New Moon Today!

Photo by John French. I’m pleased to interrupt the political whirlwind to bring news of a New Moon in Scorpio.

The New Moon occurs at 7:15 pm tonight (October 28) Eastern time, with the Sun and Moon aligned at 5 degrees Scorpio. Scorpio is intensely emotional and private, and this New Moon offers an opportunity to begin to really plumb the depths of our own emotional natures and find our source of empowerment. What is it we are truly feeling?  What motivates us below the surface? Where do we lose power and how can we regain it? Where have we misused our power? These are Scorpio issues, best handled in the privacy of our own soul.

The upcoming opposition from Saturn to Uranus which will culminate on November 4 is a part of the lunation, and suggests a pull between that which feels safe (Saturn) and that which is new and untested (Uranus). Uranus seeks to impel change in order to create a world with greater authenticity and freedom, and this New Moon provides a chance to strip away the fluff and nonsense of our life (Scorpio), leaving only that which is real and allows us to thrive and continue to grow.

People like me with lots of Pluto and Scorpio in our charts enjoy these times more than those with lighter charts who prefer times of ease and joy, but it’s all part of the natural cycle of life.

Mars is also in Scorpio now where it charges fearlessly into combat, and Mars is square to Chiron now where that combat can bring up some painful issues that need resolution.  Fortunately Mars is harmoniously linked to the opposition of Saturn and Uranus […]

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Notes on the Upcoming Eclipse

Lunar eclipse

In my travels on the web today I found this article by Geoffrey de Meaux, a French astrologer from that time about an eclipse that occurred in March of 1345 that he believes was the harbinger of the plague.  His description of the mechanism of the eclipse is eloquent and vivid:

The sun is the lord, the director of all events, both general and specific, and the moon is second to him in dominion and power, and their effect is to intensify the effects of the planets acting with them.  It is therefore in the natural course of events, and not to be wondered at, that such a great configuration should bring about major events on the earth, from the nature of the planets which drew to themselves the natures of the sun and moon.  For when the sun is directly opposite the moon, as occurs in a total eclipse, then the power of each of them reaches the earth in a straight line, and the mingling of the influence of sun and moon with that of the superior planets creates a single celestial force which operates in conformity with the nature of the superior planets, which have drawn to themselves the powers of the sun and moon….  On their own they cannot achieve anything great or universal, but when compounded with the sun and moon … they bend the nature of the two luminaries to their own nature, and thus with the power of the two luminaries are able to achieve […]

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Solstice Full Moon tomorrow!

I interrupt the Obama series to bring you the Full Moon! NASA reports:

On Wednesday night, June 18th, step outside at sunset and look around. You’ll see a giant form rising in the east. At first glance it looks like the full Moon. It has craters and seas and the face of a man, but this “moon” is strangely inflated. It’s huge!

You’ve just experienced the Moon Illusion.

There’s no better time to see it. The full Moon of June 18th is a “solstice moon”, coming only two days before the beginning of northern summer. This is significant because the sun and full Moon are like kids on a see-saw; when one is high, the other is low. This week’s high solstice sun gives us a low, horizon-hugging Moon and a strong Moon Illusion.

Sky watchers have known for thousands of years that low-hanging moons look unnaturally big. At first, astronomers thought the atmosphere must be magnifying the Moon near the horizon, but cameras showed that is not the case. Moons on film are the same size regardless of elevation: example. Apparently, only human beings see giant moons.

Are we crazy?

After all these years, scientists still aren’t sure. When you look at the Moon, rays of moonlight converge and form an image about 0.15 mm wide on the retina in the back of your eye. High moons and low moons make the same sized spot, yet the brain insists one is bigger than the other. Go figure!

Thanks to Beth and Rich for the link!

The Full Moon occurs on June 18 at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and incorporates a tight opposition between Venus and Pluto. Here the Sun combines with Venus while the Moon merges with Pluto, signifying that the light or […]

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Full moon and other planetary news this week

Lovely Venus is very active in the middle of the month, with a square to Chiron on May 17th, a sextile to Uranus and trine to Jupiter on the 18th, and a square to Neptune on the 20th. Venus usually works on us through our interpersonal relationships but can also have an effect on our internal values and possessions. In any event, we are likely to encounter new and unusual (Uranus) kinds of people that are helpful to us and help to expand our world (Jupiter). But we may be prone to idealize these situations (Neptune) in a way that forces us to revisit old wounds of the past (Chiron).

These Venus events set the stage for the Full Moon tomorrow (the 19th) which is likely to be an intense one. Not only is it the second Scorpio Full Moon in a series, but it is at the last degree of Scorpio. The 29th degree is sometimes called the “anaretic” degree, or the “karmic” degree, because it is like the final exam. By the 29th degree we are by necessity learning any lessons of that sign that we have not yet assimilated before we can move into the next sign.

All of this is part of a major Yod to the South Node that occurs on the 21st and incorporates a conjunction of Chiron to the North Node. A Yod, or “Finger of Fate” aspect, is an event of great significance of which the Apex planet (in this case, the South Node) is the key. (I don’t use the Nodes of the Moon to calculate Yods in an individual’s chart, but they are useful to consider by transit.) The importance of the South Node shows that there […]

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Void Moon Research Project

The first full day of the Void Moon Research Project was last Thursday April 17, when the Moon was void between 1:59 am EDT and 6:10 pm EDT. The Moon was finishing up in Scorpio where it aspects a T-square in my chart involving my Moon, so I thought that if I was susceptible to the Void Moon that would be a good time to test it. That day all of my plans went smoothly, although Friday was a different story. By Friday the Moon was firmly in Libra where it set off another big square in my chart to Uranus.

Comments to the initial void moon post yield a mixed result. There are some anecdotal reports of difficulties during the void moon, and just as many not. So far we have no conclusive information.

I will say that I did notice during the void Moon that I had a sense of relaxation and a desire to explore more fully my inner life, but that might just have been because I had a relatively relaxing day. So let’s try another round.

The next Void Moon is in Scorpio and occurs tomorrow, Tuesday April 22, at 12:47 am EDT and continues until 5:07 pm EDT when it enters Sagittarius. Please report on your experience in the comment section, and if you begin a project on Tuesday keep track of its progress so that you can determine later whether the Void Moon had any effect on its success.

Thanks for participating!

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