Johnny Deep is the Sexiest Man Alive!

You’ll get no argument from my 82-year old mother on this subject!  People Magazine today named Johnny Depp the sexiest man alive, a title he first won back in 2003.  I first profiled Depp in 2006:

After many years of resisting commercial exploitation, Johnny Depp has become a major bankable star with the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Beginning with his breakout role in Twenty-One Jump Street, Johnny Depp has fought the Hollywood machine even though it meant foregoing roles that would bring him great commercial success. Instead he focused on smaller character roles where he could practice the of acting, aligning himself with quirky geniuses such as Tim Burton and John Waters. After a lifetime of what he calls “hillbilly rage,” he has mellowed into a mature actor with a grown-up life that includes family life with his children and long-term partner Vanessa Paradis.

Depp’s astrological chart shows that he was born with the Sun in Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and is the sign of the trickster, the prankster, the messenger. Typically very communicative and verbal, Geminis (or those born with Mercury prominent in their chart) can be mercurial and adept at mimicry, able to […]

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Carrie Prejean Continues to Self-destruct with Sex Tape

You may remember Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California who lost her bid for Miss USA and was subsequently fired as Miss California.  Since then she has been sued by the Miss California pageant demanding reimbursement for breast implants, to which she filed a countersuit for discrimination against her over her religion.
She evidently dropped the lawsuit after viewing a DVD in which she played the starring role in a porno film during a negotiation session.  Tuesday she defended herself on the program The View against questions regarding the sex tape.  Then yesterday, in an interview with Larry King promoting her book “Still Standing,” she threatened to walk off the set when King asked her a question about the settlement.
You can read all about Carrie Prejean’s astrological chart from June of this year when she was fired.  In that article I wrote about the challenging opposition in her chart between Mars (aggression and defense) and Uranus (rebellion and revolutionary behavior).  At the time I wrote, “this means that she has a tendency to attract situations which put her in conflict against other people when actually the conflict originates within herself.  She is outspoken with aggressive Mars in the communication sign of Gemini, and that Uranus factor acts as a constant irritant which continually provokes her into rebellion of one form or another.”
Carrie has been going through some difficult planetary cycles lately.  Earlier this year that explosive trigger in her chart composed of Mars and Uranus was activated by both Saturn and Uranus in the sky.  At the same time, the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which has brought about such intense emotional experiences for many of us has been in […]

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Morrisey Hospitalized After Collapsing on Stage

Singer-songwriter Morrissey collapsed on stage last night and was rushed to the hospital with an unidentified respiratory ailment.
Morrissey (May 22, 1959, time unknown, Lancashire England) is a complicated personality astrologically, with a lighthearted Gemini Sun squared by Pluto, the god of death.  He has said that he began taking prescription drugs as a teenager to combat the depression that often accompanies this kind of planetary combination, and he is known in the British press as the Pope of Mope.
He is also well-known for his ambivalent sexuality. Pluto is the planet of intense emotional experiences, and this encompasses the experience of sexuality which draws us into the underworld where we may feel we have lost control.  This conflict between Pluto’s darkness and the lighthearted Gemini Sun and the fear of being overpowered is exemplified in this lyric from the song “Handsome Devil”: “And when we’re in your scholarly room, who will swallow whom?”
Gemini rules breathing, and that square from Pluto in the natal chart can create breathing difficulties.  Morrissey also has a square from Jupiter in Scorpio, which has a tendency towards intensity anyway, to Chiron (the Wounded Healer archetype). This aspect bestows a powerful sense of social justice and a need to feel important and that one was put on the Earth for an important reason.  It also expands (Jupiter) the requirement by Chiron that undigested emotional material be released and healed, so transits to these points can create health problems that arise from emotional and psychological disconnects.
Morrissey’s Moon is involved in this combination as well; depending on the time he was born, his Moon either conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio and squares Chiron (if he is born before noon)  which would create a fair amount of […]

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Jeff Skilling Has His Day in Court

I had nearly forgot about Jeff Skilling, mastermind behind the fall of Enron in one of the largest corporate scandals in history.  But it appears that after being sentenced to 24 years in prison, he before the Supreme Court on what seems to be a technicality – a definition of “honest services.”
Speaking about Jupiter (good fortune) changing direction!  Jupiter has been in trine formation with a trine from Jupiter to Neptune in Skilling’s chart – the trine that bestows great creativity but which also, in an undisciplined character, can seek easy justification and use that creativity to get out of trouble.  His natal Jupiter trine made him lucky; we’ll see if his luck will hold out with Jupiter making a trine to his natal chart.
I profiled him a couple of years ago and did a fantasy rectification for entertainment purposes only.  
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More on Letterman’s Birthchart and What is Rectification?

The other day I wrote on Dave Letterman’s chart as it affects his situation at the moment, embroiled in a blackmail scheme and needing to make major apologies to his wife and staff.  My anonymous commenter Chiron questioned the birth time of 6 am which has been put forth by the wonderful people at Astrodatabank which is now posted on and is listed with a Rodden rating of A.

Rectification is the art, or fantasy depending on how you look at it, of assigning a time of birth to a person where no birth time is known, using the astrological correlations with certain events in a person’s life.
Rectification is more reliable when we have a smaller time range, for example, if I know that someone was born in the afternoon I can generally narrow down the time using rectification methods.  But if we have no birth time, such as in the case of a celebrity, and we rectify based on what we THINK we know about that celebrity, we are not doing ourselves or the field of astrology any favors.
The example of what happened with Susan Boyle’s birthchart is a good one.  Susan Boyle, as you may recall, exploded into public view overnight.  Nothing was known about her, but when a birth time was found astrologers all over the world began publishing what we thought were extremely accurate portrayals of her birthchart using this birth time.  Unfortunately for us, that birth time turned out to be incorrect and the correct birth time did not appear to be so accurate based on what we assumed we knew about Susan Boyle.
That said, the 6 am time for Letterman comes from a staffer and from his biography so it is reasonably reliable although when I see a rounded-off time […]

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