Rosie O’Donnell’s Mars Problem

It’s no secret that the most brilliant comedians are often depressed and angry individuals who release their frustration through comedy, and Rosie O’Donnell is no exception. Rosie was born with the Sun in Aries, the sign that is ruled by the god of war. The Aries influence is dynamic and inspirational but can also be rebellious and impulsive. Rosie O’Donnell exhibits all of these character traits.

Mars in her chart, the planet that rules her Aries Sun, falls in the mystical and adaptable sign of Pisces. When the fiery god of war (Mars) is expressed through the watery sign of empathy and the subconscious (Pisces), there is a tendency for unconscious resentments, anger turned inward into depression. In addition, Pisces tends to shrink from conflict so Mars in Pisces can produce passive aggressive behavior that doesn’t confront a problem directly but instead is outwardly peaceful (Pisces) but subtly sabotages a situation.

Mars in Rosie’s chart is conjunct Mercury, the planet of communication and transmission of ideas, a combination that links her aggressive instinct (Mars) with her thoughts and words (Mercury). Because Mercury is also in sensitive Pisces, Rosie is extremely empathic and compassionate to those around her, but she can also become a warrior (Mars) with words (Mercury) when she is crossed. Both Mars and Mercury are conjunct Chiron, the god of wounding and healing, which suggests a hypersensitivity that can be very reactive.

This Mars/Mercury/Chiron combination is opposed by Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. When the god of war faces off with the god of the underworld, there are power struggles and a sense of frustration that both generates a tremendous amount of physical energy but […]

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The health of President John F Kennedy

photo from the NYT archive

Asena asked in a comment, “What do you think about JFK’s birthchart? Is his birthtime accurate in your opinon.I somehow started to think that he might ha ve a different ASC than Libra after I read an article regarding his health problems.It seems to me that there is not indicators of the diseases he had diagnosed in his Libra rising birthchart.”

I hadn’t really looked at JFK’s chart and took a quick look to respond in the comments section but the comment quickly grew into a post of its own.

I hadn’t really looked at JFK’s birthchart so this was an interesting exercise. (click chart to enlarge, info 5/29/1917, 3 pm, Brookline MA) There is nothing in a Libra ascendant that would preclude health problems – in fact, the desire to please others that drives Libra can drive other more socially controversial aspects underground where they arise in health issues. The charm and charisma of JFK as well as his ability to reach out and connect with people is well described by a Libra ascendant, and this birthtime does show Saturn right on the MC where it reflects the pressure of his father (Saturn) pushing him into public life (MC). And in Cancer no less, demonstrating that his public life was part of the family dynamic and not just an individual ambition.

JFK had no oppositions that would aid him in reflection and give him perspective on issues, and he surrounded himself with good friends and aids to play that role. He had an exact square from Uranus to Mars in the 8th house, showing his rebellious streak as well as a fiery rage that may not have been able to find expression with the Libra asc and […]

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Paris goes to Prison

I decided to publish the Paris profile here after all – she turned out to be more interesting than I thought!

Paris Hilton is widely dismissed as a dumb blonde, but her birthchart shows her with the Sun conjunct Mercury – a placement that usually denotes a powerful mind and strong intelligence. With both the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius she is creative and individualistic as well, making her own way through the world with a strong independent streak. She is not a person who would be content to live off the fruits of her family fortune, but needs to make her own way in the world. Although she is very bright, Mercury in her chart is retrograde (meaning it appeared to turn backwards at the time that she was born) which shows that communication is difficult for her and it can be difficult for her to make herself understood. Perhaps there was an early learning disability that further eroded her confidence about her mental abilities.

Aquarius is a rational and reasonable sign that is not concerned with matters of emotion but lives more in the realm of ideas, but Paris’s Sun and Mercury are in the last degrees of Aquarius and bleeding into the watery sign of Pisces. (The notion of the “cusp” is true only at the last degrees of one sign, but once a planet goes into the next sign there is no more cusp influence.) Aquarius and Pisces are both creative signs, with Aquarius being intellectually creative and Pisces creativity coming from a more divine inspiration. And the introduction of the sensitivity into Paris’s personality through the Pisces influence will help to offset the more revolutionary tendencies of her Aquarian nature.


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Will Jennifer Aniston find love with Vince Vaughn?

Jennifer Aniston is a mystery to entertainment writers. Is she pining away for Brad Pitt? Will she get back together with Vince Vaughn? Let’s see what the planets say about Jennifer Aniston’s choices in men.

Jennifer’s astrological chart reveals her to be a cool Aquarian (see earlier article for a more complete chart analysis), but with her Moon and Venus both in fire signs (Sagittarius Moon and Aries Venus) she has a passionate side to her nature. She is also extremely independent, as shown by the conjunction of Uranus (autonomy) to Jupiter (adventure) in her chart struggling in opposition to Venus, her desire to forge relationships with others. This dynamic can demonstrate commitment issues, and a difficult aspect (square) from Pluto to her Moon shows an intense emotional nature and fear (Pluto) of rejection. At the same time, Saturn (restriction) is conjunct Jennifer’s Venus, revealing a basic lack of confidence in her own appeal to others.

[Click chart to enlarge] Vince has an Aries Sun, and his Sun sits right on Jennifer’s Venus so it is no wonder they quickly became attracted to each other while filming The Breakup. In addition, their Moons are closely conjunct signifying emotional compatibility and understanding. And with their Mercurys in compatible signs they communicate well which is a keystone of any lasting relationship. Still, Vince has his own issues: he too his fiercely independent and rebellious with the planet of revolutionary behavior (Uranus) opposing his Sun. With four planets in Aries, he can be dominating and a bit boorish. Still, there is a part of him (Mars conjunct Saturn in Taurus) that wants to settle […]

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The astrology of Prince William

by Dharmaruci.  Along with , I’m standing in for Lynn while she has a short vacation. I’m from the UK and you can find my blog at .

As our Queen has just visited the US, and obliged George Bush to hold his first white tie dinner, I thought I’d say a few things about Prince William, her grandson and second in line to the throne. If he lives long enough, he will become King.

People in the UK are divided about the monarchy, but perhaps less than they think they are, because the attachment to it runs deep. I’m in favour of the monarchy, not because I ‘believe’ in it, but because I think it takes some of the weight of projection off the Prime Minister. It seems to be part of human nature that we collectively assign semi-divine qualities to certain people and then worship them – and celebrities catch a lot of this, which many of them are only too happy to do – so the more we can take this off our political leaders so that they can get on with the job of running the country, the better. Though the USA broke with Britain and its monarchy 231 years ago, some of its roots are still there, and we can see that in the ongoing level of interest in Princess Diana – and even in ‘Fergie’, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, who managed to get her own TV show in the USA.

Prince William is 24 years old and currently in the army, with which the Royal family has strong links. Before that he was at university for 4 years, where in 2003 he began a relationship with Kate Middleton, that lasted until a few weeks ago. It seems to have been […]

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