The astrology of Lance Armstrong’s demise

Lance Armstrong astrologyLance Armstrong was an incredible success story.  He was the second American ever to win the Tour de France bicycle race.  His first win was July 25, 1999 just three years after he recovered from testicular cancer which had spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain.  He won again the following year, and then again for each consecutive year until he retired in 2005.

A Virgo, Armstrong (born 9/18/1971, time unknown, Plano Texas) has four planets in that sign including Mercury and his Moon.  Virgo is concerned with matters of health and healing, and can be meticulous about nutrition and exercise. Lance Armstrong is known in the sporting world for his diligence in training and technique, but rumors of doping and steroid use have dogged him throughout his career.

Pluto conjoins his Sun so the personal transformation that Pluto brings is crucial for Armstrong’s personal development.  Pluto/Sun combinations can bring intense passion combined with an obsession with power dynamics, and often people with these placements have intense experiences which force them to surrender something so that they can become transformed.   But Jupiter, ruling expansion and optimism, is in Sagittarius in his chart which tends to denote an individual whose confidence knows no bounds.  Jupiter conjoins Neptune in his chart, enhancing creativity but also offering the potential for self-delusion.

Armstrong is in the middle of what we call the “midlife crisis transit series.”  Transiting Neptune has begun to form a square to natal Neptune, and with it that overconfident Sagittarian Jupiter.  With Saturn entering Scorpio and pressuring that natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction to do the responsible thing, the guillotine fell on Armstrong’s career when he was dropped from his lucrative endorsement contracts and resigned as head of the […]

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The astrology of Felix Baumgartner, the world’s fastest man

“Austrian daredevil” Felix Baumgartner fell to earth on Sunday from a capsule lifted by a helium balloon above New Mexico, traveling over 24 miles in four minutes, at times faster than the speed of sound.  From the :

He broke altitude and speed records set half a century ago by Joe Kittinger, now 84, a retired Air Force colonel whose reassuring voice from mission control guided Mr. Baumgartner through tense moments. Engineers considered aborting the mission when Mr. Baumgartner’s faceplate began fogging during the ascent, but he insisted on proceeding and made plans for doing the jump blind.   That proved unnecessary, but a new crisis occurred early in the jump when he began spinning out of control in the thin air of the stratosphere — the same problem that had nearly killed Mr. Kittinger a half-century earlier. But as the atmosphere thickened, Mr. Baumgartner managed to stop the spin and fall smoothly until he opened his parachute about a mile above the ground and landed smoothly in the New Mexico desert.   “It was harder than I expected,” said Mr. Baumgartner, a 43-year-old former Austrian paratrooper. “Trust me, when you stand up there on top of the world, you become so humble. It’s not about breaking records any more. It’s not about getting scientific data. It’s all about coming home.”

This last sentence got my attention: “It’s all about coming home.”  Normally we would expect a daredevil’s astrological chart to have lots of fire, or a square of Mars (action) to Uranus (rebellion) which can be somewhat different.  Baumgartner’s chart shows a different motivation. Baumgartner (born April 20, 1969, Salzburg Austria, time unknown) has the Sun in Taurus, the sign that more than any other is connected to life on Planet Earth […]

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A birth time for Tom Cruise and his very bad year

Tom Cruise is not having a very good year.  First his wife Katie Holmes left him secretly and suddenly, although not, for many of us, surprisingly.  Now a revealing article in Vanity Fair reveals something that many of us suspected: that .

Previous articles I have written on Tom Cruise have used a noon chart because a birth time is not known.  Astrodatabank is the scholarly source for astrological data, and their website says, essentially, you might as well use a ouija board than the times that are out there.

The website Astrotheme, which uses a  to come up with birth data for known personalities, cites a birth time of 3:06 pm for Cruise.  Using this birth time gives us a Scorpio ascendant which is very believable considering Cruise’s fetish for secrecy and power.  However, the birth time is unsupported and where we would expect a significant series of planetary events at a time like that, especially to the angles which are dependent upon an accurate time of birth.  A chart using this birth time does give us a square from Chiron to the ascendant right now which would reflect the wounding to Cruise’s image which is occurring under the intense scrutiny of his life right now.

I also found an unsourced 12:05 pm birthtime out there which provides us with a Virgo ascendant and Gemini on the midheaven.  This birth time, however, offers absolutely no astrological clue to the important events that are occurring now in Cruise’s life. With no source and no planetary impact I am inclined to discard this one completely.

In […]

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The astrology of Kristen Stewart’s latest act

The beautiful and talentedKristen Stewart young actress Kristen Stewart has been in the news lately after being photographed in an intimate embrace with the married director of her latest film, Rupert Sanders, who is 41.  Kristen’s romance with her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson has been the talk of the tabloids for years has appeared to be one of the steadiest in the young Hollywood set.  However, a purported affair with Rupert Sanders has apparently ended her relationship and put her in the limelight, a place she intensely detests. Kristen Stewart () was born with the Sun in independent Aries, but according to Astrotheme’s chart data she has the emotional sign of Cancer on the ascendant (rising).  Individuals with Cancer rising tend to be extremely self-protective and vulnerable, which sets up a bit of conflict with her adventurous and fiery Aries Sun.  To complicate matters, she has Saturn, the planet of self-doubt and hard work, in a challenging square to her Sun which makes her a hard worker and dedicated to career, but it also suggests that she puts herself under a great deal of pressure from which that Aries Sun must get some relief. Her Moon (emotional security and safety) is in Libra, giving her a yearning for peace and harmony and a safe connection with others, but Saturn is also in a challenging aspect to the Moon which adds to the pressure of Saturn. Neptune, planet of creativity and spirituality but also deception and confusion, is tied in with both the Sun and Moon as well.  This is a difficult aspect that makes for an excellent actor because of the shapeshifting quality of Neptune, but it is challenging in a young person […]

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Katie Holmes: Free at last

Katie Holmes astrology by Katie Holmes has filed for a divorce from Tom Cruise.  Evidently she filed Thursday as Cruise was heading to Iceland to shoot his new movie. I wrote a profile of Katie Holmes in 2006 when she and Cruise first became a couple.  In that article (snarkily entitled “Run Katie Run!”) I wrote: She has both Moon and Jupiter in Leo, showing a strong need for admiration and attention and a need to develop the personal ego. Her Venus is in Scorpio, indicating someone who has strong passions and emotions, and craves intensity in relationships. Yet her Moon is square to Venus, a configuration that often indicates a conflict between the maternal archetype (Moon) and the sexual nature of the goddess Venus. Women with these conflicts tend to have difficulty integrating these two archetypes and tend to swing from one pole to the other. In addition, Katie’s Venus is conjunct rebellious and independent Uranus, showing that she craves freedom and resists convention. The combination of Venus in Scorpio, which craves an intense bond, with Uranus sets up an inner conflict that is difficult to manage, particularly for a relatively young person who may lack a deeper level of self-understanding. You can read my profile of Tom Cruise here.  Friends of Katie’s have evidently reported, not surprisingly, that Cruise dominated the relationship, dictating the clothes that she wears, the parts that she played and even the name that she used. The astrology of Katie’s rush to freedom begins back in January with a series of Jupiter transits throughout January and February that would have inspired courage and confidence to expand her life.  A challenging aspect of Saturn to the […]

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