Pisces Full Moon, August 24 2010

Pisces full moon August 2010 Art by Marcia Snedecor

The Full Moon on August 24th is at the first degree of Pisces, the sign of dreams, illusions, and a spiritual connection to the divine within.

In a Full Moon, the Moon is  opposite the Sun in the sky from our vantage point, requiring us to bring into balance the polarity of two opposing astrological signs. Here we have the Sun, which just moved into Virgo from Leo yesterday, and the Moon which has just moved into Pisces.  There is a solar  shift of energy from Leo – bright and sunny with an accent on self-expression – into Virgo, bringing our attention to the mundane details of life and the need to create order.  The lunar shift moves from Aquarius – innovative, but also rational and scientific – to the dreamy flow of the inner world that Pisces brings us.

Pisces, as Virgo’s opposite, lives in the realm of Spirit and ideals rather than the mundane. Where Virgo is concerned with matters of the body, Pisces opens the door to the worlds that lie within the soul and psyche. Where Virgo is practical and teaches us to create order, Pisces longs to transcend everyday reality and ascend into more soulful experiences. Neither is better than the other – with the opposition we must learn to create balance and integration.

In this Full Moon Mars conjoins Venus in the sign of Libra, suggesting that yang, the active principle (Mars) and yin, the receptive principle (Venus), also must be reconciled in order to achieve balance and true peace (Libra). With Saturn still in a tight square to Pluto, there is also a need to go deeper and confront any blocks that stand […]

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New Moon in Leo, August 9 2010

New Moon august 9The New Moon occurs in Leo on August 9th at 11:08 pm (Eastern time).  The lunation itself (the Sun/Moon conjunction) makes no aspects to any other planet, which suggests that the power of self-expression can act forcefully, unencumbered by any other influence. This is a wonderful time to start a new creative venture, or a program to market your business. Anything that puts YOU on center stage is appropriate with this New Moon.

Leo is about celebration and joy, but there is a dark side as well.  On the Astrodynamics Facebook page, when the Moon went into Leo I wrote “It’s all about ME now.”  A reader responded, “”You’d think, with leo sun, leo asc, leo mars, leo uranus & leo in my 2nd house I’d love it when it’s all about me. But I don’t. This whole day has had me feeling trancelike, lost, sad and sort of pointless.”  Reading this I pondered the way in which Leo’s focus on Self can make us self-involved and cause us to lose sight of the Flow, and sure enough this reader later added:   After thinking about it some more last night, it seems to me I actually WAS making it all about me, even if it wasn’t positive/power/confident thinking, I still was pointedly aware of myself all day.”

Everything astrological has both a positive and negative manifestation.  We like to think of Leo as representing the celebration of life; the Divine Child whose innocence and joy lights up the path of everyone that surrounds him or her.  But the dark side of Leo is Self-involvement and egocentricity.   In this New Moon the power of the conscious mind (Sun) and the instinctive emotions (Moon) combine […]

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10 reasons not to worry about the July 11 eclipse

July 11 eclipse Path of the July 11 eclipse

Bad news sells, and this is true for astrology websites as well as any other news media.  Eclipses are not so mysterious today, but “astrologic dangers [are] portended” on many sites, :

Next week, on July 11th, we have a total Solar eclipse coming up. The New Moon and the total Solar eclipse will create some disturbing Cosmic energies and will affect many countries around the world.

As per Vedic Astrology, the Sun, Moon, and Ketu are together in Gemini and Rahu opposite them. Mercury is in Cancer, Mars and Venus together in Leo, and Saturn in Vigo casting his glance at Sun, Moon and Ketu. This is not a good situation and could cause dangers all around. The Earth will shake due to strong electromagnetic forces and will cause a lot of disruption on Earth.

Countries and places around water would get most affected. Islands, peninsulas, and gulfs would be most susceptible to major dangers. There could be floods, storms, Tsunamis, and many accidents. I also see areas of green getting affected. Flora, fauna, valleys and lakes could be affected. All these need not happen just on July 11th, but does create energies for these things to come soon.

It does tend to be mostly the Vedic astrologers who are more bold in their predictions of both doom and glory, but I get plenty of emails from clients who want to know what kind of earth-shattering effects to expect.

So here are ten reasons not to worry about Sunday’s eclipse:

  1. Eclipses tend to be most powerful where they are fully visible, and the path of the July 11 eclipse travels primarily across the southern Pacific ocean, so unless you […]
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Wisdom for the upcoming eclipse

Michael Erlewine, owner of the company and the new website , posted a wonderful note on his Facebook page about the upcoming eclipse.  If you are on Facebook you can otherwise here are the highlights”

Eclipses are powerful. In the astrological literature of not only the West, but also that of India, China, and Tibet it is clearly noted that if Full and New Moons are key times in the lunar cycle, then eclipses are yet of another order of magnitude stronger in their effect on our lives.

When the tradition says that eclipses are powerful, don’t look around outside yourself for some fearsome event to take place. That’s not it. We tend to think that it is the outside events that affect us most, and yet the most powerful events are those that take place inside us, somewhere in there toward our center. These are the events that actually control the periphery of our lives, all that is on the outside. In other words, our inside-changes control the outside more than vice-versa. When something changes deep within us, this can set into motion a whole string of events that really is life-changing.

Tradition states that every Full or New Moon, but especially when an eclipse occurs, has a certain tone or impulse (call it a vibration) that we may or may not resonate or pick up on at the particular time. It is made available, but we are not always receptive to it. This impulse or deep resonance is present around the times of an eclipse, either before, during, or after the actual physical event of the eclipse. It is not a matter of an exact minute, but a more general kind of thing… […]

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Capricorn Full Moon eclipse June 26, complete with Grand Cross


Saturday’s Full Moon is also a partial lunar eclipse, and includes a powerful alignment of seven planets in a Grand Cross formation.

Let’s first look at the lunation (lunar event) itself.  The Sun in Cancer is opposed by the Moon in Capricorn, and because the lunar nodes are within 15 degrees of the Moon (in this case the nodes are 8 degrees from the Moon) the lunation becomes an eclipse.

This in itself is significant, because the lunar nodes are connected to the evolutionary journey of the soul, from past (the South Node) to future (North Node).  Here we have the South Node conjoining the Sun, with the North Node conjunct the Moon.  The Sun represents our conscious awareness, and the Moon reflects the inner yearings of the soul, our emotional interior which rarely makes itself known to the outer world.  With the North Node conjunct the Moon, we are being shifted into an inner experience – the lunar experience rather than the solar.

Here the Moon is in Capricorn, an earth sign of supreme practicality.  Achievement, responsibility, structure – these are not qualities that we normally attribute to the Moon.  In fact, the Moon is said to be in its detriment in Capricorn because its qualities of emotion and fluidity have little room in the structured world in which Capricorn excels.  Yet the North Node is urging us to embrace the gravity of our situation with all of the heart that the Moon can muster as a means to our soul’s evolution during this eclipse of the Sun.

During the eclipse of the Sun the Moon becomes more powerful – even more powerful than it is in an ordinary Full Moon.  Eclipses have been feared for thousands of years, […]

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