New Moon in Sagittarius!!


Crescent Moon Gatherer, by Mark Coyle.
The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 7:02 am EST on the morning of December 16th.
New Moons are times of new beginnings, and this New Moon offers the potential of a brand new understanding of what gives our life meaning. This is the realm that Sagittarius governs, and this New Moon also offers the potential for a radical shift in our understanding with a challenging square to Uranus, planet of shock and awe. It is likely that under this influence we will need to adjust our awareness as the new levels of meaning begin to permeate our consciousness.
This New Moon is well aspected, with the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter (optimism and positive feelings), Chiron (wisdom) and Neptune (greater spiritual awareness) offering an opportunity to help us to make the required adjustments to our patterns of belief so that we can find deeper levels of meaning.
The Saturn/Pluto square is embedded in this lunation (lunar event), adding a sense of the importance of every adjustment that we make now in the overall scheme of what is required from us. But a lovely trine from Venus to Mars helps to energize us and ensure success in our interactions with others.
I really like what about Sagittarius:

To move in the direction of Sagittarius truth always requires a leap of faith and confidence in what we know. In pursuing this path, there’s the danger of becoming insular and overzealous, of refusing to listen at all to other points of view. The utter conviction that serves Sagittarius so well in many situations can sometimes cause problems if we assume our […]

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Gemini Full Moon, December 1-2, 2009

Art-First Hour of Full Moon.gif

The Moon is becoming gloriously full, and will reach her pinnacle at 2:30 am on Wednesday the 2nd Eastern time (7:30 am UTC, and 11:30 pm on December 1st if you’re in the Pacific time zone).  There is a lot of energy packed into this Full Moon in Gemini!
When the Moon is full, the Sun and Moon are opposite each other from our perspective on earth, and the lunar light is allowed to shine without being hidden from the Sun’s light which is usually more powerful.  Because the Moon represents the dark and the unknown- the mysterious emotional depths that are often hidden even from ourselves – the time of the Full Moon illuminates our inner hearts in a way that is not otherwise often experienced.
This Full Moon is in Gemini, the sign of communication, changeability, short trips, and anything of a mercurial nature, and Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind that is the ruler of Gemini, is very active in the chart of this Full Moon.  Mercury is in a challenging square to Uranus, the planet of radical thinking and change, so there is a tendency towards impulsive thinking and hasty speech as well as a heightened sensitivity of the nervous system.  Don’t be surprised by emotional outbursts of all kinds, and those of us with anxious natures may find ourselves with a case of the jitters.
Uranus has just changed direction, so it’s influence is stronger than usual.  Uranus inspires innovation and change, and can bring about sudden and surprising events that turn our world around.  There is also the danger of accidents and equipment failures […]

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Scorpio New Moon Today!

New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, and they bring a fresh new energy to begin anew. The Scorpio New Moon brings us squarely into contact with the rawness of our feelings and emotions. Here we are naked; unadorned, unprotected – seeking the Truth that comes from total and brutal honesty. With four planets in Scorpio, this is an opportunity to break through fears and bashful hesitation, and embrace the power of your passions.
This New Moon (the conjunction of the Sun and Moon) forms a challenging square to the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which suggests that this lunar event will embrace the deep soul work that the Triple Conjunction has been inspiring since February of 2009. Our deepest emotions and painful memories are easy to access now and can be transmuted in the fire of conscious awareness and intention.
The New Moon also makes a harmonious trine to Uranus, the planet that connects us with multidimensional consciousness. At this time we have the potential to use the alchemical process of emotional transmutation in order to elevate our awareness to a higher dimension of wisdom. Saturn is still in a very tight square to Pluto as well, so there is a sense that growth will be forced rather than strictly voluntary. Any time Pluto is involved there is a need for surrender and a deep faith that we are being guided in the unfolding process. We cannot always see the path, but when we look back we almost always can see the perfection.
As if that weren’t enough drama, today’s Scorpio New Moon is harmoniously entwined with the lunar nodes, the points that describe our evolutionary direction.  This signifies that an important shift […]

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Taurus Full Moon November 2

The Taurus Full Moon occurs when the Moon in Taurus opposes the Sun in Scorpio, creating a 180 degree angle and a tension between the conscious mind (Sun) and the emotional instinctive reactions (Moon), and the challenging square of both luminaries to Mars will definitely spice up the Full Moon!

Mars is in Leo now, where the role of personal development is emphasized, and the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is focused on stability and physical security, as well as the peace and serenity that comes from a life that is full of contentment and material gifts. This Full Moon could highlight any areas of our life where our personal ego gets in the way of our ability to achieve comfort in our lives, but will also help to energize us to fulfill the dreams of the Full Moon.

Any lunation, or lunar event, encompasses all of the planetary combinations that occur at the time of the event. Taurus’s ruler Venus, the planet of love and beauty as well as harmony and peace forms a harmonious trine to Neptune on the day of the Full Moon. This harmonious dance between the planet of spirituality (Neptune) and the goddess of love helps to wrap our experience in a veil of magic and conscious awareness which helps us to utilize the energy of Mars in a more productive way.

Of course the approaching square from Saturn to Pluto is also a part of the lunation, adding a touch of darkness […]

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