New Moon Tonight!!

New Moon
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The Sun and Moon will conjoin tonight in Aries at around midnight EST, making this a New Moon. Aries is the sign of initiation and courage, and as first sign of the zodiac it rules over fresh starts and new beginnings. The New Moon is the beginning of a new solar cycle, so the New Moon in Aries has a particularly strong energy for moving forward into new ventures with energy and enthusiasm.

This New Moon is made particularly dynamic by a T-square involving Mars, the ruler of Aries, which is moving towards an opposition to Jupiter which is particularly confident and expansive. The square of the New Moon in Aries to Mars is a “double whammy” which tells us that the Mars/Aries energy is particularly powerful right now. Jupiter provides the possibilities and opportunities to make things happen but can also add a note of recklessness and amplification (Jupiter) of tempers and ego (Aries).

This rather reckless and headstrong Mars/Aries/Jupiter influence is offset somewhat by a trine of Saturn to Pluto which encourages us to give form (Saturn) to the drive to create change and transformation in our lives (Pluto). This added stability make this an ideal time for manifestation and intention, or just simply setting goals for the future.

There is a need now to balance the reckless enthusiasm with a more stable and balanced approach. If you have your chart, look to see where the New Moon at 16 degrees Aries will fall and that will give you a clue as to how to best use the energy of this lunation (moon event):

In the first house, you are being energized to balance your impulse to assert yourself with the need to consider the […]

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New Moon tomorrow! and a look ahead

We are still in the middle of the Aquarius stellium, with Chiron conjunct Mercury which is exacerbating the tendency of Mars in Cancer for hurt feelings. Fortunately, a conjunction of sweet Venus and romantic Neptune will soften the edges of any conflicts that come up, providing creative ways to move through difficulties and release old patterns as Neptune’s urge to dissolve and transcend does its magic.

The New Moon on March 7 is at 17 degrees Pisces, the sign of spiritual experience and creativity. With the Sun conjunct the Moon, there is a linking of the conscious mind to the unconscious instinctive urges, fusing in a celebration of the divine experience that is the realm of Pisces. New Moons are known to be auspicious times for new ventures, and this New Moon is tightly conjunct Uranus, god of radical change and innovation. A powerful influence to aid us as we walk down a completely new path! We also see the influence of Jupiter coming into play as it approaches a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus which will be exact late in March. This Jupiter/Uranus combination brings with it an excitement and eagerness for change and a readiness to move into the next phase.

The New Moon also incorporates an applying conjunction between Mercury and Neptune which is exact on the 8th, enhancing the imaginative quality of this lunation. This Mercury/Neptune conjunction is part of the Aquarius stellium that includes Chiron which continues to press our buttons if we don’t surrender to the Neptunian flow and Chiron’s call to face the daemon within. When Venus enters Pisces on March 12 and forms a sextile to Pluto on March 13, any resistance we are harboring will be lubricated […]

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News of the Upcoming Eclipse

The eclipse on Wednesday night is a total Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Virgo.

See the NASA site for visibility maps and tables and other useful information.

Lunar eclipses occur at the Full Moon when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition, and when the lunation conjuncts the lunar nodes. Because the lunar nodes signify the evolutionary journey of the soul, the astrological symbolism of an eclipse is very significant. These are times of reckoning; of course correction.

The eclipse finds the Moon at nearly 2 degrees Virgo and conjunct Saturn. The Sun will have just left the Aquarius stellium where revolutionary ideas have captivated the attention of the masses; now the Sun enters Pisces where it is more sensitive and with a deeper orientation. The Moon eclipsed in Virgo demonstrates a new focus on the mundane details of life, and the conjunction to Saturn which is also in Virgo enhances this.

This revolutionary fervor has swept the globe ever since the solar eclipse of February 6th – with the Obamalypse in the US (™ JM) and the revolutions in Kosovo and Kenya, and there has been an explosive energy in the air. With the conjunction of the eclipse to Saturn and the trine of Saturn and the Moon to Pluto, we are likely to find a push for more stability and a more serious approach to the matters at hand.

Jupiter, the planet of possibilities, is heading towards a sextile with Uranus over the next month and the process of change and breaking away from the status quo is likely to continue. Still, the presence of Saturn so tightly aspecting the lunation of the Full Moon suggests that challenges are likely as Saturn exerts its role as Celestial Taskmaster.

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The Return of Mars Pluto and the second Eclipse

Mars is preparing for its third and final opposition to Pluto where it tends to foment rage and inspire explosions, and one might think the opposition has already happened. School shootings, mall shootings, shootings in the city council – people are clearly under stress. Although the opposition will not be exact until the new moon on March 7, we are clearly in its shadow now.

I’ve been trying to find the birthdates of these shooters to see if any of them are tied in to the eclipse on February 6, but unfortunately that data is not available.

And I’m seeing lots of explosions from unknown causes in the news as well:

  • An explosion at a machine shop in Alberta Canada sent three workers to the hospital;
  • An explosion at a sugar refinery in Georgia killed at least six people;
  • A huge explosion in a Chinese fireworks factory caused tremors throughout the city;
  • Explosions at a scrap yard in Malaysia sent gas tanks flying through the air;
  • A south Texas gas pipeline has exploded.

Tensions are clearly high now, and we’re heading towards the second in the pair of eclipses which will occur at the Full Moon on February 20. So keep your eyes and ears open!

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Molly Hall on the New Moon

My own blurb about the eclipse is buried in my article about Super Tuesday, but here’s some who coordinates the Astrology pages on

This new Moon (Exact on the 6th at 10:44 pm EST) has the potential to be an extraordinary one. It’s an alignment of five planets in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury), a sign of waking up and busting out. It’s the global equivalent of one of those 70s-era decorative spheres, lit up with lightning bolts. There’s excitement from being on the edge of what’s known, and crossing over into unexpected territory. The synapses start firing in new ways, and alter our perception of the world. The new Moon in Aquarius invites us to break out of usual ways of thinking, and make space for the zingy new.

At the same time, we’re plodding through earth now, with Pluto’s penetrating eye turned to structures and institutions (Capricorn).

Saturn retrograding in Virgo snags us on details, and forces things like steady effort and patience. There’s a shift toward seeing things realistically, combined with the Aquarian currents of awakening to new possibilities. Astrowisdom’s Lisa Dale Miller sums up the moment this way: “The combination of these planets in Aquarius and Capricorn represent a mind-blowing head-to-head struggle between the energies of Saturn (reality) and Uranus (innovative vision).”

You can’t get a much more sobering reality than the state of our planet. From too many fish being plucked from the sea to the very soil being stripped of nutrients from overuse. All the earth planets anchor us in that reality, making flights of fancy less possible. More people are actually living with the effects of the deteriorated environment. On the up side, here’s a moment to connect to […]

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