New Moon in Cancer, July 18/19th 2012. Prepare to be revealed!

Cancer new moon 2012 We have had a couple of intense weeks between the square between Uranus and Pluto (discussed in numerous places on this blog) and a strong influence of Mars setting off a series of planets over the past week or so. This intensity is embedded in the chart of the New Moon in Cancer on the 19th (18th in any time zone west of Eastern time). The New Moon offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew, and in Cancer we find ourselves discovering emotional depth that we may have ignored in the past. Cancer rules the inner world – our feelings, our desire to nurture and be cared for, our tribal identifications such as to family or country. The Cancerian New Moon is extra sensitive, and with Mars in an awkward in conjunct to Chiron during the New Moon this may not be the most comfortable time emotionally. Feelings are being elicited from us that may leave us feeling exposed and raw (Mars), but it’s all part of the energetic shift that is helping us to release some of the emotional sheathing that is no longer needed and which may be holding us back from the kind of energetic transformation that is occurring now. Saturn is challenging the New Moon, so some kind of focused plan or effort will be required to navigate this lunation (lunar event). Honoring this time of sacred new beginnings by creating a solid intention will help to integrate Saturn in a way that is useful and beneficial, especially since Jupiter embraces us with positive energy at the New Moon. Meanwhile a beneficial aspect from Jupiter to Uranus helps us to gain greater understanding at the […]

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Capricorn Full Moon: July 3, 2012

Capricorn Full Moonby Today’s Full Moon has the potential to bring more than the usual fireworks for Independence Day here in the US.  The Moon is in the pragmatic and practical sign of Capricorn where planning and a solid approach to the matters at hand is required.  However, the Moon has just passed through the gates of Pluto which has intensified and magnified its energy, which means that the Moon has also faced off in a challenging aspect (square) to Uranus, inspiring resistance and rebellion. Meanwhile Mars has just entered the sign of Libra.  When the planet of war moves through the sign of peace the aggressive instincts of Mars are not easily expressed.  There is an outward desire for harmony that belies the inner turmoil that will eventually require an outlet.  This conflicted Mars is preparing to get involved in the greater battle between Uranus and Pluto over the next two weeks and will serve as the trigger for any areas of life where change is needed. Capricorn is all about Doing What It Takes to Get Things Done.  However, in the Full Moon the Capricorn Moon opposes the Cancerian Sun which takes us deeper into the realm of feelings and emotions, a realm which Capricorn would just as soon forget.  All Full Moons require that we balance energies that are in polarity with each other since the Sun is always in a sign that is opposite the sign the Moon falls in.  Here we are balancing the inner world with the outer – our home life with our work life,  our feelings with what we know must be done. In any Full Moon, the lunar light of emotions and feelings outshines […]

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Second New Moon in Gemini, June 19 2012

Gemini new moon Art by Isa leWinter

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The Gemini New Moon takes place on the 19th at the 28th degree of Gemini.  This is the second Gemini New Moon of the year: an exclamation point from the Universe reminding us that there is so much to learn right now and a great deal of information available to us. With Jupiter and Venus both in Gemini along with the New Moon, the mind is hungry for new information and ready to share it.

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle when the solar conscious principle converges with the emotions and lunar instincts of the subconscious.  It prepares us to move forward with something new.  Since the first Gemini New Moon last month Jupiter has moved into Gemini which enhances and expands that thirst for variety and experiences that will reshape the way we look at the world.

Gemini is the sign of the twins and the need to integrate duality.  Duality underpins all of life: light and dark, black and white, good and bad, love and hate, good and evil.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and as messenger to the gods Gemini was able to travel back and forth between their domains.  In fact he was the only god permitted to enter the Underworld.  As such, Gemini teaches us to fully understand both sides of duality without judgment and learn to integrate them into our reality.

A square from Venus to Chiron is embedded in the New Moon chart suggesting that a relationship or two will require attention during this lunation as the things we value (Venus) are called […]

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Solar eclipse at the Gemini New Moon, May 20 2012

eclipse May 20 2012by  Please note that the URL of this blog has changed and update your bookmarks.

This Solar Eclipse at the Gemini New Moon marks a brand new beginning and a fresh start.   New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, and a New Moon at the first degree of a sign carries its own signature of a new beginning. Gemini is the sign of awakening the mind: the mental curiosity that takes us into new experiences and new ways of looking at the world.

This New Moon is an eclipse because it occurs near the Nodes of the Moon – in this case it aligns in a tight conjunction with the South Node which represents our past history and karmic ties. The Lunar Nodes give eclipses greater significance since we are confronting and clearing energies that continue to lurk from the past. While we are fostering this new beginning and creating new ideas for the future, something or someone from the past will require our attention. We can’t move forward without integrating these lessons.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is conjunct Jupiter at the New Moon which enhances the mind and facilitates understanding. However, Neptune squares the lunation and the South Node which brings an element of mystery and confusion into the mix. The Gemini New Moon wants to be free like a bird to fly above the earth and collect new viewpoints, but Neptune challenges us to surrender our ideas of the way the world works and instead learn to trust our intuitive inner voice. This can create some confusion if we are unused to living a life simultaneously in our inner and outer worlds but it is exactly this experience […]

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A few words about the May 5th Supermoon

Image found on Facebook with no attribution

by  If you missed yesterday’s post on the Full Moon you can read it here. The May Full Moon occurs as the Moon is at what’s called perigee, its closest proximity to Earth.  When the Moon is near the Earth it appears larger than life, and astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term “Supermoon” because of the powerful impact the Supermoon often has on the earth.  (and has done since 1979), the Supermoon occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are lined up in a particularly tight formation.  Richard has noted correspondences between the Supermoons (which occur at least four times a year) and earthquakes and tidal forces.

Examples of the SuperMoon connection with major storms and seismic events abound: the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, the largest volcanic event in the second half of the 20th Century, took place on June 15, 1991 (within three days of a SuperMoon); the October 6, 1948 Richter 7.3 earthquake that struck Ashgabat, Turkmenistan and took 110,000 lives, one of the deadliest earthquakes on record (again within three days of a SuperMoon, allowing for time zones); and the September 8, 1900 hurricane and tidal surge that struck Galveston, Texas on the day of a SuperMoon, which killed more people (8,000 dead) than any other Atlantic hurricane on record and remains the deadliest natural disaster yet to strike the United States. I’m just scratching the surface here, citing only a few historic instances in the past hundred years or so. Look a little deeper, and you’ll run across literally hundreds more greater and lesser seismic and meteorological disturbances, from Hurricane Andrew in 1992 to the 1989 […]

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