A time for service and healing

Pluto and Venus both turned direct last week (Pluto on the 7th and Venus on the 8th) and we will begin to feel the energies of our life moving forward for the first time since Pluto turned retrograde back in March.

The New Moon on September 11 (8:43 am EDT) is also a partial eclipse of the Sun. The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 18 degrees Virgo and form a Grand Cross that includes the separating square of Mars and Uranus as well as Pluto. Jupiter is also involved by association, since Jupiter at 11 degrees is square to the New Moon and to Uranus but is too far from Mars to be considered connected there.

In Virgo, the New Moon presents an opportunity for selfless service and healing, and what better time for this to take place than on the day that we remember the events of September 11, 2001 that marked such a colossal turning point in global affairs. In Virgo we are no longer concerned about the aggrandizement of our own ego; instead, we attend to the details of life in a practical and matter-of-fact manner, seeking improvement in every aspect of our life and the life of our communities.

Virgo urges us to attend to our housekeeping duties in all phases of our life – our personal ecology and cleanliness and that of our environment, as well as cleaning up any areas that have become cluttered with emotional detritus.

There is a tremendous amount of tension in the Grand Cross that can erupt in some kind of crisis, particularly for those of us with planets in 14-26 degrees of the mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittatius and Gemini). This crisis could result in the ending of any aspects of our life that are indeed finished […]

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My eclipse experience

The eclipse has not yet occurred, but the intensity is out there. I’m usually not that sensitive to eclipses but this one has so many planetary aspects there’s something for about everyone.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with everyone because for me it really illustrates the power of the unconscious. I was feeling fine on Sunday, perfectly normal until I said something to Rich on the way to the gym about an idea I’d had. As is typical for his Virgo ascendant, his first reaction was negative. I’m used to that and he usually comes around but that time all of my buttons were pushed at once and I went into a tailspin about feeling unsupported, with plenty of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

My little drama took about two hours and then as quickly as it came, the bad feelings lifted but I felt oddly cleansed.

Anyone else having any drama lately?

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August 2007 Lunar Eclipse

eclipseOn August 28, the Sun will eclipse the Moon in an event which will be seen only in the South Pacific. According to NASA, the eclipse will be partially visible in the Americas and in Asia, but virtually invisible from Europe and the African continent. Whether the eclipse is visible in your area or not, eclipses are often events that denote a change in direction of some sort.

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon opposes the Sun, and lunar eclipses occur when the Moon and Sun each conjuncts the nodes of the moon. The South Node shows our past and the influences that hold us back, and the North Node guides us into our future. The eclipse on the 28th shows the North Node conjunct the Pisces Moon, calling us to go into the great beyond that lies within us to achieve a greater harmony within ourselves. The Virgo Sun conjuncts the South Node, highlighting our tendency to place the details of our daily life above the needs of our soul.

The nodes of the moon are known as the Dragon’s Head and Tail, and in many ancient cultures it was said that during an eclipse a dragon did battle with the moon – a myth that has a basis in science because of the proximity of the Moon to the lunar nodes, or dragon, during an eclipse. The blood red color that the Moon turns during an eclipse was said to be the Moon’s blood, adding to the fervor over the “death” of the Moon during an eclipse.

This is a powerful eclipse that includes a Grand Cross involving Mars in Gemini, Uranus in Pisces, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury in Virgo. Grand Crosses occur when four planets are […]

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A Neptunian New Moon

The New Moon in Leo takes place on August 12, just in time for the Perseid meteor showers! The darkness of the sky at the time of the New Moon will help make the meteors easier to see as they fly across the sky.

Remember that New Moons are times of new beginnings, when the Sun and Moon are conjunct and the conscious mind (Sun) and emotions (Moon) are in alignment. There is a great deal of power in the New Moon and this one is particularly strong since it is exactly opposite Neptune in Aquarius.

The New Moon in Leo is a time to take an active interest in expressing the Self in a creative and powerful new way. This is not a time to be shy or restrained – the Leo New Moon demands complete and full expression of the unique attributes of a healthy ego. On the spiritual path we are often taught to destroy the ego and become selfless. This is the voice of Neptune, and with the opposition of Neptune to the New Moon we find ourselves exploring a balance between the death of Self and the celebration of our own uniqueness as special beings of creation that Leo teaches.

The addition of Neptune adds a yearning for oneness, a longing to experience the divine. We do this in many ways: through meditation, church, music, artistic creativity, connection with a loved ones, or a walk through the woods. When the New Moon is opposed by Neptune, the doorways between worlds grow thin and we are able to move more freely between them. Romance and creativity are powerful influences now, and we are able […]

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Aquarius Full Moon, July 2007

The Moon will be full in Aquarius on July 29, with the Moon in opposition to the Leo Sun. Full Moons are oppositions, calling on us to balance two opposing viewpoints. The Leo/Aquarius polarity creates tension between the need to express our own individual ego in a healthy way that celebrates life in a body (Leo) with the urge to express ourselves through a more collective experience (Aquarius). In Leo our experience is extremely personal – like the Sun we are the center of our own Universe. In Aquarius, our experience becomes transpersonal, transcending the individual Ego to align with a larger collective mind and soul. Every sign has a polarity, and no sign is better than another, despite our individual prejudices.

In a Full Moon, the sign that the Moon is in becomes illuminated with the opposite sign playing the shadow. In this Full Moon we are focused on Aquarius and its need to transcend the original ego in order to gain greater wisdom from a more transpersonal source. Mars is approaching a square to Saturn at the time of the Full Moon that could create a certain amount of fear and hesitation and a sense of being blocked from fulfilling the ego’s desires. Saturn is associated with Aquarius as its ancient ruler, and brings with it a strong sense of responsibility to the collective that is meant to overpower the needs of the ego. Yet the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, encourages us to break free of restrictions. This is a sensitive combination of influences that requires a certain amount of detachment to operate successfully. This Full Moon is a time for mindfulness and compassion, as in the words of this Buddhist prayer:

May all beings have happiness […]

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