The astrology of Anne Rice’s religion problem

Anne RiceGothic author Anne Rice announced last week that she was once again renouncing the Christianity of her youth.  Rice was raised as a Catholic but later described herself as an atheist.  During her early literary career she wrote darkly erotic novels under the name Anne Roquelaure before turning her love of New Orleans into a franchise of vampire novels.

Rice (October 4, 1941, New Orleans, time unknown) has a conjunction of Saturn to Chiron in her birthchart.  This is a dramatic combination of planets that often suggests that the native will undergo a series of painful (Chiron) events in their life in order to achieve deep and lasting personal transformation (Pluto).  Certainly this is true for Anne Rice: she lost her young daughter to leukemia in 1972 when Pluto (death and transformation) opposed her Moon (archetype of the mother and emotional nurturing).

Mercury is the planet that governs the manner in which we communicate and process information mentally, and in Rice’s chart Mercury is in Scorpio and in a challenging square to the Chiron/Pluto combination.  This is a Mercury/Pluto “double whammy” because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and here we have Mercury in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, in a square to Pluto (along with Chiron).  It’s no wonder that her writings (Mercury) have been a walk on the dark side (Pluto/Scorpio).  This combination also suggests that she thinks (Mercury) deeply (Pluto) about everything, and with her courageous Aries Moon she isn’t afraid of controversy or scandal.

All of this depth and intensity belies the Libra Sun, demonstrating that although the Sun is the biggest single element of the birthchart it is only one piece.   The Libra Sun seeks balance and harmony, but in Rice’s case that […]

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The eclipse gave Pink a fall

And turned her a bit red (with embarrassment) after an aerial harness failed to operate properly.  As it happened, the solar eclipse at 19 degrees Cancer was nearly exactly conjunct her natal Mars and in square to her Aries Moon.

Pink is one of those “radical Virgos” you hear about (Amy Winehouse is one), with four planets in Virgo but a wild streak that belies the modesty of the Virgo nature.  Pink has an Aries Moon, so she tends to be an adventurer at heart, and that Moon is squared by Mars, the ruler of Aries, which is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  We call this “mutual reception” and it provides a powerful link between Mars and the Moon, instilling an insatiable desire for adventure.

Fortunately Pink was not hurt and is back on tour, demonstrating the instant power of an eclipse to create quick and powerful change.

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The astrology of Kelsey Grammer’s latest chapter

Kelsey Grammer astrologyWhen I was in Woodstock a couple of years ago, I saw a vaguely familiar face walk in the door of a shop.  It took me a few moments to realize that it was Kelsey Grammer.  He was friendly and open, with a big smile.  He has a bit of a “Charlie Brown” look – a nice looking face but one that isn’t memorable for its details.  But I was struck by his pleasant and friendly demeanor.

Mr. Grammer is interested in astrology and psychic phenomena, as he reports in in the Wall Street Journal:

Pisces are called indecisive, but you didn’t have trouble making up your mind about doing a big Broadway show.

My Mars is in Aries.

I don’t know what that means.

My ability to make decisions is actually pretty solid because of that warring planet.

It’s nice to see a celebrity publicizing some of the more detailed facets of astrology rather than just the Sun Sign.  In any case, Mr. Grammer is now embroiled in a new divorce from his third wife Camille and there is speculation that her role in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may have played a part in that decision.

Mr. Grammer has a well-publicized history of substance abuse (he began drinking when he was nine) that likely resulted from a tragic family life.  His parents were divorced when he was young, and the second time in his life that he saw his father, he was murdered on the front lawn of the family home.  His sister was raped and murdered in 1975, and his (fraternal) twin brother was killed in a freak accident in 1980.  So he can be forgiven for slipping into escapism from […]

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Mel Gibson is being sued by everyone

Mel Gibson suedMel Gibson isn’t having a very good week.  First news reports announced that Gibson and his ex-wife Robyn were being sued for a construction company for over $200,000 in work performed on their Malibu home over the past twenty years.

Then TMZ reported that Gibson’s estranged girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he fathered a son last year, obtained a restraining order against Gibson last week after telling a judge that he beat her up last January, despite the fact that the two continued traveling together after the alleged event.  Gossip rags speculate that Grigorieva is attempting to renegotiate the terms of the custody agreement and that Gibson was the first to file a restraining order against Grigorieva to keep her from discussing the terms of their agreement and other details of their relationship.

Mel Gibson has been in and out of the news for a variety of scandals since 2006 when he was arrested for drunk driving in Hollywood and released a torrent of anti-semitic language to the police.  Gibson (1/3/56, 4:45 pm, Peekskill NY) has the Sun in Capricorn which gives him a strong focus on responsibility and hard work.  His Sun is “angular,” sitting right on the descendant (cusp of the seventh house) of his chart, suggesting that he is a person who defines himself though his relationships.  He has the Moon in Libra, which echoes that need to be partnered, and he was married for 28 years which is a rarity in Hollywood.

Gibson has some challenging planetary systems in his chart, including a conjunction of Pluto (power issues) to Jupiter (philosophy and shared values). The combination of these two planets can indicate a person who seeks to impose through power and manipulation (Pluto) […]

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Rob Pattinson and the Twilight Eclipse film premiere

Rob PattinsonI thought it was interesting that the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse film occurred the night of the actual lunar eclipse.  The Twilight Saga has given new sexiness to the vampire genre, and brought a reluctant Robert Pattinson into the limelight.

Rob Pattinson was born May 13, 1986 in London.  There are rumors of an 8:32 am birthtime, but until I see that time somewhere besides Astrotheme I won’t feel confident using it.   In any case, Pattinson’s astrological chart explains why he is more interested in the craft of acting than the ego-driven business of stardom.

Pattinson’s Sun is in Taurus, which craves comfort and security above all things, and his Moon is in its own sign of Cancer, the sign of extreme sensitivity and emotional depth.  The combination of Taurus and Cancer is oriented very strongly towards security of all kinds – emotional, financial, in business, etc.   His Moon is opposed by Neptune, so he is a dreamer and an artist.  Pattinson has a strong musical background, having played guitar and piano for much of his life.   This also gives him a strong romantic streak which is also reflected in Jupiter in his chart falling in the sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune and also embodying the archetype of the artist and the creative individual.

Girls will be interested to know that despite Pattinson’s romantic streak relationships will always be complicated for him.  Although his Moon is in Cancer, which is very family-oriented and nurturing, Venus in his chart is in Gemini, a sign that requires a lot of variety of experiences, and Venus is opposed by Uranus which is the planet of change and freedom.  On one level Pattinson will always need […]

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