includes a harmonious watery Grand Trine to […]

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