Scorpio Solar Eclipse at the New Moon, November 13 2012

Scorpio eclipse 2012Today’s Scorpio New Moon is a total eclipse, amping up the power and volume of the Scorpio energy to sweep away the debris of the old and decaying aspects of our lives.  Scorpio is intense and passionate, but also courageous and powerful – let go of any desire for the superficial today.

Scorpio is closely connected with death and the occult, and the idea that the veil between this world and others is thinner than we’d like to think.  In this lunation the Sun and Moon are closely aligned with the North Node (future destiny) and opposite the South Node (past karma), giving us an opportunity to propel ourselves forward into a compelling future that is based on the big Truth rather than our ideas that underpin our beliefs about reality.  (A lunation is said to be an eclipse when the Sun and Moon are near the lunar nodes, signifying an event that carries importance and a fated quality.)

Saturn trines Pluto at this New Moon, and since Pluto as the modern ruler of Scorpio has a seat of honor at the table of this eclipse and Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, this is a dynamic alignment which fosters personal growth through focused effort.

The ancient Celts looked at the Scorpio time of year as the darkest time of year (in the Northern hemisphere) before the world began anew at the Winter Solstice.  There is a quality of rebirth and regeneration with Scorpio that immediately follows the necessary destruction of the old, and we can be the witnesses of this magical transformation if we only open our eyes.

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Taurus Full Moon, October 29 2012

Taurus Full Moon 2012

The Full Moon in Taurus is a blessing from the Earth.  Taurus is the earthiest of all of the earth signs – it is a fixed sign so it encourages stability and perseverance, but is also stubborn and unyielding.  As an earth sign, Taurus is concerned with practical matters and physical comfort.  Sensual experiences of food and touch are important for Taurus, and for all of us under the Taurus Full Moon.

When the Moon is full in Taurus, the Scorpio Sun is exactly opposite the Moon.  Full Moons are the apex of the lunar cycle, and the opposition  (180 degree) aspect requires integration of polar opposites.  Where Taurus longs for peace and comfort, Scorpio demands intensity and passionate involvement.  Where Taurus seeks security, Scorpio is an emotional risk-taker.  It is this tension that creates the emotionality that Full Moons are famous for.

Still, Venus (attraction and relating) will have just moved from Virgo into Libra, bringing light into our relationships and bringing greater interpersonal balance.  In addition, Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the day of the Full Moon which begins a few weeks of a more optimistic period in which we seek a larger view of life and find more hope and faith.

Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde and has slowed down in preparation of its change of direction, so Mercury is very important right now.  A challenging square from Mercury to Neptune (delusion, spiritual yearning) is embedded in the chart of the Full Moon and can bring some confusion as some of the details that keep us anchored in the physical world become unraveled. If we let go and spend some time in meditation and inner […]

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Libra New Moon, October 15, 2012

by New Moon Libra 2012Libra is the sign of relationships, including not only interpersonal relationships but the balance between one thing or idea and another. Libra strives for harmony and equilibrium, and this New Moon offers an abundance of sparkling wisdom to help us regain our balance and find innovative ways to take our lives in a different direction if that is required. The planet Mars is somewhat antithetical to Libra – it governs the aggressive force that inspires us to anger but also motivates us and helps to drive us towards our goals. Mars is very active at the time of the New Moon, forming a challenging square to Chiron on the 14th that activates the healing force. Chiron’s healing doesn’t come through a magic wand like a fairy godmother – it necessitates walking into the fire of our wounds and emerging with new wisdom having released the past. This aspect lasts only a day or two, but it is embedded in the chart of the New Moon so it offers a way to clear the decks so that the fresh start of the New Moon can really occur. Mars is also positioned in a harmonious trine to Uranus (rebellion, innovation) at the Libra New Moon on the 15th, triggering an explosion of fresh new energy and ideas.  This can bring excitement and a sense of anticipation, but it can also bring a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction if there are areas of our lives that aren’t functioning quite as they should be. Venus is the ruler of Libra, and Venus is also quite active during the New Moon helping to enhance the focus on relationships and values. A harmonious sextile […]

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Powerful Aries Full Moon, September 29 2012

by This Full Moon is one of the most powerful events of the summer and is tightly wrapped up into the intense dynamic of change from the square formation between Uranus and Pluto. Every Full Moon contains an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, and the solar force of conscious awareness creates tension with the lunar force of instinct and emotion.  During the Full Moon the Sun is invisible, seen only in the illumination of the Moon and the power of the inner world. The Aries Full Moon demands that we energize ourselves into action and face our fears directly rather than shrink into overly polite or cautious behavior. The Moon conjoins Uranus which is already opposed by the Sun, creating an urgency and a restless quality that demands change in any area of our life where we are not living authentically. Pluto challenges the whole system and will force a breakdown in any area that is not supporting the impetus for change. Living a lie? Swallowing your feelings? Hiding from your emotions? None of these things will be possible at this Full Moon. This is the Full Moon of the warrior gods and goddesses. We are all called upon now to be our best selves – to rise to the challenge and be co-creators of the transformation.  Fortunate we have some powerful allies for the journey.  The transformational power of Pluto harmonizes in a sextile to Chiron, the facilitator of healing and personal evolution, pushing our inner wounds to the surface where they can be lanced like a boil to remove the poisons that lie beneath.  And Saturn lays out a comforting grid of structure and a solid foundation as it forms a trine […]

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Virgo New Moon: September 15, 2012

Sorry for the light posting over the past few weeks – I’m out of town this week and feeling quite refreshed and ready to get back to blogging! September 15th brings the New Moon in Virgo which highlights Ceres, the former asteroid which was reclassified in 2005. Ceres represents the nurturing of the body and our connection to our own bodies, and Virgo itself presides over the mundane details that we must attend to when we live in a human body. The food we eat, our personal hygiene, ordering the details of life – these are important qualities that Virgo manages and the inclusion of Ceres here makes this New Moon the perfect time to begin a project of self-care or making changes in the personal ecology of our lives to better support ourselves. Cleaning projects, new systems of managing our time and resources – all of these are highlighted under the Virgo New Moon. It is a mistake to believe that VIrgo is virginal – there is an earthiness and sensuality to Virgo just as with all earth signs.  The key here is to integrate that earthiness with our understanding so that we can gain greater comfort as spiritual beings having a human experience. Ceres aligns in a harmonious trine to Saturn and conflicts in a square to Mercury which sets up an interesting dynamic of comfort combined with stress in this relationship between the body and the spirit that culminates at the New Moon.  With this energetic tension at work in new lunar cycle we can discover new ways of looking at our relationship to the world around us – what it means to be incarnated in the physical reality in which we find ourselves. Mercury is […]

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