Saturn in Libra: Testing Our Standards of Beauty


Libra, under the rulership of Venus, is connected with the domain of beauty and all things aesthetic so it’s not surprised that our traditional rules of what is aesthetically pleasing is being challenged now that Saturn (challenges and testing) has entered the sign of Libra.
The Brits are in the forefront of this trend, first of all with the success of , the Channel Five newsreader who was disfigured in a fire when he was 18.  Partridge was given a one-week trial to read the news on British TV,  and the response to his presence in the newsroom was overwhelmingly positive. Partridge was given the job, one usually given to traditionally attractive individuals.
Now the Brits have struck again with a reality show about the six disabled people left on an island, produced by disabled and starring disabled characters.  The show is called “” a takeoff from “Castaways.”
BBC’s first attempt to mainstream the disabled was with the TV show Missing Top Model that  ran for one season and was not renewed.  But now that Saturn has moved into Libra, perhaps the public is ready for a change in aesthetics – one that delves below the superficial and exposes the real human beauty beneath.
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Will Steven Tyler Leave Aerosmith?

Steven Tyler has beensteven tyler.jpg having a difficult time lately.  In 2006 he was plagued by health problems including throat surgery and the revelation of Hepatitis C, and in 2008 he revealed that he was back in rehab for his addiction problems.  This past summer he fell off the stage in South Dakota as his band Aerosmith toured the country, forcing the cancellation of several tour dates and leading to speculation that Tyler still has a drug problem.  Since the fall in August of 2009 Tyler has been quoted as saying he will be leaving the band to pursue “Brand Tyler,” but he has also been quoted as saying he will not be leaving the band.  

Tyler astrological chart shows that he has the Sun in Aries, the sign of leadership with a very strong will.  Aries people are driven by a need to assert themselves and their own individuality, and Tyler is no exception.  However, that Sun is opposed by Neptune, planet of mystery and transcendence.  Neptune urges us to seek an experience that transcends material reality, and this can mean a life of spiritual pursuit, or a life that is addicted to escapism.  Tyler also has Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, in the sign of Pisces which is ruled by Neptune, so this broadens the influence of the Neptunian escapism.  The same influence that encourages us to transcend reality also brings tremendous creativity, and there is no dispute that Tyler has been one of the most creative (and flamboyant) forces in the rock world for many years.
Tyler has a stressful combination of Mars […]

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Johnny Deep is the Sexiest Man Alive!

You’ll get no argument from my 82-year old mother on this subject!  People Magazine today named Johnny Depp the sexiest man alive, a title he first won back in 2003.  I first profiled Depp in 2006:

After many years of resisting commercial exploitation, Johnny Depp has become a major bankable star with the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Beginning with his breakout role in Twenty-One Jump Street, Johnny Depp has fought the Hollywood machine even though it meant foregoing roles that would bring him great commercial success. Instead he focused on smaller character roles where he could practice the of acting, aligning himself with quirky geniuses such as Tim Burton and John Waters. After a lifetime of what he calls “hillbilly rage,” he has mellowed into a mature actor with a grown-up life that includes family life with his children and long-term partner Vanessa Paradis.

Depp’s astrological chart shows that he was born with the Sun in Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and is the sign of the trickster, the prankster, the messenger. Typically very communicative and verbal, Geminis (or those born with Mercury prominent in their chart) can be mercurial and adept at mimicry, able to […]

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Carrie Prejean Continues to Self-destruct with Sex Tape

You may remember Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California who lost her bid for Miss USA and was subsequently fired as Miss California.  Since then she has been sued by the Miss California pageant demanding reimbursement for breast implants, to which she filed a countersuit for discrimination against her over her religion.
She evidently dropped the lawsuit after viewing a DVD in which she played the starring role in a porno film during a negotiation session.  Tuesday she defended herself on the program The View against questions regarding the sex tape.  Then yesterday, in an interview with Larry King promoting her book “Still Standing,” she threatened to walk off the set when King asked her a question about the settlement.
You can read all about Carrie Prejean’s astrological chart from June of this year when she was fired.  In that article I wrote about the challenging opposition in her chart between Mars (aggression and defense) and Uranus (rebellion and revolutionary behavior).  At the time I wrote, “this means that she has a tendency to attract situations which put her in conflict against other people when actually the conflict originates within herself.  She is outspoken with aggressive Mars in the communication sign of Gemini, and that Uranus factor acts as a constant irritant which continually provokes her into rebellion of one form or another.”
Carrie has been going through some difficult planetary cycles lately.  Earlier this year that explosive trigger in her chart composed of Mars and Uranus was activated by both Saturn and Uranus in the sky.  At the same time, the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which has brought about such intense emotional experiences for many of us has been in […]

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Morrisey Hospitalized After Collapsing on Stage

Singer-songwriter Morrissey collapsed on stage last night and was rushed to the hospital with an unidentified respiratory ailment.
Morrissey (May 22, 1959, time unknown, Lancashire England) is a complicated personality astrologically, with a lighthearted Gemini Sun squared by Pluto, the god of death.  He has said that he began taking prescription drugs as a teenager to combat the depression that often accompanies this kind of planetary combination, and he is known in the British press as the Pope of Mope.
He is also well-known for his ambivalent sexuality. Pluto is the planet of intense emotional experiences, and this encompasses the experience of sexuality which draws us into the underworld where we may feel we have lost control.  This conflict between Pluto’s darkness and the lighthearted Gemini Sun and the fear of being overpowered is exemplified in this lyric from the song “Handsome Devil”: “And when we’re in your scholarly room, who will swallow whom?”
Gemini rules breathing, and that square from Pluto in the natal chart can create breathing difficulties.  Morrissey also has a square from Jupiter in Scorpio, which has a tendency towards intensity anyway, to Chiron (the Wounded Healer archetype). This aspect bestows a powerful sense of social justice and a need to feel important and that one was put on the Earth for an important reason.  It also expands (Jupiter) the requirement by Chiron that undigested emotional material be released and healed, so transits to these points can create health problems that arise from emotional and psychological disconnects.
Morrissey’s Moon is involved in this combination as well; depending on the time he was born, his Moon either conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio and squares Chiron (if he is born before noon)  which would create a fair amount of […]

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