Sarah Silverman’s show is cancelled

Sarah Silverman, the outrageous but adorable comic star of Comedy Central’s “The Sarah Silverman Program,” has been canned from that network.  The Guardian calls Silverman “the most taboo-breaking comedian working in America today.”

The cancellation comes on the heels of  in which she did a comedy piece on adopting a retarded child that garnered terrible reviews from everyone including TED’s organizer.

Silverman’s astrological chart shows a highly creative conjunction of the Sun to Neptune in fun-loving Sagittarius, and Mercury (the mind) is in Sag as well.  Sagittarius is eternally optimistic, needing lots of freedom and room to expand one’s horizons.   Mercury in Silverman’s chart is in a challenging square to Pluto, taking her mind (Mercury) into the underworld (Pluto) of human darkness to find her (Sagittarian) humor.

Her Moon is in the more structured sign of Capricorn which drives her to be successful and to work harder than the Sagittarian nature is really comfortable with.  That Capricorn Moon can be somewhat cold and unemotional in its journey to success, especially since it’s in a challenging square to Uranus, planet of revolution and innovation. This Uranus/Moon square gives her that biting edge and that deeply rebellious sense of humor that seeks to break through all barriers of good taste and good sense.

Silverman has Mars (aggressive instincts) in Libra, the planet of harmony and relationships, which wraps the barbs of her commentary in a cocoon of Libra charm.

Transiting Uranus is has been setting off Silverman’s natal Mercury/Pluto square since last year, encouraging even more outrageous (Uranus) ideas (Mercury) that probe the boundaries of the subconscious (Pluto).  This transit will continue into next year, so we have not seen the last of Silverman’s iconoclastic and outrageous, yet adorable, antics.

Sarah Silverman on Martin Luther King […]

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Tom Cruise betrayed by Scientology leader

Tom Cruise Scientology MiscavigeMarty Rathbun was Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center of the Church of Scientology from 1978 until 2004 when he left the church.  Since then he has been a vocal critic of Scientology and offers the services he was trained for to “independent Scientologists” outside of the Church umbrella.

In a classic Mercury retrograde revelation, Rathbun writes of his recent discovery that David Miscavige, head of the Church of Scientology, used video and audio tapes of the confessional “auditing” sessions made with actor Tom Cruise as entertainment.  Rathbun writes,

I have recently learned from a very reliable witness that DM regularly held court with others in his personal lounge in the roadside Villas at the Int base, and while sipping scotch whiskey at the end of the night, Miscavige would read Tom’s overts and withholds from my reports to others, joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions.  My witness is unimpeachable in my eyes as his account contains too many accurate details from someone who had zero reason (or ability) for being anywhere near Tom’s folders, videos and reports direct to DM.  I also know he was a regular, preferred guest at DM’s scotch night caps during that period.

You can read more about the astrology of Tom Cruise here. This revelation comes just as transiting Uranus (shock and surprise)  is in a challenging square to Cruise’s progressed Mars (drive and will), and his progressed Moon is exactly square to his natal Moon (a challenge to security).  In addition, transiting Chiron (wounding and healing) began a challenging opposition to the Sun (Self) in Cruise’s progressed chart in March 2010 that will continue throughout the year, […]

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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry call it quits

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry ended their relationship last week, although there are indications that the relationship actually ended weeks or months ago.

Unfortunately there is a discrepancy on birth dates for Gabriel Aubry which makes it impossible to analyze his chart; some sources say January 4 1976, others say August 30 1976.  Not enough is known about him to make an educated judgment about which date of birth is accurate, but I am leaning towards the August 30 date because of the transits involved.

Aubry lived in five different foster homes when he was growing up which suggests a certain amount of trauma and both charts reflect difficulties in the emotional area.  The August 30 chart shows Saturn square to the passionate Scorpio Moon indicating isolation and loneliness, and a square from Neptune to the modest Virgo Sun suggesting a challenge to developing a clearly defined sense of self.

At the time of the breakup a number of different transits were at work in this chart: Transiting Uranus (freedom and change) in a challenging square to Venus (relationships); transiting Saturn (restriction) and Pluto (endings) in a challenging square to both his Mars (will and motivation) and Mercury (thought process).  The January 4 chart shows no major challenging transits unless there is something going on with the ascendant or midheaven which we can’t know without a birth time.

The January 4 chart includes a challenging square from Pluto to the Capricorn Sun which generally is an indicator for someone who continually reshapes their life as old patterns die and need to be replaced with new ones,  and a detached Aquarian Moon that is squared by Chiron, planet of wounding and healing.  This is a challenging dynamic because the Aquarian Moon […]

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The astrology of Justin Bieber’s sudden rise

Justin Bieber zodiacJustin Bieber will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend, assuring his place in mainstream America forever.  Justin Bieber is only sixteen, but he has seemingly taken the world by storm with his popular R&B-style performances.  Evidently both Usher and Justin Timberlake wanted to sign Bieber.  His first album was released in November of 2009 and went platinum almost immediately.

For me the interesting thing astrologically about Justin Bieber is that he is one of the Uranus/Neptune kids – the kids that were born when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in the sky between 1992 and 1995.  That particular combination of planets has a quality of genius but also of psychological difficulties as the radical innovation of Uranus combines with the fantasy and illusion of Neptune.  There is an enormous amount of creative potential with this entire generation, but many of them are extremely sensitive emotionally as well.  It is under this influence that the concept of “Indigo Children” arose, and many of the kids of this age group exhibit these Indigo tendencies such as heightened psychic awareness and sensitivity.

Justin Bieber’s creativity is obvious in his chart with his Piscean Sun and Venus.  Pisces is the sign that seeks to transcend material reality and move into a realm of imagination and wonder.  However, Saturn conjoins Justin’s Sun which gives him both a sense of insecurity as well as the desire and need to work hard and to build something, even at a young age.

It’s rare that someone with a sensitive Pisces Sun conjoined by repressive and insecure Saturn achieves this kind of fame so early, but Justin has Pluto, the planet of personal empowerment and transformation, in a very tight conjunction to his North Node […]

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Why did Sandra Bullock marry Jesse James?

This whole debacle with Jesse James and the now eleven affairs he is supposed to have had during his marriage to Sandra Bullock, has me asking this question again.  Astrology provides a window into the motivation behind people’s actions, so I took a deeper look.

Sandra Bullock’s chart is not a very emotional one.  She has the Moon in reasonable and rational Aquarius, showing that her feelings (the Moon) tend to be filtered through the mind rather than the emotional body.  She has very little other water in her chart other than Saturn in Pisces, which shows a discomfort and fear (Saturn) of losing herself (Pisces), and Chiron is also in Pisces showing a wound (Chiron) in that same area.

In addition, with Venus (relating) in the changeable sign of Gemini, she is likely to need  a lot of space and air in her relationships. Chiron, the wounder and healer, is in a challenging square to Venus in Sandra’s chart which suggests that relationships are for her the greatest teachers but can sometimes lead to emotionally wrenching experiences.

Sandra met Jesse James in December 2003 when  transiting Pluto (transformation and compulsion) formed a challenging square to Chiron in Sandra’s chart and began to set off the Chiron/Venus system. Pluto transits call us deeper into the soul where we have to face parts of ourselves that have long been hidden, and Pluto transits to Venus also bring about intense relationship experiences that can be very difficult but which in the end teach us something about ourselves. Pluto transits to Chiron often have the effect of healing a deep wound within us, but can also serve to expose that wound so that it can be dealt with.

For the two years that Sandra and […]

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