Amy Winehouse: a Radical Virgo hits the wall

Amy Winehouse has been rebelling since an early age when she was expelled from school at the age of 12 for piercing her own nose. Her music career began with her own rap duo at age 10. She started playing guitar at 13 and at by the age of 20 her first album was released. She is an incredibly creative woman, with loads of talent and a provocative and unabashedly raw and honest display of herself that defies any effort to categorize or define her.

In 2006 Amy fired her management company for trying to “stick” her into rehab, and then wrote a song about the experience. Although for a long time she denied having a drug and alcohol problem, she appeared drunk and stoned on several television shows last year and has admitted to being troubled by bulimia and eating disorders as well as a temper and a tendency toward violent behavior.

This year Amy has won an astonishing number of musical awards but has also appeared frequently in the tabloids due to her bizarre behavior. In May she married her new husband after a month-long courtship, and several weeks ago the two of them entered rehab after a 3-day bender of multiple drugs and alcohol that left Amy in a coma. They walked out after five days. Subsequent to that she cancelled her summer concerts, and most recently cancelled September concerts as well.

Amy Winehouse is a Virgo (see chart), the sign known for its reticent and modest behavior which just shows how little validity Sun Sign astrology has. There is another brand of Virgo which some call the “Radical Virgo” in which the famous Virgo powers […]

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Who is Zac Efron?

A question I had to ask myself. As I told my National Ledger editor, I may be a bit too old for celebrity profiles. But he is the hot new thing as the sequel to the hit movie High School Musical debuts this week, and if you’d like to know more about the Sun/Jupiter opposition that put him there take a look at an analysis of his relationship with his co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

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Owen Wilson’s dark times

(more about Owen Wilson here.) It’s hard to imagine one of entertainment’s funniest and most lovable characters in such a dark place that he would try to end his life, but that is apparently what Owen Wilson did over the weekend. Wilson was most recently tabloid fodder when his relationship with Kate Hudson ended earlier this year, and the news of his hospitalization with a slit wrist and ingestion of a bottle of pills coincided with announcements of starring roles in two new films.

Owen Wilson has the Sun in Scorpio, along with three other planets (Neptune, Mercury and the Moon), giving him an exceptionally strong intensity and passion in everything he does. Scorpio is a fiery water sign that is anchored in the realm of the emotional underworld; the dark and deep underbelly of our feelings that others may fear to witness. There is a great deal of courage in the Scorpio personality, since they are the ones willing to face their inner demons and become transformed by them. This doesn’t sound like the Owen Wilson that we see in films, but this is due to the fact that it is actually the sign that is rising in the chart, the ascendant or rising sign, that describes the outward personality. The rising sign is determined by the time of birth, and this is rarely available for celebrities so all we can do is make a guess, and in Wilson’s case I would guess his rising sign to be something fiery such as Leo or Sagittarius. Wilson himself has said that he is surprised he ended up in comedy, because he was so serious in high school. However, the inner Owen Wilson is strongly Scorpio.


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Richard Dawkins and the Astrology of Skeptics

Description=Richard Dawkins Photograph: Jeremy Young 05-12-2006The conversation in the comments thread to the last post inspired me to look at Dawkins’ chart and I confess I am quite fascinated with the strong Neptunian signatures that lie therein: Pisces Moon and Mercury, with Pisces Venus opposite Neptune, two very mystical signatures that counteract the Grand Trine in earth signs, which Twilight says she also possesses and makes a case for a low number of astrologers in this age group (born 1941).

Dawkins also has an unaspected Sun in Aries. Unaspected, or singleton Sun makes it difficult to forge an identity and can result in extreme behavior, particularly in Aries where it demands attention. You know how they always say that homophobes are afraid of their own homosexuality; I think the same may be true about skeptics. It is their own vulnerability inherent in the mystical site of their personality that they disown and can’t understand.

The patron skeptic of this blog, our friend Paul, had a similar dynamic: a strong Neptune and Pisces signature along with an equally strong Aquarius nature with all of its reason. There is no Aquarius in Dawkins’ chart, but there is that earthy base and the singleton Aries trying to find expression.

Dawkins said something in an interview that adds weight to my theory:

“At the age of about 13 when I was being confirmed, I did have a fairly active fantasy life about a relationship with God, and I used to pray and I used to have fantasies about creeping down to the chapel in the middle of the night, and having a sort of blinding vision and things. . . .

It was a fantasy which happened in my head and it’s not surprising that it should […]

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Karl Rove Resigns!

roveKarl Rove has announced in an that he will step down as adviser to the president on August 31. The reason he gave is “to spend more time with his family,” the classic euphemism nearly always given when the person resigning is being forced out or leaving for reasons that cannot be discussed. Rove’s exit comes after the scandal over his role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame and more recently, the tumultuous Congressional hearings over his role in the firing of US prosecutors for political reasons.

Karl Rove has been known as “Bush’s Brain” and the architect of the Bush presidency, but he has been a political activist since the age 0f 9 when, as rumor has it, a little girl who supported Kennedy in the 1960 elections beat him up and he decided to support Nixon in revenge. In high school he began the famous Rovian tactics of smear tactics that put him and George W. Bush in the white house not just once, but twice.

Karl Rove’s birth chart shows us that he is a deeply insecure man, with Saturn in Libra in square (90 degrees) to his Sun. Saturn in Libra often describes an individual who feels a great deal of self-doubt (Saturn) in relationships with others (Libra), and with Saturn square his Sun (his sense of Self), he has a deep-rooted sense of inadequacy and shyness. This square is part of a larger formation that also includes Uranus, the revolutionary, opposing his Sun in Capricorn. Rove has three planets in Capricorn including Sun, Venus and Mercury. Capricorn people are heavily responsible and driven to accomplish something great. Uranus opposes Rove’s Sun, making him a bit […]

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