In the news: Zecharia Sitchin and Charlie Sheen

Zecharia Sitchin has died

Zecharia SitchinI just discovered that Zecharia Sitchin died on October 9th.  Sitchin was the author of many books translating ancient Sumerian texts which appeared to describe the settlement of Earth by ancient astronauts.  Though ridiculed by many, Sitchin’s work has been extremely influential.  Sitchin, aged 90, would have experienced his “Pluto opposition” this year, a time when Pluto in the sky opposes Pluto in the chart.

Sitchin, with the Sun in Cancer (born July 11, 1920, time unknown, Azerbaijan), had a triple conjunction of Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter, all in Leo.  Mercury in Leo can be forceful with one’s opinions and doesn’t back down easily when crossed, although his Cancerian Sun and Venus would have been more sensitive to the huge amount of criticism he received.  The combination of Mercury and Neptune is extremely imaginative and has a facility with languages, and the addition of Jupiter helps to expand the imagination and encourage “out of the box” thinking.

Sitchin was an important influence for those of us who seek to understand our world on a more complex level than the superficial, and he will be missed.

Charlie Sheen found “frothing” at the Plaza

Actor Charlie Sheen is a frequent favorite of tabloid journalism.  Accused of beating up ex-wife Denise Richards, accused of threatening soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Sheen with a knife, and yesterday reports emerged that Sheen was rushed to the hospital in the early hours of the morning after Plaza hotel staff in New York  found him drunk and disorderly, yelling and damaging $7,000 worth of hotel furnishings.

Sheen is a great example of why we should never look at just Sun Signs in astrology.  Sheen is […]

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The astrology of Betty White’s amazing career

Betty White has had one of the longest running careers in show business.  Her career began just after her high school graduation, and she had her first radio show before she was 20.  She was the star of the long-running television program The Golden Girls, and was a supporting actor in many television programs and films.

Recently though her career seems to have exploded.  Since 2009 she has appeared in three films, and she recently became the oldest living person to host Saturday Night Live after a Facebook group demanding her appearance exceeded 500,000 members.  She now has her own television program, a calendar, and her own clothing line.

This explosion began in the months leading up to the transition of her progressed Venus (attraction, love, affection) over her Midheaven (career point) in early 2009.  (Data source: Astrodatabank.)  Her natal chart shows an interesting combination of a Leo ascendant which craves recognition and authority and also bestows good humor and wit, with a conjunction of the Sun and Venus in achievement-oriented Capricorn.  The Sun/Venus conjunction gives her a tremendously likeable nature, and it is squared by Jupiter which suggests that she can be lucky, but somewhat careless with that luck.  However, the Capricorn influence inspires a strong work ethic and an ability to work hard and focus her energy towards her goals.

The Sun and Venus are both in the sixth house, along with Mercury.  The sixth house represents our work environment and everyday life, but traditionally it also rules “master/servant” relationships and small animals.  Those with Venus in the sixth house have a love of animals that is reflected in Ms. White’s embrace of animal charities.

Little is known about Ms. […]

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Post-Labor Day News Roundup

  • After last year’s debacle over the Swine Flu hysteria, vaccine makers aren’t taking any chances and are practically giving the stuff away this year.
  • Strikes by train workers in London and France are creating Mercury retrograde havoc for commuters.
  • Let’s file this under Mercury retrograde for revisiting past research efforts that fell by the wayside: Scientists are researching the medicinal value of “magic mushrooms” and marijuana.  Watch for a post on this subject coming soon!

And in news that isn’t related to astrology but interesting nonetheless: a new study shows that money can only buy happiness up to an income of about $75,000 a year. After that point the happiness quotient, as defined with general satisfaction about your life and your day to day experience of joy, levels off.

Finally, a brief roundup of a few great astroblogs:

  • Twilight examines a Bosch painting from the astrological viewpoint.
  • JM examines the breakdown of the Obama presidency under Uranus at the 29th degree of Pisces.
  • Kathryn gives her take on the Stephen Hawking controversy.
  • And Beth reminds us that alone time is a valuable thing.

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Heidi Montag’s breast problem

Heidi Montag astrologyHeidi Montag is a reality TV star who is best known for having had eleven plastic surgeries in one day at the age of 23.  She is a self-confessed plastic surgery addict.

Back in January I wrote about Heidi in the context of Saturn (challenges) in Libra (beauty).  Heidi was a beautiful young girl who had her first cosmetic surgeries at the age of 21 including her first breast augmentation.  But that initial augmentation wasn’t enough, and last January she went for the “legal limit” of breast augmentation (who knew there was such a thing?).  At the time she said she would have liked to have even bigger breasts, but just one week after the death of her plastic surgeon in a car crash, Heidi is reporting that she is “desperate to go back to normal.”

Heidi (born September 15, 1986, time unknown, Crested Butte, Colorado) has the Sun in Virgo which as we all know can be somewhat perfectionistic.  But that doesn’t tell the whole story of Heidi’s desperate ploy for attention and breasts. Heidi’s chart shows a tight conjunction of Venus and Pluto, both in Scorpio which is an astrological “double whammy” connecting the archetype of beauty and attraction (Venus) to the underworld of death and destruction (Pluto).  This is a very difficult psychological placement that engenders a fear of rejection and can indicate someone who, especially when young, feels very badly about themselves and their attractiveness.  The degree of plastic surgery that Heidi has had amounts to self-mutilation, which is a common Venus/Pluto problem.

Beauty is a funny thing.  You can be a very attractive person to others but feel horrifically ugly to yourself.  Or you can be a […]

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Musings on Julian Assange

Julian Assange is the head of the Wikileaks website, the site that recently participated in the biggest intel leak in history just as the Cardinal planetary drama was unfolding this summer.  (This very blog was featured on the Wikileaks website last year as one of the sites being censored by the Australian government).

Assange is a fascinating character that I would love to profile, but he has not revealed his birthdate to anyone.  We only know the year of his birth (1971) and I couldn’t find any verification or source even for that.  One article says that Assange quotes his year of birth as being “in the 1970s” because he wants to “keep the bastards guessing.”

The dramatic story of the life of Julian Assange is a fascinating one.  After his mother’s second divorce he was taken into hiding for five years.  He moved “several dozen” times in his childhood and studied science and math at several colleges and universities but never obtained a degree.  In his teens he was a computer hacker as a member of a group called “International Subversives” which was the subject of a raid in 1991.

As a journalist (Jupiter) he has dedicated his life to exposing the secrets of others, but he is remarkably secretive himself (Pluto/Scorpio).  Much of what is written about Assange’s childhood actually comes from a book called Underground about a hacker named Mendax.  Assange was listed as a researcher for the book.  (Source here.)  Mendax/Assange never knew his father and was shuttled around Australia trying to escape her second husband.  Wikipedia reports that Assange moved two dozen times as a child.

Assange has no real home but instead travels the world and lives out […]

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