Chiron and Cindy Sheehan

Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast has today on the need for Cindy Sheehan to get some grief counseling. I think it’s safe to say that there are few on the left who don’t respect the work that Cindy Sheehan has done in gaining recognition for the debacle that is the Iraq War, but as Jill so brilliantly puts it:

When Sheehan announced in May that she was tired of being the right’s favorite punching bag and going home, I cheered her decision. Because the point of her tribute to her son had been lost — some of it her own inadvertent doing due to her inexperience as an activist, much of it not. Whatever her mistakes may have been, the way Sheehan has been treated by the right is reprehensible, and part of a campaign of smears and lies that seems to be directed at only women who dare to speak out against this Administration. Kristen Breitweiser, a Republican voter whose husband died in the World Trade Center, has been another target of the right wing lie machine for daring to ask the necessary questions.

Yet by now it wasn’t just the right that was using Sheehan as its favorite punching bag. In she wrote at Daily Kos, she decries those on the left who had branded her an “attention whore.” This diary encapsulates everything that has been wrong with the very activist left into whose embrace she fell. It’s impossible to read this diary and not recognize someone who not only has realized that she’s been used as a tool by some of the most counterproductive elements of the antiwar movement, but whose emotional state has gone completely off the rails. I recognize it […]

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Michael Moore: a Natural Iconoclast

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Michael Moore is a force of nature. A look at his birth chart helps to explain why.

Although Moore was born under the sign of Taurus, a sign that gives resilience and persistence as well as a deeply stubborn nature, but is associated more with serenity and stability than the kind of radical behavior Moore is known for. It is a conservative sign, a sign of tradition that abhors change which is surprising until you discover that Moore is a staunch Catholic who trained for the priesthood. The Sun sign shows the essence of who we are rather than our personality; the rising sign (or ascendant) shows the way we are perceived by others and the style of our personality. Moore’s rising sign is Leo which illustrates his need to be recognized and seen as a special and unique individual and there is some conflict between the need for publicity of Leo and the hankering for peace and quiet of Taurus.

Pluto is rising in the first house of personality in Moore’s chart, and despite its recent reclassification Pluto is the planet of transformation and power, bringing the death and destruction of anything that stands in the way of our evolution. Pluto can be somewhat ruthless, and individuals with Pluto rising in their chart are dealing with issues of power. This is not to say that everyone with Pluto rising is ruthless because that power can be used in a softer way to encourage rather than to manipulate, but there is an innate knowledge of the uses of power and an intensity in the personality that can be intimidating to some and offputting to many. The force of Moore’s personality is well-documented; one friend has said […]

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Jessica Simpson: Venus/Neptune in Action

photo printed without permission from Celebrity Gossip

Jessica Simpson can’t seem to stay away from John Mayer; despite reports that they split in May, she has been photographed leaving his hotel in the middle of the night. Jessica’s chart shows that with her Sun in Cancer, she is exceptionally sensitive and easily hurt. Cancers feel everything deeply and hold family as the most important thing in their lives, and Jessica is very close to her family. In relationships, Jessica is a romantic. Venus in her chart is in Gemini which needs lots of people around, but her Venus is challenged by dreamy and romantic Neptune which causes her to see all of her relationships through an idealized rose-colored lens. Millions of viewers watched as Jessica’s fairytale romance with Nick Lachey was played out on their reality tv show, and then the same viewers watched as the fairytale disintegrated. Despite the apparent fact that Jessica instigated the breakup, she was still resentful when Nick started seeing Vanessa Minillo just weeks afterward.

Jessica’s Venus/Neptune opposition shows that she has a tendency to lose herself (Neptune) in her relationships, as we saw with her dying her hair dark when she was seeing John Mayer. As soon as the breakup was announced, Jessica went back to blonde.

With three planets in Libra, John Mayer desires nothing more than peace and harmony, and his songs relay that sweetness and sensitivity. John is a romantic too, with his Moon conjunct Neptune that bestows creativity and a dreamy imagination. But there is a tendency for Libra to love the […]

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Paris and Mercury Rx

A great new astrology blog called Apotelesmatics from Chris Brennan delves even more deeply into Paris’s jail problems and connects the dots to the shadow of Mercury Retrograde.

This is a textbook case of Mercury retrograde. Paris was born with Mercury retrograde natally, in Aquarius actually, exactly conjunct her Sun. The whole incident that happened earlier this year which led to the jail sentence happened during a Mercury retrograde period, and she actually has Mercury retrograde exactly conjunct her solar return Mars this year at 8 Pisces. And now this.

Chris goes on to detail the “shadow period” of retrograde cycles which has some application – personally I feel that the degree to which our individual charts are affected by the shadow determine how strongly we will experience those periods of time.

As Chris notes, Mercury stationing in the shadow before turning retrograde was exactly square Saturn and Jupiter which are exceptionally tightly conjunct in her chart within one minute. Both planets are retrograde in her chart, in the eighth house of sex, death and general intensity, and certainly the jail experience is challenging her privileged life in a way that is bringing up her unconscious fears. All of the water houses (4, 8 and 12) deal with the unconscious, and in the eighth house we often find that which we fear.

When we experience planetary cycles during retrograde periods those cycles become extended as the planets travel back and forth over sensitive points in our chart. That is also true for Mercury, and because Mercury stimulates activity and generates learning experiences as well as short trips we will tend to find these sorts of experiences during Mercury periods. These back and forth trips to jail are certainly falling […]

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Paris has a meltdown

Breaking News: Paris Hilton back to jail, screaming all the way.

These are the headlines in the world news tonight. The media circus over Paris Hilton’s entry into jail, then out of jail, and now back into jail is the perfect closing to Pluto’s passage through Sagittarius where the world of celebrity (Sagittarius) has blown out of any reasonable proportion. Today the news is all Paris all the time, including a minute-by-minute timeline of Paris’s every move.

Paris Hilton is a smart young woman who is famous for nothing other than posing for photos. She has taken celebrity to a new extreme. From Wikipedia:

the 1970s, academics began analyzing the phenomenon of celebrity and stardom. According to Sofia Johansson the “canonical texts on stardom” include articles by Boorstin (1971), Alberoni (1972) and Dyer (1979) that examined the “representations of stars and on aspects of the Hollywood star system.” Johansson notes that “more recent analyses within media and cultural studies (e.g. Gamson 1994; Marshall 1997; Giles 2000; Turner, Marshall and Bonner 2000; Rojek 2001; Turner 2004) have instead dealt with the idea of a pervasive, contemporary, ‘celebrity culture’.” [notice that these dates correspond with the Pluto in Sagittarius cycle that began in 1995.] In the analysis of the ‘celebrity culture,’ “fame and its constituencies are conceived of as a broader social process, connected to widespread economic, political, technological and cultural developments.”

In Bob Greene’s article “The new stardom that doesn’t require paying any dues,” he argues that for “most of man’s history…people of talent would work to create something–something written, something painted, something sculpted, something acted out–and it would be passed on to audiences.” With the rise of reality TV shows, Greene points out that audiences have been […]

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