The Descent of Britney Spears

Quite a few of you have written asking me to give an update on Britney Spears, which you can find at the National Ledger. Britney is going through some difficult planetary cycles, but they are no more intense than the ones you and I go through on a regular basis. When the identity is not permitted to strengthen, as so often happens with these young stars, they often don’t have the werewithal to handle these stressful times which to me is a real tragedy.

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A Look at Unpredictable Sean Young

Sean Young is almost as well known for her rebellious behavior as she is for her acting roles. In 1987 she annoyed Oliver Stone so badly during the filming of Wall Street that he wrapped up her filming early. In 1988 a relationship with co-star James Woods turned into a disaster when he sued her for harassment after, according to her, she rebuffed his advances.

It would be kind to say that James Woods is known for his own eccentric behavior, and the case was allegedly settled with Woods’ payment of a quarter million dollars. But Sean Young’s reputation in Hollywood was established as a troublemaker, and in 2006 she lived up to this reputation once again by crashing the Vanity Fair Oscar party and was bounced out the back door. Saturday night she was tossed out of the Directors Guild of America awards for heckling director Julian Schnabel and she has now entered rehab for alcohol addiction.

Sean’s astrological chart shows that both her Sun and Mars are in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is well-known for its tendency towards emotional access and drama, and for a smoldering passion that defines nearly everything that they do. Mars is the planet that defines our drive and desires, and in Scorpio Mars becomes particularly passionate and driven. This is exacerbated by a square in her chart of Mars to Uranus, the planet of radical revolution and change. This combination of Mars and Uranus is explosive and suggests a personality that is prone to outbursts of anger and extreme rebellion.

Over the past couple of years the planets Saturn and Neptune have transited over that sensitive point in her chart, first Saturn back in the fall of 2006 and into 2007, and then Neptune in 2007 and now in […]

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Heath Ledger and the Saturn Return

This is one I wasn’t expecting. Heath Ledger was found dead today in an apartment in the Soho district of Manhattan with an empty bottle of prescription sleeping pills by his bedside and pills strewn over his body and the bed.

Heath Ledger was determined to win fame through serious acting and not by capitalizing on his “pretty boy” looks. He won an Oscar nomination for his breakthrough performance in Brokeback Mountain, and won critical acclaim in his character performances in other films. He dated Naomi Watts for two years before apparently settling down with Michelle Willliams when their baby was born in 2005. They ended their relationship in 2007 and were often photographed by paparazzi in various arguments.

Although Ledger had a fiery Aries Sun, his astrological chart shows that he was an extremely sensitive individual. His Moon (emotional needs and nature) was in the sign of Cancer which rules emotions and moods. Mars (drive and aggressive instinct) was in Pisces where it tends to blur our desires and make it difficult to achieve them, and so was Mercury (mental functions) which shows an extremely empathic and delicate individual. Both of these planets have been stressed by cycles Pluto over the past two years, creating upheaval in his life and likely dredging up (Pluto rules the Underworld of the psyche) old emotions and thoughts that were problematic.

Venus in Ledger’s chart was also in Pisces, showing that he was a romantic and yearned for relationships (Venus) where he could connect totally with his mate. However, Venus was opposite the planet Saturn which can be cold and critical, indicating that he never felt that he was good enough for […]

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Bill Clinton, Anger and the Eclipse

Our Bill (as I fondly call him) is widely noted for the charm of his Libra ascendant (and an astonishing five planets in Libra!!) and his ability to schmooze with just about anyone. He is also widely known for a bad temper (Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra on the ascendant). In his biography, he wrote of his anger as quoted in the New York Times:

“I was a little disturbed by my anger, the currents of which would prove deeper and stronger in the years ahead,” Mr. Clinton wrote. “Because of the way Daddy behaved when he was angry and drunk, I associated anger with being out of control and I was determined not to lose control. Doing so could unleash the deeper, constant anger I kept locked away because I didn’t know where it came from.”

Clinton’s anger has been in the news over the past year as Mrs. Clinton’s run for President and the increasing competition from Barack Obama has become more and more intense. Reporters sense that Clinton’s anger is growing, so I had to take a look at his chart.

The progressed chart shows what we are like in the present moment, and Clinton’s progressed chart shows Mars very tightly (within 5 minutes) conjunct Mercury in the passionate sign of Scorpio. The conjunction will be partile (exact) in early February just as the Aquarius lunar eclipse on February 6 makes an extremely tight aspect (square) to this conjunction. I expect we’ll see some big fireworks then!

Clinton has also been in the “Progressed New Moon” cycle, with his progressed Moon conjunct his Sun back in December. This is a new beginning, an opportunity to begin something new, and it was at that point that Bill Clinton began to take on his wife’s campaign responsibilities with a […]

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The death of Christopher Bowman

Christopher Bowman was the man’s man of figure skating who died last week at the age of 40 in a cheap motel room from mysterious causes. An unidentified male friend shared his motel room and was with him the night he died. He was destitute and recently divorced, living out of his car and struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. He was on probation with the City of Los Angeles for receiving stolen property.

Bowman often recounted that he started skating at age five because he was an overactive child, and in his heyday was celebrated for his manly performance on the ice, a relative rarity in that business. He was known not only for his talent, but also for his charisma and a wild streak that could not be tamed.

Bowman’s astrology chart shows that he had the Sun in Aries, the sign of the warrior and adventurer, reflecting his willingness to be a maverick and live on the edge. However, the planet Saturn conjoined that Aries Sun, applying pressure on him throughout his life and a sense that he was never good enough. That Sun/Saturn conjunction is difficult to live with but in an individual who is willing to work hard it can bring tremendous strength of character in one’s later life.

However, the persistent sense of inadequacy that Saturn can apply can also cause depression and isolation that drives some people to drown their sorrow in drugs and alcohol. Bowman’s coach Frank Carroll reported that although Bowman had great talent, he was untrainable and uncoachable and lacked the discipline to improve his skills. Instead he relied on instinct and charisma which sadly, did not go far enough.

Like everyone born in the mid-1960s, Bowman’s chart shows a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, the planetary combination that brought […]

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