New Moon in Gemini!

New MoonThe Gemini New Moon  which takes place at 8:10 am on Sunday morning EDT.  This New Moon is exactly trine the North Node of the Moon, revealing this as an event with the potential for real significance in our lives.  The North Node assists us in our quest to realize our soul’s purpose, and a new beginning is possible here, especially in the area of your chart where the New Moon falls.

The New Moon chart includes a challenging square from Mercury to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, and a harmonious sextile from Mercury to Uranus.  This suggests that the mind will not be of great help now unless we let go of our old ways of thinking about our lives and allow ourselves to expand our thinking to allow for new possibilities.  This is an event for the heart and for the soul, linking the two in a completely new way.

A harmonious sextile from Mars to the triple conjunction helps to provide the fire and enthusiasm to keep us inspired so that we can take advantage of the powerful energy available now.

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Full Moon in Scorpio on Friday!

Scorpio full moonImages from La Chambre Magique. The Scorpio Full Moon technically doesn’t occur until 12:01 am on Saturday (May 9) EDT (how appropriate for the Scorpio lunation!!), but the energy will be building all day as the Moon gets closer to its opposition with the Sun.

Full Moons are intense because of this oppositional pull between the Sun and the Moon that forces us to balance the polarity of the opposite signs.  In this particular case we are working with the intensity of Scorpio’s emotional need for drama and depth with the Taurus desire for peace and serenity.  Scorpio tends to strip away at the veneer of social niceties that Taurus creates in its pursuit of stability, and emotions are raw now and intensified.

The Full Moon is at 18 Scorpio includes the challenging square to the alignment of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.  Expect an intensification and possible release of the darker emotions that we hide in the darkness, along with a powerful yearning for an experience of Spirit to cleanse the darkness and bring in new light. A harmonious aspect from both the Sun and Moon to Saturn helps to stabilize our intention and give us the patience and focus to do the work that must be done.

The doorways are open now, and the potential for magic awaits!

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Full Moon in Libra tomorrow: A dance of opposites

Full MoonA

Tomorrow’s Full Moon takes place at 10:56 am EDT on April 9th in the sign of Libra, and will serve as a reminder to us that everything in life is a dance of polar opposites that need to be brought into balance.  Libra IS the sign of balance – of looking at both sides of the question, of bringing both sides of an argument into compromise.  We are well into the shadow now of the Full Moon as it moves into alignment to oppose the Aries Sun.

Balance and polar opposition is a key component to the astrological language.  The twelve zodiac signs are actually six pairs of polar opposites.  The need for peace and serenity of Taurus is balanced against the intensity and depth of Scorpio.  The craving for stimulation of Gemini is balanced against the Sagittarian need to find one truth rather than many. The Cancer need for a secure home life is balanced again the Capricornian striving for success in the world.   The development of the personal ego in Leo is balanced against the Aquarian desire to transcend the ego for the sake of community.  And the focus on mundane details of Virgo is balanced against the desire of Pisces to transcend such mundane details and instead experience the dissolving into an experience of divine majesty.

In the Full Moon, the Libra Moon is opposite the Aries Sun, creating a polarity that requires the balance between our ability to develop and fully a personal identity (Aries) with our ability to learn the compromises and adjustments that are required in order to forge successful relationships with others (Libra).  Individuals (like me) with a strong Libran component to their […]

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New Moon in Aries

The Moon is now in Aries along with Mercury which entered that fiery sign yesterday, and Venus is retrograding back through Aries so we have a strong Aries focus right now.  Mars-ruled Aries is well known for being the sign that is most adept at expressing anger due to its rulership by the god of war.

I like to say that Mars rules the way we feel about the things we want.  When we don’t get what we want, we get angry.  If we don’t speak up for ourselves, we get angry.  If we don’t set good boundaries and someone violates them, we get angry.  There are levels of anger that are useful, and then there is the anger that comes when we have not honored ourselves and what we need.  “I shouldn’t feel that way.”  “That shouldn’t bother me.”  We tell ourselves these things, and then the anger erupts anyway.

April Elliot Kent :

Anger is the emotion of last resort, which kicks in only when other warning signs have failed to get our attention. When someone crosses the line with you, a quick and assertive response is in order. We need to stand up for ourselves, and when fear, good manners, or pride keep us from doing so, anger is the natural result. But anger is the nuclear weapon of the relationship arsenal – its only power lies in its ability to intimidate or frighten others. Anger stamps a vintage from the grapes of normal, healthy, Aries wrath, bottles it up and places it in a dark cellar for months. What results might be a great wine – but will more likely turn to vinegar, corrosive and sour.

Aries isn’t all about anger and boundaries though – it is also about simplicity and idealism.  Aries sees […]

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Full Moon in Virgo!

The Full Moon occurs tonight at 10:38 pm EDT.  This is likely to be a fairly powerful event because the opposition of the Sun to the Moon that creates the Full Moon is aligned with the opposition of Saturn to Uranus, illuminating the conflict between the old ways (Saturn) and the new (Uranus). The harder Saturn tries to hold onto the status quo, the more impulsive and reckless the Uranian influence becomes, and vice versa.

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