The astrology of the Leno/O’Brian late night drama

It’s no surprise to many of us that NBC’s attempt to save money by giving Jay Leno a variety show in the 10 pm slot has been a failure, and now some reports claim that NBC wants to move Leno back to the 11:35 pm time slot for a half hour show and keep Conan O’Brien, who took Leno’s place on the Tonight Show, but push back the start time to 12:05 am.
Both of these gentlemen are in the middle of planetary cycles that suggest change.  Jay Leno’s chart (April 28, 1950, 2:03 am, New Rochelle NY) shows that his progressed Sun is at 4 degrees Cancer and is fast approaching his progressed Uranus (culminating in June of this year).  This is a time of major change and perhaps liberation (Uranus) for him – it’s quite possible that he will retire or quit television entirely to pursue other interests.  With a Taurus (stability) Sun and Virgo (details) Moon he is not someone who craves change, but this upcoming Sun/Uranus event suggests surprise and change for him.
In addition, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are all converging in a challenging aspect to this Sun/Uranus combination, creating challenges (Saturn), radical departure from his present experience (Uranus), and the ending of one phase in his life and the beginning of another (Pluto).
Conan O’Brien (April 18, 1963, 1:48 pm, Boston MA) has a much more adventurous chart.  He has the Sun in independent Aries, and although Virgo is rising (suggesting a need for details and a modest approach to life), Uranus (change and radical behavior) sits right on his ascendant (the point that describes the […]

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The astrology of Rush Limbaugh’s health scare

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Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital in Hawaii suffering severe chest pains while on vacation to play golf, but his doctors were unable to find anything wrong with them.  He should have consulted an astrologer instead. 

Rush Limbaugh (1/12/1951, 7:50 am, Cape Girardeau MO) is, of course, a conservative talk show host whose listeners are known as “dittoheads.”  As astrologers, we often see the more extreme ideologies when there are inner conflicts between astrological signatures of conservatism (predominance of earth signs, Saturn) and signatures of liberal mindedness (air signs, Uranus).  That inner struggle between safety and security and more innovative thinking often results in an individual who becomes dogmatic on the right wing, or angrily rebellious on the left.

This is particularly true for those of us who have strong squares between Saturn and Uranus in our chart such as my own compatriots from the early 1950s.  Rush Limbaugh is one of those, with a nearly exact square between Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius, the innovator, is rising in his chart so in some ways you might expect Rush to tilt more to the left.  But with the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn opposite the Moon, that conservative bent won the battle between the two ideologies.  But more important, the opposition between Mars in Aquarius and Pluto shows an obsession with power that makes the conservative mind view much more comfortable than a more liberal perspective which Rush deems “weak.”  

It is no secret that Limbaugh has been addicted to prescription drugs for some time.  In 2003 he admitted his addiction to OxyContin and hydrocodone, and in 2006 he was arrested on fraud charges after he was found “shopping doctors” to write […]

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Charlie Sheen’s Latest Marital Woes


The relationship problems of Charlie Sheen, a well-known American actor who has been acclaimed for his roles in such films as Platoon and Wall Street and in TV sitcoms Spin City and Two and a Half Men, have been well-documented.  n 1990 his engagement to actress Kelly Preston ended after he accidentally shot her in the arm and then left her for porn star Ginger Lynn.  In 1996 he was arrested for attacking a girlfriend at his home, for which he received probation. He was named in the Heidi Fleiss prostitution scandal and was hospitalized for a cocaine overdose in 1998.  His marriage to Denise Richards (2002-2005) and subsequent divorce were fraught with charges of Sheen’s abusive behavior.
Now Sheen has been arrested for “felony menacing” at his home in Aspen as the result of a 911 call from his wife, Brooke Mueller.  Mueller accused Sheen of attacking her with a knife, but police records show that she was legally drunk with a .13 alcohol reading.  Sheen told authorities that he had been defending himself against his wife.  Mueller later recanted her accusation and is no longer speaking to police at the time of this article.
Charlie Sheen is one of those “radical Virgos” whose dramatic behavior belie the typical characteristics of the Virgo Sun sign whose natives tend to be rather reticent and modest.  You would never think of a Virgo as having a penchant for porn and gambling.
Sheen is one of the “Uranus/Pluto” generation who were born between 1962 and 1968 when Uranus (radical change) and Pluto (death and rebirth) were conjunct in the sky.  This entire generation has a thirst for breaking down barriers (Uranus) in order to rebuild something that has […]

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Brittany Murphy Has Died

This is very sad, I thought she was a fine actress and I found her very appealing as well.  I first noticed her in the film “Don’t Say a Word” and she was amazing […]

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The Astrology of the Tiger Woods Story:

Tiger Woods astrology

When I first wrote about Tiger Woods’ little accident outside his house, there was already a hint of impropriety, but who could have imagined the extent to which this drama has unfolded.  As of today there are a total of 13 mistresses that have claimed to have been involved with Tiger Woods.  As if that weren’t bad enough, his wife has purchased a home in her native Sweden, the local child welfare office paid the Woods’ home a visit, and he has been dropped by several of his lucrative endorsement deals.
And the story, as everyone now knows, goes way beyond infidelity.  Lurid tales of three-ways fueled by Ambien cocktails, orgies with prostitutes, and a multitude of Barbie-like mistresses will probably never cease haunting Tiger Woods.  And if that weren’t bad enough, Al Sharpton has blasted Woods for his “lack of diversity” in his dalliances and relationships.  And yesterday Woods announced that he was taking an indefinite leave from golf to attend to his family.
These affairs are, for the most part, not one-night stands or midnight hookups – they are long-time relationships.  Some of them began before Wood’s marriage to Elin Nordgren, and the publicized text messages make it apparent that Woods is a man who is hungry for more than sex – he is hungry for an intensity that his public image does not allow for.
Woods has the Sun in Capricorn, the sign of achievement and success.  He was a prodigy and began his career at the age of two.   His Sun is squared by Jupiter, bestowing a kingly good fortune upon him but also suggesting that he will be undone by hubris, the sin of pride against the gods.  Like Icarus who flew too […]

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