A Look at Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow’s new show began on September 9, and if you’re a fan of the truth, no matter what side you’re on, you owe it to herself to check her out.

for Rachel, along with these words of wisdom:

I wonder who’ll be on the political scene in the USA around 10 years from now, say for the elections in 2016 and 2020? One name in the future’s political headlines which wouldn’t surprise me a bit would be Rachel Maddow. She’s 35 now, in ten years she’ll be just about the right age to run as a presidential candidate, or be chosen as VP, having perhaps done a stint in the House or Senate in intervening years.

Rachel’s new TV show, which has all the hallmarks of being “the one to watch” for those keen on politics, was aired for the first time last night. She has been seen fairly regularly on MSNBC all year, doing pundit duty along with Olbermann, Matthews, Buchanan and the rest, as well as presenting a regular radio show on Air America. She strikes me as the type of person for whom US politics is crying out. She oozes confidence, speaks and debates with a no nonsense clarity, clear grasp of issues, but never loses her calm, friendly approach.

What’s most notable about to me is the combination of Aries (Chiron, Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries) which is dynamic, inspirational, willful and courageous; Moon and Mercury conjunct in sensitive Pisces, which is empathic and creative but fragile; and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius – the innovator, the fighter for social justice and equality.   Pluto (power issues) opposes Venus […]

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Cameron Diaz: Commitment Phobia and the Pluto Square

Cameron Diaz has reportedly told boyfriend Paul Sculfor that she’d rather be single, even though he’s moved his stuff into her Los Angeles home.  Cameron seems to shy away from romantic entanglements, and even during her long relationship with Justin Timberlake the two spent long periods of time apart and her friends reported that Cameron was unable to commit to the relationship.  She even admitted on the Ellen Degeneres show that she is commitment phobic.  So I wanted to take a look at and see what’s going on there.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is a Virgo, and we usually think of Virgos as being shy and retiring prudes who avoid the spotlight, but this kind of two-dimensional portrait is not always true for everyone.  Cameron’s Virgo Sun is conjunct Mars (the warrior planet) which gives her that dynamic energy that she is so famous for, along with a love of adventure and tomboy tendencies.  Mars is a masculine planet and gives Cameron that tomboy personality and a need to be the one in charge – the leader in the relationship.  She will never like being confined by another.

Cameron’s Moon (showing her emotional needs) is in Taurus, the sign of stability and security, so there is a part of her that craves a life of comfort and serenity.  The Taurus moon can also be stubborn, inflexible, and easily threatened and Cameron’s Moon is squared by Mercury which reveals an inner conflict between the mind (Mercury) and the heart (Moon).  This can make it more difficult for her to make rational decisions and her heart often leads her with her head likely often following in regret.

She has […]

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Introducing: The Jolie Pitt Twins!

Jolie-Pitt-twinsNow that we have a confirmed birth time thanks to my vigilant readers (6:27 pm) we can more accurately profile Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie Pitt, born on July 12 to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The birthchart for the twins shows that their Sun is in Cancer, within ten degrees of Venus (relationships) in Angelina’s chart which bodes well for a loving emotional connection between Angelina and the children. An opposition (180 degree angle) of the Sun to Jupiter suggests that they will be showered with good fortune (that’s a no-brainer!), and even though the opposition is an aspect that illustrates some tension with a happy planet like Jupiter the opposition usually brings little challenge to the individual except a tendency towards excess.
The twins have Sagittarius rising in the chart and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so Jupiter is a strong influence there. Jupiter rules expansion, opportunity, good fortune, and a desire to find meaning in life so these things will be very strong for the twins. However, Jupiter in the chart is retrograde, which suggests that they may find it difficult to recognize the possibilities and benefits (Jupiter) that they are given.
Emotionally, they could be very intense and moody since they not only have the Sun and Mercury (mental processes and communication) in Cancer, which is the sign of moods and sensitivity, but their Moon (emotional nature) is in Scorpio which denotes an intensity of emotion that is not shared by Angelina and her Aries Moon.
They may more easily connect on an emotional level with Brad since his Moon and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn and nearly exactly sextile the Moon in the twins’ chart. Because they were apparently born within one minute of each other their charts […]

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An untimely death

Vphoto from

Ruslana Korshunova was a beautiful young woman who seemed to have everything going for her until she plunged to her death. Although friends said she appeared to be “on top of the world,” her web postings tell a different story, saying she felt lost and as if her heart was being “stomped all over.” Her death came two days before her twenty-first birthday. (Astrological chart here.)

One of the mysteries of astrological profiles is why two people with the same psychological dynamics will take very different roads. Perhaps it’s the environment they find themselves in; perhaps they make different choices. In any event, although we can see the seeds of difficulty in Rusiana’s chart it presented challenges that were no more difficult than those faced by many of us.

Ruslana was born with the Sun in Cancer – exceptionally sensitive and emotional, family would have been very important to her. Cancer is the sign that rules our family connections and geneaological roots, and there is often a strong affiliation to the tribal identity. Mercury was in Cancer in her chart, as was Mars, so the Cancerian influence was very strong. Ruslana was sending money home to her family in Kazakhstan. She was drafted into the fashion industry after a modeling agency spotted her photo in a magazine on the Kazakh club scene at the age of 15. It’s hard to imagine that she did not miss her family, no matter how glamourous her life became.

We don’t know Ruslana’s time of birth so we can’t pinpoint her rising sign which would tell us more about the way she lived her life, but we know that she had the Moon in Virgo, which is not comfortable with any big show […]

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