David Copperfield under investigation

CopperfieldDavid Copperfield has been accused of “sexual misconduct” by an unidentified woman who was evidently a guest at Copperfield’s $50 million dollar Bahamian retreat, and the  Copperfield has the perfect astrological chart for an illusionist. His Sun is in Virgo, the sign of the craftsman, yet it is in the twelfth house of the mystic. The twelfth house is ruled by Neptune which is associated with illusion and deception as well as mysticism, and his Sun is opposed by Mars which is in Pisces, also ruled by Neptune. Mars describes the way our drive is expressed, and in Pisces it can be diluted and deluded under the Neptunian influence. Neptune rules that which is hidden or obscured and its strong presence in Copperfield’s chart gives him the gift of imagination and creativity as well as an understanding of the workings of the subconscious that is required for the craft of illusion.
Because Copperfield has Virgo rising (according to with an unsourced time of birth) , Mercury is said to rule his chart. Mercury also falls in his first house of identity and rules his Gemini midheaven illustrating the importance of Mercury in the chart. Mercury is the shapeshifter; its mercurial characteristics confer an ability to easily change in and out of roles and personas. We find Mercury prominent in the charts of actors and charlatans, and there is often a slippery quality to a strong Mercury dynamic.
Mercury in Copperfield’s chart is in the people-oriented sign of Libra, giving him a facility to understand what people want from him and provide it. Mercury trines his Aquarian Moon, giving him an additional connection into the heart of the collective experience that is […]

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Russia and Vladmir Putin


In yesterday’s post I reviewed the reasoning behind the various charts for “modern Russia,” the nation that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union. The one I have selected is the chart from the declaration of independence by the Russian Federation.

The Gemini Sun, showing a tendency towards change and a facility with different roles, sits right on the Midheaven which in traditional astrology is considered a symbol of great power. This is a singleton Sun, meaning it makes no traditional aspects to any other planet (other than a square to the ascendant). This reflects the isolation of modern Russia which stands alone without any real allies. Russia is linked to China and to Iran, but those relationships are tenuous at best and primarily serve the purpose of opposing the US (more on that later).

The Moon in this chart is in Aquarius, illustrating that the political entity that we know as modern Russia is concerned primarily with matters of reason rather than emotion. With Virgo rising in the chart there is a focus on details and a dislike of blatant expressions of ego. This is also interesting because the South Node of this chart is in Leo, showing that a focus on the ego of the nation is in the past. We no longer see the loud declarations of power coming out of Russia as in the cold war; instead there is a quiet and strategic attention to the details (Virgo) which has brought about a significant improvement in the economics of the country.

That quiet Virgoan strategy is offset somewhat by the placement of Mars, denoting the aggressive instincts of the nation, in its own sign of Aries and in the seventh house of partnership. Mars makes […]

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A Look at Mitt Romney

MittMitt Romney is gaining a bit of a reputation as a flip-flopper, but with three planets in Pisces (plus Ceres) it’s his nature to be adaptable. Pisces is the most watery of the water planets: Cancer is an earthy water and Scorpio is a fiery water, but Pisces is pure water in the sense that it tends to take the shape of whatever container it finds itself in. Pisces longs for peace and an understanding that there is more to life than this material world. There is a strong sense of empathy and sensitivity in someone who has a strong Pisces nature, but there is also a dislike of confrontation and a tendency toward escapism that can lead him to take the easy path rather than the one that is more true to his nature.

Mars and Mercury fall in Pisces as well as his Sun, giving him a strong Piscean nature. Mercury in Pisces shows that his mental function is very watery and intuitive, as well as being flexible and adaptable. If something isn’t working, he has no problem changing his mind to fit the current circumstance. And Mars in Pisces is the peacemaker – the god of war in the sign of surrender. Mars, as the planet that expresses our will and desires, cannot find its full expression in the sign that seeks to merge with the great beyond and this further weakens Romney’s ability to assert himself strongly in any situation.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity, and in Romney’s chart is makes a trine (harmonious aspect) to his Sun which is a very fortunate placement indicating that he will be blessed by good fortune. Jupiter falls in Scorpio which is the one strong […]

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Kate Hudson’s relationship saga

kateKate Hudson started seeing Dax Shepherd on the rebound from her relationship with Owen Wilson last summer, and it is now reported that she has ended the relationship. While news reports claim that Kate broke up with Dax in order to spend more time with her children, the rumor mill reports that Kate is still in love with Owen and is trying to reconnect with him after his suicide attempt earlier this year. Perhaps this is idle speculation, but the Kate/Owen breakup was sudden and Owen’s suicide attempt was a dramatic event that no doubt created confusion in her mind.

I took a look at Kate’s astrological chart to see what the stars have in store for her. While Kate has the Sun in Aries, which gives her a tendency to be headstrong and willful, her Sun is on the cusp of Taurus, being less than a degree from that sign. This gives Kate more of a desire for stability and security than most Aries possess. She is also a romantic with Venus (describing her relationships) in sensitive Pisces. Pisces, being the sign of the dreamer and artist, is well suited to the planet of romance but a challenging aspect from Neptune in her chart gives Kate a tendency to live in a world of illusion where love is concerned.

Kate has both Mars (assertive instinct) and Mercury (mental process) in Aries in her chart, so the innocence and purity of the Aries sign is strong in her despite the fact that her Sun is on the cusp of Taurus. This strong Aries quality can be very impulsive as well as idealistic, and the combination of the headstrong Aries with the fantasy world of Neptune/Pisces can bring about quite […]

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The Britney meltdown continues

The National Ledger has my latest update on the Britney Spears saga. This is what happens when you combine the Sagittarian blind optimism with an Aquarian Moon and throw in a square of Chiron to that Moon in the natal chart. Then add a stew of the Saturn/Neptune opposition transiting that Chiron/Moon square, and then Chiron transiting that Chiron/Moon square as well. Top it off with a dollop of Pluto square natal Mars and you get Britney in rehab. A sad, sad story.

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