Robin Williams to divorce

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Marsha Garces Williams, wife of actor Robin Williams, filed for divorce last week citing “irreconciliable differences”. Although Robin is best known for his comedic skills, he has a long history of drug and alcohol addiction and it is rumored that Marsha filed divorce papers after her ultimatum failed to wean him from his addictions.

The astrological chart of Robin Williams shows a fascinating blend of comic genius and tragic emotional pain, the combination of which appears to be essential in all of the great comic minds. Williams, with a Cancer Sun, also has a Pisces Moon and Scorpio rising. This heavy watery influence shows his intensely sensitive emotional nature, and a tendency to lose himself (Pisces Moon) into his environment. Mercury (mental function) in his chart is in the fun-loving sign of Leo, and Leo is the King of Comedy. That Mercury sits prominently on the Midheaven of his chart, demonstrating his ability to connect with the public (Midheaven) through his ability to express his thoughts and ideas (Mercury). Pluto (intensity and drama) conjoins his Mercury which suggests a powerful mind with an obsessive nature.

Williams has a wildly revolutionary conjunction of Mars (aggression) and Uranus (rebellion) which is tightly aspected to both Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (fantasy), and it is this planetary system in his birthchart which describes his unique methodology when it comes to acting. WIlliams cannot be controlled and rarely sticks to the script. His strong Cancerian influence (with Sun, Mars and Uranus all in Cancer) reveals his intense attachment to family and his strong desire to nurture others; in fact, he has become a surrogate parent to the children […]

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The Eclipse and the unmasking of John McCain

Last night’s eclipse was spectacular! We had a thick blanket of clouds here, but the clouds parted long enough to expose the eclipsed Moon through a smoky light. I wish I had decent nighttime photography equipment. Of course it kept me up all night – recently I find I don’t sleep during the Full Moon and this eclipse had a power all its own.

You may remember from my article here a few days ago that the eclipse would conjunct both John McCain and Mike Huckabee’s Virgo Suns. I didn’t make much of it because McCain is undergoing a transit of Saturn to his Sun of which this is the second phase, and it has only strengthened his candidacy. But eclipses can bring about sudden changes and as one reader wrote, the “unmasking” and revelation of Truth.

John McCain wants to be president so badly that after Karl Rove spread whisper campaigns that his adopted Bangladeshi daughter was an illegitimate black child, and that his wife Cindy was addicted to prescription drugs, he still sold his soul to President Bush in exchange for his support (see photo).

Last night’s Keith Olbermann program featured a story on new revelations to come out of the New York Times today that John McCain had had an “improper” relationship with a lobbyist during the 2000 election. Olbermann is a great gossip, but his reporting of this story focused on the tittilation of the possible relationship. Reading the reveals other long-forgotten aspects of John McCain that are in my view more damaging:

  • In 1989 the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association collapsed, and its CEO, Charles Keating, turned out to be a major […]
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Hillary Clinton: In the palm of her hand

For you Hillary fans out there (and judging from the comments there are a lot of you!), gives a great look into the palmistry of candidate Hillary Clinton entitled “Will the real Hillary Clinton run for president?” Leslie writes:

Her gifts of insight, empathy, focus and passion are clearly etched in her palm, but she seems unable to integrate her softer side into her public persona. The lack of a clear fate line confirms the difficulty she faces in allowing her true gifts to shine. Like many women in positions of power, she is criticized for being too masculine, but not allowed to be at all feminine. . . .

No one, male or female, should have to contend with the level of vitriol that has been directed at Senator Clinton. As the first serious woman candidate for president, Hillary Clinton has taken on a pioneering role, and with it a heap of psychic and emotional abuse.

Perhaps it is part of her karma to change the way the US looks at strong women. But in order to stop being seen as polarizing, Hillary must integrate her own polarly opposite strengths and allow all of herself to show up on the campaign trail.

read more about the palmistry of Senator Clinton here…

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The Descent of Britney Spears

Quite a few of you have written asking me to give an update on Britney Spears, which you can find at the National Ledger. Britney is going through some difficult planetary cycles, but they are no more intense than the ones you and I go through on a regular basis. When the identity is not permitted to strengthen, as so often happens with these young stars, they often don’t have the werewithal to handle these stressful times which to me is a real tragedy.

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A Look at Unpredictable Sean Young

Sean Young is almost as well known for her rebellious behavior as she is for her acting roles. In 1987 she annoyed Oliver Stone so badly during the filming of Wall Street that he wrapped up her filming early. In 1988 a relationship with co-star James Woods turned into a disaster when he sued her for harassment after, according to her, she rebuffed his advances.

It would be kind to say that James Woods is known for his own eccentric behavior, and the case was allegedly settled with Woods’ payment of a quarter million dollars. But Sean Young’s reputation in Hollywood was established as a troublemaker, and in 2006 she lived up to this reputation once again by crashing the Vanity Fair Oscar party and was bounced out the back door. Saturday night she was tossed out of the Directors Guild of America awards for heckling director Julian Schnabel and she has now entered rehab for alcohol addiction.

Sean’s astrological chart shows that both her Sun and Mars are in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is well-known for its tendency towards emotional access and drama, and for a smoldering passion that defines nearly everything that they do. Mars is the planet that defines our drive and desires, and in Scorpio Mars becomes particularly passionate and driven. This is exacerbated by a square in her chart of Mars to Uranus, the planet of radical revolution and change. This combination of Mars and Uranus is explosive and suggests a personality that is prone to outbursts of anger and extreme rebellion.

Over the past couple of years the planets Saturn and Neptune have transited over that sensitive point in her chart, first Saturn back in the fall of 2006 and into 2007, and then Neptune in 2007 and now in […]

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