What’s got into Serena Williams?

Tennis legend Serena Williams (9/26/1981, unverified time of 8:26 pm in Saginaw, MI) gave a referee a piece of her mind on Saturday, costing her the game and the match.  This sudden outburst is considered out of character for Serena, who rarely makes the news outside of the sports section.

This can be explained partially by her astrology chart and the fact that Serena has five planets in the peaceloving sign of Libra:  the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury.  But she’s not all peace, love and harmony – that Pluto/Mercury conjunction gives her plenty of verbal (Mercury) power (Pluto) and I suspect that she’s not afraid to use it.  Her Virgo Moon gives her a natural reticence and modesty, but this conflicts with a powerful Mars in the competitive sign of Leo, revealing her intense drive (Mars) to win (Leo). Still, that Virgo Moon is typically respectful of rules and dislikes rocking the boat and ESPN sports analyst Mary Carillo said, “This was an aberration, I’ve never seen her like that.”

It’s not surprising that Serena is touchier these days than usual.  Transiting Chiron, the planet that brings up all of our old wounds and fears, is making a square to Chiron in her natal chart. This is a challenging planetary event that removes the protective band-aids that we use to cover up our insecurities and old wounds of the psyche.

She has also had a major transit of Pluto making a square to her Sun.  Although that cycle is taking a breather, she has likely been going through some rather intense changes in her professional and personal life.

On the day of the incident, transiting Mars was forming an exact square to Saturn in Serena’s chart.  Saturn often […]

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RIP Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy died last night of brain cancer at the age of 77.  He was a controversial figure in many ways, but there is no denying that he was a tireless champion for the rights of those less fortunate than he.  He is also the last of the iconic Kennedy political family that wielded political influence in the United States for fifty years.

Kennedy was a man with great compassion, as we can see with the Sun in sensitive Pisces opposed by Neptune, ruler of Pisces, and the Moon.  Neptune and Pisces seek an experience of Universal Bliss and are associated with spirituality and spiritual compassion, but also with a desire to escape the boundaries of ordinary reality.  A propensity towards alcoholism and other addictions are frequently seen in a strong Pisces nature, and Kennedy was no exception.

Still, the extreme empathy that is bestowed by Neptune and Pisces combined in Kennedy’s chart with a Capricorn ascendant that gave him the ability to focus and work diligently to accomplish his goals.  A combination of Mars (drive) and Mercury (communication) in Aquarius, the sign of new ideas and social justice, propelled him ever forwards to design new ways of creating greater balance in the American economic system.

Senator Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer last May, as transiting Chiron made the first swipe of a square to his natal Chiron.  Chiron is the planet(oid, some say) that presides over the body/mind/spirit balance of an individual and is therefore often present when there is illness of some kind.  The first phase of the Chiron square cycle occurred in March, but Kennedy was not hospitalized until May when the Full Moon hit a sensitive Mars/Mercury conjunction in his chart.

The final square […]

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Michael Vick wants a second chance

Here is a repost of the profile I did on Vick last November. Vick was just signed by the Philadelphia Eagles thanks to Coach Andy Reid’s compassion for Vick’s situation. Andy Reid’s own sons were jailed on drug charges and he welcomed the opportunity to give another young man a second chance. My update is at the end of the post.

Michael Vick plead guilty in November of 2008 to dogfighting charges at the state level after serving nearly a year for federal charges. The horrific nature of these crimes, which as an animal lover I cannot bear to repeat in this column, led me to investigate his astrological chart (born 6/26/1980, time unknown, Newport News VA) to look for clues to his behavior. I am in

no way excusing the actions of criminals in this kind of chart research – Vick’s chart did not doom him to cruelty and he always had the choice to choose a different path.

The psychospiritual development of a human being is the result of a combination of the psychological and spiritual factors in the birthchart, the family environment, and the choices that we make at every moment of our lives. The raw material in a
birthchart will not help us to predict which individuals will become psychopathic criminals and a criminal may share a birthchart with a brillliant philanthropist. It is easier to look back and see clues in the birthchart that can help to explain where the psychopathic behavior originates.

In the case of Michael Vick, his Sun is in Cancer, the sign of emotional sensitivity. Cancer is a difficult sign for a man – its extreme sensitivity often does not easily find expression in most […]

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Paula Abdul and the fall of American Idol

I confess that I am not an Idol watcher, but I HAVE been watching Paula Abdul over the past year and wondering what was up with her.  Last November an accused stalker committed suicide in front of Paula’s house.  Her behavior on American Idol was consistently eccentric (often called “loopy”) and led to rumors of drug and alcohol addiction. Paula claims that her odd behavior is the result of nerve damage from an accident back in 1992 that left her with a painful neck injury and the inability to sleep.

The planetary transits that Paula Abdul is experiencing now are liberating ones, suggesting that her leaving American Idol is going to free her to do other things that she has been wanting to do for quite some time.  We are fortunate in having a birth certificate for her so we have exact data to do her chart (6/19/62, 2:32 pm, LA, California).  Paula’s Sun is in Gemini and she is a person who needs a constant influx of new experiences in order to satisfy her need for change.  That Sun falls in the Ninth House of freedom and adventure and philosophy so it is clear that she will always need to follow her own dreams.

Libra is rising in the chart, which gives her the pleasing personality that has made her a favorite on the Idol program, and the sign of Cancer sits on the Midheaven of the chart, suggesting that in every aspect of her career (Midheaven) she has a desire to take care of others.  This nurturing quality is accentuated by the conjunction of the Moon (the nurturer and ruler of the sign of Cancer) at the Nadir of the chart, its own point.  This is a […]

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Birth certificates found for Michael Jackson’s children

TMZ has posted copies of the  of Michael Jackson’s children.  Many will say that this is an abhorrent violation of the right to privacy of children who have done nothing to put themselves in the spotlight, and I agree.  On the other hand, for an astrologer to have verified birth dates and times is an exciting event, so I felt I had to take advantage of it and make note of a few interesting things about the charts of the two kids.

From a psychological perspective, it is fascinating to note that the older son’s name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson.  Not Michael Joseph Jackson Jr,. MJ’s full name, but Prince Michael.  MJ was a master of disguise and illusion with a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in his chart that likely sat in the Fifth House of creativity and self-expression.  He lived in a placed called Neverland.  His son became the royal figure that MJ always longed to be.  MJ’s daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, absorbed the identity of his beloved mother into his own identity.  I suspect that for Michael Jackson these children were not only an extension of his reality but they probably became his actual reality.

Both of the kids have stressful aspects from Saturn to Mars, suggesting a sense of confinement and inability to express their needs and desires, but they are both people of significant strength of personality despite that.   Where Prince Michael has a stellium of five planets in Aquarius, Paris Michael has four planets in Aries (although Saturn is one of them, dampening the enthusiasm and vigor of the Aries planets somewhat).  Prince Michael is likely to be extremely creative and with Pluto on the Ascendant he has the potential to […]

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