Alberto Gonzales: Tunnel vision and a shortage of empathy

Alberto Gonzales has ridden on the coattails of George Bush to fame and recognition. Among his achievements:

  • Assisted then-Governor Bush to avoid jury duty;
  • Worked against clemency in death penalty cases, aiding Governor Bush to execute more prisoners than any other state;
  • Promoted the end of the Geneva Convention and defended the detention of American citizens without habeas corpus and the torture of suspected terrorists;
  • Fought to keep the documents from Dick Cheney’s energy task force from being reviewed by Congress;
  • Promoted the “rendition” of prisoners to countries where they would be tortured;
  • Facilitated the dismissal of eight US prosecutors for political reasons, such as the prosecutor who aggressively went after Duke Cunningham’s bribery scandal.

Alberto Gonzales (born August 4, 1955, no time known) has an astonishing six planets in Leo, including a tight conjunction between the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Leo is the sign of royalty, and it is not uncommon for individuals with Leo in their charts to feel a sense of entitlement and a need for admiration and adulation. The conjunction of the Sun to Mercury shows a tremendous intelligence, and combined with Mars in the fiery sign of Leo there is a need to prove that intelligence through competition. There is potential for a combative nature here with Jupiter aligned with Mars in connection with the intellect (Mercury) and the spirit (Sun). Gonzales was an honor student in high school and earned his law degree from Harvard, a tremendous accomplishment for the son of illegal immigrants from Mexico. The Sun/Mercury combination also bestows a tendency towards pride in his intelligence which often leads to a belief that one is always right, and the addition of Mars gives the aggression to prove it.

The conjunction of Jupiter to both the Sun and Mercury, particularly […]

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Britney Spears and the Meltdown of Rage

When I started doing celebrity profiles I was determined never to profile Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, Britney Spears’ recent meltdown has caused me to renege on this pledge.

click chart to enlargeBritney Spears’ career began when she was eleven years old. With four planets in Sagittarius including a conjunction of Uranus, Mercury and the Sun, she has a strong adventurous streak and a determinedly optimistic (Sag) view of the world (Mercury/Sun). The addition of Uranus (planet of rebellion and radical change) shows that she is an independent thinker (Uranus/Mercury) and determined to follow her own path (Uranus/Sun). Sagittarians are typically optimistic and forward-looking – they can be inspirational and create an overwhelmingly positive impression. There is no doubt of the effect that Britney Spears has had on a generation of young girls. The danger in the often relentless optimism of the Sagittarian personality comes when their refusal to confront their own negative feelings or issues forces them to confront these issues in their outer life.

Britney’s Moon is in Aquarius, an air sign of the intellect, so her emotions (Moon) are filtered through the rationality of the mind (Aquarius). Aquarian Moons are often brilliant individuals with a strong need for freedom and autonomy, and they are typically uncomfortable in the emotional realm which is difficult to reconcile with the rational world of ideas in which they live. Her Moon is in the fifth house of creative self-expression, suggesting a need to be on the stage and a love of children.

Britney has Libra rising, which indicates her need for peace and harmony (Libra) and living in partnership with others. Those with Libra rising are often exceptionally attractive individuals, but […]

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Anna Nicole Smith: Another case of Chiron/Uranus/Pluto

Plenty is being said right now about the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and I’m not going to add to the frenzy of media coverage and obsession over this sad creature’s life and death. For me the pertinent item of issue is that she is another of the Uranus/Pluto generation with Chiron opposed to both planets that is in serious trouble.

I don’t want all of you who were born between 1962 and 1968 to panic, but this is a challenging dynamic that is coming to a head now with transiting Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius squaring Uranus and Pluto in various degrees of Virgo. There is potential here for amazing transformation and evolution, but for those who run from the psychic distress that Chiron opposite Uranus and Pluto can cause rather than face and integrate this distress into their conscious awareness, the Universe will provide some additional inducement for that to take place.

Chart from Vegas Attractions, click to enlarge. Anna Nicole Smith had a square from her Sagittarius Sun to Jupiter, suggesting an overblown sense of confidence and reckless approach to life. The Uranus/Pluto conjunction in her chart made a trine to her Capricorn Mars which is a strong signature for success in any endeavor: Capricorn is disciplined and works hard to achieve success and Mars provides the drive and energy, Uranus adds a touch of brilliance and innovative thinking, and Pluto the power to make things happen. A trine of Mars and Pluto links the will of the individual self (Mars) to the will of the higher self (Pluto), facilitating one’s ability to manifest easily. Whatever you think about Ms. Smith, there is no question that she […]

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The Case of the Astronaut: Narcissism in the Birthchart

Any time someone does something completely bizarre and out of character, it’s always makes me want to look at their astrological chart. Often we have subconscious elements that we are able to keep in the “basement” of our psyche until one day something begins to stir the pot and those buried parts of ourselves make themselves known. This periods are often associated with planetary cycles called transits.

Lisa Nowak was selected to be an astronaut back in 1996 and ten years later went into space on a journey to the international space station where she was the mission flight engineer. Married since 1988, she has three children but separated from her husband in January of 2007. This week she was arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping of a suspected rival for a man whom she described as being “more than a working relationship but less than a romantic relationship.”

Lisa Nowak has a complicated astrological chart. Her Sun is in the fixed sign of Taurus that craves stability and harmony, and it is in a challenging relationship (square) to Saturn, the planet of isolation, restriction and limitation. With Saturn in square to the Sun, which represents the essential Self, there is often a lack of self-esteem and a feeling of abandonment and loneliness. This system is exacerbated by another challenging aspect between Neptune and the Sun. Neptune tends to dissolve material reality and induce us to seek experiences that go beyond the material world, but in a challenging aspect (particularly with the Sun) there is a dissolving of our sense of Self and a tendency towards escapism and self-deception.

In this case Saturn and Neptune are both square to the […]

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Ryan and Griffin O’Neal

Ryan O’Neal was arrested for assaulting his son Griffin this week, although Ryan claimed he was defending himself from an attack with a fireplace poker. Growing up with Ryan O’Neal can’t have been easy; all of his children have suffered from drug addiction and other problems. Even young Redmond, child of a relatively stable relationship between Ryan and Farrah Fawcett, was a heroin addict in his early teens. Ryan is known for his explosive temper; he once hit Griffin so hard he knocked his teeth out, and his daughter Tatum wrote a tell-all book telling of his abusive cruelty to her. This episode has brought the whole O’Neal family saga into the public view, and it’s a sad one.

I took a look at the birthchart of both Ryan and Griffin O’Neal, but it’s Griffin’s chart that is really the most interesting. Click chart to enlarge. Griffin was born in 1964, a time of tremendous social upheaval and cultural change. Uranus (the planet of radical change) was conjunct Pluto (the planet of transformation), and the world was experiencing cultural revolutions on a variety of fronts: the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the antiwar movement, student rebellions. Those individuals born during this period (between 1962 and 1968 or so) carry this archetype within them; they are the first generation born after the baby boomers and they grew up in the chaos of that period of tremendous change.

Griffin has a Scorpio Sun, showing an emotionally intense nature. Mars (illustrating how he expresses his aggression and asserts himself) in his chart is in Leo, suggesting that he expresses his anger (Mars) in a dramatic (Leo) way. Mars in Leo […]

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